Eng 4 AP Lit & Comp Poisonwood Bible Book Card Duties

Poisonwood Bible Bookcard Duties
A. Secretary: __________________
Duties: Secretary is responsible for compiling each studentʼs information, pasting it into
one document in the order specified by the template and emailing it to Mrs. Fields when
it is completed.
NOTE: Secretary will provide TITLE and organize the document into appropriate
headings, adding submitted work. (Please attach studentʼs name to his/her contribution
for final Bookcard submission.)
Secretary will also provide #13 (Works Cited Entry).
OMIT #5 (Narrator and Point of View), #6 (5 Tone Words), #7 (Style).
Secretary will also copy and paste the list of Minor Characters (below) into the
Secretary reports any student who does not submit his or her work on time or at all.
B-Q: Other Students
Duties: You are responsible for providing Primary and Secondary information for the
Email secretary your Primary and Secondary information CLEARLY labeled so he/she
can copy and paste it into the Bookcard. Type your name in the document so the class
will know who provided the information.
Duties: You will provide information on your assigned character: physical appearance,
family position, personality traits, major and minor conflicts that your character must
deal with, and what happens to the character over course of novel. You may use bullets
for certain aspects of your characterʼs identifcation provided that your work is neat.
Please rank your character on overall likability, honor, and goodness on a scale from
1-10, 10 being the best person ever.
Characters (Primary Information)
B. Nathan Price: _____________________
C. Orleanna Price: _______________________
D. Rachel Price: _________________________
E. Leah Price: __________________________
F. Adah Price ________________________
G. Ruth May Price__________________________
H. Eeben Axelroot ________________________
I. Anatole Ngemba ________________________
J. Brother Fowles ___________________________
K. Methuselah ________________________
L. Nelson _______________________
M. Tata Ndu__________________________
N. Tata Kuvundu ______________________
Minor Characters
Be ready to identify the following characters for test, quiz, and discussion.
The Underdowns--Belgian expats who manage money for numerous missionary
organizations, they live in relative comfort alongside squalor of natives. Flee when the
Congo wins its independence.
Mama Tataba--maid for Brother Fowles; refuses to work for Prices because disapproves
of Nathan rude behavior
Pascal--Leahʼs Congolese friend, after whom Leah names her first son; killed by
Mobutuʼs soldiers
Elisabet Ngembe--Anatoleʼs aunt; moves in with Leah and Anatole
Pascal Ngembe----Leah and Anatoleʼs eldest son
Patrice Ngembe--Leah and Anatoleʼs second son
Martin-Lothaire Ngembe--Leah and Anatoleʼs third son
Natan Ngembe--Leah and Anatoleʼs youngest son
Sister Therese--Leahʼs friend in French mission
Patrice Lumumba--First elected president of Congo; beloved; assassinated during
military coup supported by United States
Joseph Mobutu--Puppet of West; dictator for 30 years, keeping Congo in poverty while
he lives in wealth
Agostino Neto--Congolese doctor and poet, first president of Angola; corresponds with
Setting (Primary Information): You will indicate the setting for the Books assigned to
you. Offer name of the place and description of what you see there.
O. Books 1, 2
P. Books 3, 4
Q. Books 5, 6, 7
Irony (Primary Information): You will note at least 3 examples of irony for the Books
assigned to you. Indicate whether this is verbal, situational, or dramatic irony. Please
offer a quotation plus brief explanation of how it represents irony. Document with MLA
(parentheses) in-text citation after the quotation.
O. Books 1, 2
P. Books 3, 4
Q. Book 5, 6, 7
Theme (Secondary Information)
Each student will record one theme for the book, expressed as a general truth about life
(not mentioning anything specific about the novel itself).
Symbol (Secondary Information)
Each student will each identify one symbol used in the novel. Indicate the book in which
this symbol appears and type the brief quotation mentioning this symbol along with
page number in parentheses. Then briefly explain the larger idea this object seems to
Evaluation (Secondary Information)
Each student will rate the novel on a scale from 1-10 (10 being a masterpiece) and then
offer about 3-5 lines explaining why you gave the novel this rating.
This will count as a 200-pt. daily grade.
I will take into account thoroughness, accuracy, grammatical correctness, and neatness.
You should not exceed one page (single-spacing) under any circumstances for this
assignment (and that includes for both primary and secondary duties), and you may
complete this task in considerably less space.
Find a way to include the most important details without going into too much detail.
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