Can American Manufacturing Be Saved?

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P.O. Box 600505, San Diego, CA 92160
Book Combines Mini-History of American Manufacturing
with a Prescription for Saving It on Both the Business and
Individual Level
Seasoned author analyzes our nation’s trade policies,
the impact of outsourcing offshore, and what needs to be
done to save American manufacturing
After e publishing a report in May 2007 subtitled “Can U.S.
Manufacturing Be Saved?”, Michele Nash-Hoff, president of
ElectroFab Sales in San Diego, California, decided it was time
to write a book addressing the topic rather than periodic reports.
Can American
Manufacturing Be
Why We Should
and How We Can
By Michele Nash-Hoff
ISBN: 978-0-615-28213-8
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Two years and a great deal of research later comes Can
American Manufacturing Be Saved? Why We Should and How
We Can. To say this book provides a thorough backdrop to
understanding the history of American manufacturing is an
understatement. Says Dave Nuffer, chairman of Nuffer, Tucker
& Smith, “From chapter one, a brilliant mini-history of
American manufacturing, to the closing prescription for
recovery and ensuing pep talk, this book will keep you riveted
to your chair. The U.S. has been the world’s preeminent
economic force for more than a century. Will it be so at the
close of this one? The author says ‘No’ unless we wake up and
reclaim our failing destiny.”
Says Steve Cozzetto, president of Century Rubber Company,
“Michele Nash-Hoff’s perspective and analysis…can only be
attained by someone who has seen it from the trenches and not
from an ivory tower. Readers will come to realize the
importance of ‘Made in the U.S.A.’”
Nash-Hoff herself adds, “I firmly believe that if we don’t save
manufacturing, we will lose our middle class because
manufacturing jobs are the foundation of the middle class.”
Anyone interested in manufacturing and/or the middle class will
find riveting reading in this well-written and thoroughly
researched book.
Author: Michele Nash-Hoff is president of ElectroFab Sales. She has
been a manufacturers’ sales rep for over twenty-five years, helping
companies select the right manufacturing processes for their products.
She has published the San Diego County Manufacturing Industry
Report since 2003 and is the author of the book For Profit Business
Incubators published by the National Business Incubation
Association in 1998.