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Biography of Storyteller, Michele Jacobson
Michele Jacobson learned the importance of the storyteller’s craft while sitting on
her grandfather’s lap. She memorized the stories she was told and could recite
fairy tales before she could read. This was a great amusement (or annoyance,
depending on how much you liked being a captive audience for a three year old)
to the adults in her family.
In the 1990s when she was a bit older than three, Michele discovered the
wonderful world of professional storytellers through the Talewaggers of
Housatonic Valley. It was there she learned to hone timing and pacing, as well
as other storytelling skills. And, though she had a reputation for being a
chatterbox, she didn’t open her mouth for a year, so in awe was she of the other
tellers, professional and amateur.
She began telling stories for her young patrons at The Bridgeport Public Library
and eventually graduated to small performances with other tellers at summer
story times at the Eli Whitney Barn in New Haven. It was there, on a brutal hot
August evening she told the story of “It’s Already Paid” and found herself
catapulted into the telling of tales on a more professional level.
Since then, Michele has participated in many of Connecticut’s Tellebrations (the
worldwide festival of storytelling held in November), told stories for teen groups
and adults as well as for young children.
Michele recently took a break from all extra activities to concentrate on her job
and her health, but is eager to return to the storytelling venue. Her favorite
stories are the bone chilling variety and the folktale funny kind.