Session 5: Prioritization & Governance
1. Warm Up: Jens’ practical experience with prioritization & governance
2. Volkswagen Case
1. What is your assessment of the new process for managing priorities at Volkswagen?
Are the criticisms justified? Is it an improvement over the old process?
2. Who controls the budgets from which IT projects are funded at Volkswagen of
America. Who should control these budgets?
3. How should Matolovic respond to his fellow executives who are calling to ask him for
special treatment outside the priority management system.
Session 5: Prioritization & Governance
3. IVK Assignment Questions
Should Barton try to take control over the entire IT budget? Should he ask for a
percentage of the budget to be placed under his own control. Or should he try to fix
the committee structure put in place by Davies?
2. What should Barton do about “managing Beckworth?” Managing Williams?
4. If time allows: ‘Life as Engagement Director – what you don’t learn at
the course’ – part 1.