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Volkswagen Fleet.
In this issue:
1. Introduction
6. Mobisite Launch
2. New Icons & Logo
7. Volkwagen Fleet Department Structure
3. February 2013 Sales Figures
8. SAVRALA Awards 2012
4. Reflection on 2012
9. Customer Feature: Clover South Africa
5. New Golf. It’s the One.
1. Introduction.
2013 marks a new era for the Volkswagen brand. An era of innovation, excitement and exponential steps into
sustaining Volkswagen’s future-forward thinking.
The year has started with the launch of a car set to future-proof the Volkswagen brand: the New Golf 7. It is at
the centre of the Volkswagen Brand and embodies everything that Volkswagen stands for. The New Golf 7 is pure
Volkswagen, and with a specification and price package that will make the staunchest of opposition look twice, we are
certain that our excitement is not unjustified nor the pride in the latest addition to our family of People’s Cars.
However, with all the excitement and expectation comes change, and with change much information to be shared. This
e-book will give you great insight into what’s in store for Volkswagen South Africa for the first quarter of 2013.
2. New Icons and Logo.
Relationships – this encompasses the overall interaction of the Corporate Sales Department with
our valuable clients, building on this collaboration over the long term to forge loyalty and trust.
This is the foundation to a mutually beneficial relationship.
Cost of Ownership – it’s not just about the initial cost of purchasing the vehicle that makes up
our customers’ fleet, it’s also about the overall value over the lifetime of the vehicle, the service
costs and the residual value.
Service – personalised and individualised service; if our customers encounter any issues or
problems, they have the freedom to personally contact their fleet service manager at their nearest
Fleet Intensive Dealer (FID). Critical issues will be escalated to their respective Corporate Sales
Solutions - our Corporate Sales Specialists assist the FIDs in setting up their strategic business
plans and meeting with their strategic customers.
Range – Volkswagen offers a world class range of diverse vehicles to suit any possible business
3. February 2012 Sales.
We retailed a total of 7 004 Volkswagen Passenger Vehicles through
the Volkswagen Dealer Network.
This is not only our second highest February ever since 2007, but also
a significant month as February heralded the introduction of the highly
anticipated, award winning New Golf.
Some highlights of December include:
• Polo Vivo hatch: 2174 sales, our highest February ever!
• Polo hatch: 1805 sales.
• Polo sedan: 387 sales, our highest February ever!
• Golf: 767 sales, our highest Golf sales since May 2007!
• Jetta: 366 sales.
• Scirocco: 36 sales.
• CC: 33 sales.
• Touareg: 54 sales, our third highest February!
• Tiguan: 317 sales, our second highest ever! (November 2012 - 341).
4. Reflection on 2012:
Volkswagen globally.
• Volkswagen has increased global market share by 12.2% with
deliveries exceeding 9.3 million vehicles..
• Our revenues are up 40% year on year.
• The Volkswagen Group is enjoying great success in attracting top
• 8 new factories came on line in 2012.
• The Volkswagen brand is more global than ever before.
• Production is at an all-time high.
• In 2012 5,8 million cars built vs. 5,2 million in 2011.
• On Golf 7: The Wolfsburg factory and the Zwickau factory had a
simultaneous start-up. This has not been achieved before.
• The Golf 7 start-up curve was the most successful ever which is also a
first for Volkswagen.
Golf 7 mqb platform.
5. New Golf. It’s the One.
Volkswagen has taken another leap in continuing the story of Golf, now introducing the seventh generation. The
Golf 7 is taking a huge leap in telling Golf’s amazing story. This is due to its innovation that has kept on progressing
from the first generation. The most innovative vehicle in the A-segment has arrived, The One. The Golf 7 boasts new
technology that has never been available in this segment.
The New Golf 7 has grown wider and longer
than its predecessor, though the height has
dropped to allow for a sporty look and
to reduce drag. The wheel base has also
improved. The Golf 7 corresponds to the
Volkswagen brand’s DNA which conveys
a modern, progressive impression which
nevertheless feels familiar. Volkswagen DNA
creates a unique, unmistakable language of
product features and design.
The Front end of Golf 7 has been revised
with a new headlight design, grill and front
bumper. Rear lights have been redesigned
to give clear geometry in line with rear body
lines. The redesigned fuel cap is angled
with the rear pillar. New wheel designs for
the entire model range offer a sportier,
dynamic look.
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New Design Headlights.
New Design Rear Lights.
Electronic handbrake with Auto Hold is
standard on all Golf 7 models and this
creates more space in the center console.
The electronic handbrake works as a
conventional handbrake, but it disengages
itself as you drive off only if the seat belt is
Golf 7 is equipped with a new radio
infotainment system and all model lines are
equipped with a standard touch screen
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Radio Composition Media.
Golf 7 has just been launched, but unsurprisingly it has received a Five Star rating by the European consumer protection organisation:
Euro NCAP. The overall safety package of the Golf 7 consists of occupant protection, child protection, pedestrian protection and driver
assistant systems.
