EMS3O1 2.03 Photo Essay Assignment

EMS3O1: Unit 2
Photography Essay Assignment
In partners, you are to explore either an aspect of suburban life or school life and share
your findings with the class through photography.
1. Create a thesis. Consider what you are saying about suburban life.
2. Plan each shot carefully to ensure that they support your thesis.
3. Pictures should include:
3.1. People
3.2. Places
3.3. Things
4. Find new ways to photograph old things!
1. Choose your 10 best photos (that also support your thesis)
2. Find a creative way to display each of your photographs
2.1. You may edit your photos, but be sure not to lose the essence of the picture
3. Identify and explain your thesis
4. For each photograph, include a brief caption
5. For each photo, take a moment to talk about it
5.1. What was the motivation behind the picture?
5.2. What is the message?
6. Overall, discuss any successes and challenges you faced while completing this
1. See rubric.
Presentation Date: