Cheating: How Honest Are We?

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A series of lectures and debates sponsored by the Department of Philosophy
Cheating: How
Honest Are We?
Professor Christian Miller
Wake Forest University
Christian Miller is Professor of Philosophy at Wake Forest University. He
works primarily in contemporary meta-ethics, moral psychology, theory
of action, normative theory, and philosophy of religion. Professor Miller
has published two books with Oxford University Press—Moral Character:
An Empirical Theory (2013) and Character and Moral Psychology (2014)—
and he is currently writing a third book, Test of Character: How Good (or
Bad) Are We?, also to be published by Oxford. In addition, Professor Miller
recently completed a three year, $4.6 million dollar grant from the
John Templeton Foundation on the existence and nature of character.
Currently he is heading up a new grant through 2015 called the Developing
Character Project and he is a co-investigator on another Templeton grant
whose goal is to develop a smartphone-based character assessment
system for schools.
23 April, 2015
7:00–9:00 pm
New Location: Academic Learning Commons, Room 2104
1000 Floyd Avenue (Corner of Linden St. and Floyd Avenue)
Free and open to the public.
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828 W. Franklin St.
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