A new safety innovation introduced for first time in Golf 7 is Hill Hold with Multicollision Brake. Volkswagen Group is the only carmaker in
the world to implement such a system as standard in a compact car. Multicollision brake is an automatic emergency brake activated during
collision. Multicollision brakes are automatically activated during a collision to prevent subsequent collisions with oncoming traffic.
An indirect tyre pressure indicator is standard on all Golf 7 models, as well as XDS transverse electronic differential lock. XDS transverse
differential lock compensates for understeer during quick cornering and was first debuted in the Golf 6 GTI.
Full size alloy spare wheel with original equipment is standard on all models.
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Seven Airbags as Standard.
The New Golf range is available in the following spec and trim levels:
Model description
1.2 TSI Trendline
5-speed Manual
1.4 TSI Trendline
6-speed Manual
1.4 TSI Comfortline
6-speed Manual
1.4 TSI Comfortline DSG
7-speed DSG
2.0 TDI Comfortline
5-speed Manual
1.4 TSI Highline
6-speed Manual
2.0 TDI Highline DSG
6-speed DSG
Optional extras.
Panoramic sunroof: The size of the panoramic
sunroof is almost double the size of a conventional
sunroof. This sunroof features tilting and sliding
functions, both of which are electric. Sliding function
fully opens the roof and tilt function tilts the roof to
about 3cm high. The sunroof glass is tinted with a
fabric/textile blind installed beneath the glass roof.
Swivelling towbar: The manually swivelling
towbar with mechanical release on the luggage
compartment replaces the fixed towbar. This towbar
can be stored out of sight underneath the vehicle
when not in use
High beam control “Light Assist”:
This innovative feature provides comfort and safety
on the road by means of automatic main beam
control. A camera on the interior mirror observes
the traffic, and when travelling above 60 km/h
and in complete darkness, Light Assist automatically
switches on the main-beam headlights. The system
detects oncoming traffic and automatically dips the
headlights to prevent the other driver from being
Automatic alteration between main-beam and
dipped headlights ensures optimum illumination of
the road ahead.
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High Beam Control Light Assist
6. Mobisite Launch.
The past two years has seen a quantum shift for the
Volkswagen brand in the digital marketing space; a new
highly interactive website with state-of-the-art content and
navigation was launched in 2011 to ensure that we are more
in line with the global Volkswagen website architecture
and content strategy. We have also made enormous strides
in the social media environment where word of mouth
marketing and one-on-one communication leads the way.
And now we present to you the next step in the Volkswagen
digital marketing strategy; the Volkswagen Mobisite.
Volkswagen South Africa has the privilege of being classified
as a pilot market outside of Europe to launch the brand
new Volkswagen mobisite platform. It is a key component of
our integrated marketing communications activities as the
mobile platform will form part of the 360 degree marketing
mix for the Volkswagen brand.
The Volkswagen mobisite architecture works in sync with the
Volkswagen website, which means that information that has
either been uploaded to the website or modified, will pull
through straight to the mobisite.
The Homepage
The homepage presents a clean, sophisticated
and user-friendly layout that is in line with the
CI of the website. On the homepage you will find
primary navigation features that include:
- Search function
- Model Selector
- Homepage main image
In addition to these, there are also secondary
navigation features:
- Request a Test Drive
- Dealer Locator
- Contact Us
- Call a Service Centre (a quick, easy to use link
that directly dials the Service Centre)
Request a Test Drive
This feature will be based loosely around the main
Request a Test Drive page on the website. It will
allow browsers the ability to request a test drive for
a specific model they are interested in and have
selected on the mobisite.
Dealer Locator
The Dealer Locator allows the browser to enter their
location of preference, or to browse the Dealerships
based on each region in South Africa. Once a
Dealership is selected, the mobisite takes the browser
to a page that provides that specific Dealership’s
contact details and location.
Contact us
Much like the website, the “Contact Us” link will
provide Volkswagen’s contact details, as well as a
“button” that conveniently allows the browser to dial
the Service Centre directly.
Model Showroom
The model showroom allows the browser to
identify specific models by price range and
category, or to explore the whole range and
select the brand of choice.
Once selected, the mobisite directs the browser
to a Model Showroom that provides product
highlights, a photo gallery, as well as the colours
that the specific model is available in.
Supported Handsets
An effort has been made to ensure that the
mobisite will be accessible via iPhone, Android
devices and Blackberry handsets. This is especially
important in light of the fact that South Africa has
a substantially higher proportion of Blackberry
users to iPhone and Android users compared to
the European markets, thus the aim has been to
ensure that vast majority of cellphone users can
enjoy the Volkswagen mobisite experience.
Black Swan
An exciting and fresh addition to the
Volkswagen mobisite is the Black
Swan feature. When the browser
clicks on “Switch to Black” the white
background switches to black and
the black font switches to white. This
enables the user’s cellphone battery
to last longer as a black background
consumes considerably less energy
than a white background.
7. Volkswagen Fleet Department Structure.
Kathleen Booth
National Corporate sales manager
082 775 4552
Ayanda qalinge
corporate sales co-ordinator
Paul smallman.
National Corporate sales Specialist
Gauteng & namibia
082 566 0823
nina davis
National Corporate sales Specialist
western cape
082 520 5192
Lynne brown
National Corporate sales Specialist
kzn & eastern cape
082 552 9971
glen elferink
National Corporate sales Specialist
gauteng & botswana
082 371 1591
8. Volkswagen dominates
The SAVRALA Awards.
Members of the Southern African Vehicle Rental and Leasing
Association (SAVRALA) gathered at a gala banquet in Sandton
in October to honour and celebrate the crowning of the 2012
SAVRALA Motor Manufacturer of the Year (MOTY), a milestone
event that began 18 years ago. MOTY has become the benchmark
for vehicle manufacturers and importers who supply vehicles to both
the car rental and car leasing sectors, where they are judged by the
industry on a range of criteria, from build quality, parts and service
supply, communications and value, in order to win the coveted
2012 MOTY winners were as follows:
Manufacturer of the Year Leasing Gold:
- Volkswagen South Africa
Manufacturer of the Year Leasing Silver:
- Hyundai Automotive South Africa
Manufacturer of the Year Leasing Bronze:
- Nissan Automotive South Africa
Manufacturer of the Year Rental Gold:
- Volkswagen South Africa
Manufacturer of the Year Rental Silver:
- General Motors South Africa
Manufacturer of the Year Rental Bronze:
- Hyundai Automotive South Africa
Most Improved Leasing:
- Audi South Africa
Most Improved Rental:
- General Motors South Africa
Overall Most Improved:
- Audi South Africa
Overall Manufacturer of the Year Gold:
- Volkswagen South Africa
Overall Manufacturer of the Year Silver:
- Hyundai Automotive South Africa
Overall Manufacturer of the Year Bronze:
- General Motors South Africa
Best Account Executive Leasing:
- Faan Fourie from Toyota SA (Pty) Ltd
Best Account Executive Rental:
- Carin Delport from Toyota SA (Pty) Ltd
Best Manufacturer’s Technical Representative Leasing:
- Lutendo Mudau – Volkswagen South Africa
Best Manufacturer’s Technical Representative Rental:
- Gareth Tiffin – General Motors South Africa
9. Customer Feature: Clover South Africa.
Interview with Riaan Naude from Clover South Africa
Q: Who is your Fleet Service Representative?
A: Paul Smallman & Nadia Bornman
Q: How long has Volkswagen been a part of your Fleet?
A: I have been with Clover for 24 years and can only ever remember Volkswagen’s being part of the Clover family
Q: Which model/s make up the Volkswagen component of your Fleet?
A: The Polo & Polo Vivo model range – Polo 1.4 Comfortline and Polo Vivo Trendline
Q: What were the benefits to you of this/these model/s?
A: Reliability, fuel efficiency, and cost effective on rental. They’re perfect for the Clover representatives and sales personnel
Q: Why did you choose Volkswagen products as an addition to your Fleet (as opposed to competition)?
A: Volkswagen is the first choice by management mainly because of the benefits listed above. To add to this, Volkswagen’s national footprint in South Africa,
the Dealer Network, and the overwhelming range choice are what keep Volkswagen top of mind for Clover.
Q: Describe the level of service you have received from your Fleet Service Representative thus far.
A: Pro-active planning on stock; on time delivery; clean sheet on vehicle condition at delivery; quick Aftersales service on fleet technical issues
(of which there have been minimal incidences)
Q: Have you had any problems with your Fleet, and if so, how was the problem resolved?
A: There have been no problems with the VW Fleet
Q: What is the most important criteria you consider when selecting a Fleet vehicle?
A: Cost of ownership; capital investment; reliability, low maintenance cost, fuel efficiency.
Q: How has the cost of ownership experience impacted/benefitted your business?
A: There have been significant savings on capital/cash flow and running costs for the fleet, as well as better profit share on vehicle term
Q: How has your Fleet Service Representative assisted in providing solutions to your fleet business needs?
A: They have provided comparative costing models of different brands, parts basket, stock planning, and regular info on new developments and strategy
Q: Which Volkswagen model are you most excited to experience and include in your fleet?
A: I am convinced that the Polo Vivos we are utilising are the best solution for Clover’s needs, namely commercial sales representatives.
10. Conclusion.
With exceptional results at SAVRALA, the launch of the New Golf, and many other exciting developments, Volkswagen South Africa Fleet Sales
department is set for a tremendous year. Exceptional quality in German engineering, innovative range of products, and sound service shows our
commitment to our customers.
We cherish the relationships we have developed with you and look forward to another fantastic year ahead.
Thank you for your loyal support and we wish you well for the year ahead.
For more information on the New Golf, please contact us on 0860 434 737 or [email protected]
Volkswagen Fleet Department.