English Version Topic Chains

07M 0P 34T 78.26
Prime Minister Roh Moo-hyun, the election, Democratic candidates,
07M 0P 21T 86.41
citizens, bus, accident, Yonhap News, the road
Doctor, the LDP, Japan, Tokyo, Democratic Party, dismissed, Secretary General, House of Representatives
07M 1P 1T 130.4
Prime Minister, the election, Senator, Parliament, elections
Rent, Chuncheon, User, Event, Expressway, last year, Chuncheon Expressway, Chuncheon Expressway
07M 2P 1T 198.0
charges, prosecuted, prosecution, investigation, sentencing
auto, Yonhap News, a motorcycle, Gyeonggi-do, Gimpo Airport, Uijeongbu, Yeouido, a car
08M 0P 4T 122.9
charges, arrest, trial, litigation, investigation
Camera, Busan, Busan, West, President, Ulsan, Gadeokdo, Jiangnan
08M 0P 14T 102.0
vehicles, roads, transport, use, street
08M 1P 24T 128.4
litigation, trial, conviction, sentencing, the court
Seoul, bicycles, civil, Incheon, Han, police, dog, River Park
Chairman, Chief Judge, prosecutor, Yonhap News, lawyers, TVXQ, imprisonment, the chief
08M 1P 41T 138.8
roads, facilities, bicycles, transportation, use
08M 2P 18T 153.0
trials, lawsuits, charges, conviction, President
Rent, Yonhap News, train, motorcycle, Daegu subway, police officers, the police
Choi, Yonhap News, rice wine, Gyeonggi Province, gapsan Park, Yangpyeong, marble and mother
08M 2P 48T 171.3
cops, crime, investigation, suspect, investigation
Police, police officers, the Ministry of Justice, a public official, Hussein, family, employees, and the victim
08M 2P 29T 151.6
accidents, car, bike, road, drive
car, last year, last year, Seoul, crews, police, FSB, the centerline
Seoul, buses, people, aircraft, day, Yeouido, War, Istanbul
Chairman, prosecution, imprisonment, Presiding Judge, Taiwan, and fines, the commission, an attorney
09M 1P 26T 149.5
vehicles, road use, accidents, bus
09M 1P 15T 136.2
charges, trial, sentencing, prosecution, conviction
Busan, Incheon, Busan, Daegu, cars, Incheon, taxis, Daejeon
Police, prosecutors, Doosan Infracore, the Express, employees, government officials, President Roh Moo-hyun
Chile, earthquake, Concepcion, Indonesia, Railway, Haiti, the police, Santiago
10M 0P 4T 254.8
crime, trial, cases, rulings, the court
07M 0P 33T 70.03
donation, lawyer, 24, ruling, the trial
Ferry, Chuncheon, taxis, pilots, air, car, Pyeongtaek, a motorcycle
Chairman of the victims, the Seoul Central District Court, counsel, and Posco, Japanese, deacon, Suwon District Court
10M 2P 29T 184.8
accident, traffic, road, time, use
07M 1P 5T 102.9
trials, lawsuits, judgments, court, charged
Citizens, Busan, biking, Chuncheon, Incheon, the Nakdong River, Gangwon, Korea
Woods, citizens, employees, Gwanghwamun, subway, city, merchants, cod
11M 2P 10T 155.8
accident, vehicles, roads, installation, transportation
Police, General, Parents, Yonhap News, the father, mother, prosecutor, Lisa
07M 2P 30T 184.9
actions, judgments, acts, court, damages
Bus, bike, Daegu, taxis, Mokpo, Daegu, Gunsan Airport, Incheon International Airport
12M 0P 11T 143.8
roads, transport, bus use, cycling
Victims, New York, imprisonment, fines, Guantanamo Bay, face, and the Justice Department, a fine
09M 0P 31T 164.4
case, ruling, regulation, coordination, and the court
Ulsan, Busan, Incheon, trains, cars, ferries, Railway, Aircraft
09M 1P 28T 180.1
litigation, actions, damages, losses, liabilities
Seoul, the police, one day, calcium chloride, civil, alcohol, Seoul Metro, Pearl
12M 2P 13T 160.4
the road, traffic, accidents, vehicles, sectors
Seoul, calcium chloride, civil, AM, Gyeonggi Province, employees, salt and match
Busan, Gwangju, Yonhap News, Mokpo, afternoon, Daegu, trains a day
lawyer, bangtongwi, youngjinwi, the judges, Attorney, Secretary, Tax, Judicial scrivener
public servants, employees, Yonhap News, auditors, tax, Gyeonggi Province, Division, Department of Labor
10M 2P 35T 185.3
contracts, litigation, expenses, judgments, apply
Constitution, lawyers, judges, civil servants, hwawangsan, Yongsan, the Constitutional Court, the judge
11M 0P 47T 145.7
litigation, contracts, judgments, dispositions and apply
President, Director, President, Korea Broadcasting, a candidate, the descendants, officers, yibyeongsun
Korea, Yonhap News, IRS, Department of Labor, hansuwon, fines, of Nursing, Officer
10M 1P 44T 219.8
management, business, organizations, government officials used
public servants, the FTC, the Constitution, Chairman, IRS, Yonhap News, Seoul, auditors
11M 2P 32T 236.6
revised, systems, regulations, decisions and action
shoulders, Switzerland, Polanski, TVXQ, brokers, the Justice Department, public officials, celebrities
11M 1P 35T 179.9
actions, judgments, decisions, dispositions and clear
10M 0P 17T 379.9
institutions, education, human resources, business, civil service
11M 1P 10T 268.9
institutions, revising, drafting, evaluating, entitled
Constitution, the FTC, one day, a lawyer, Ewha Womans University, the National Veterans Affairs, Hamilton, Paju-si
10M 1P 4T 162.1
request, litigation, contracts, judgments, obligations
lawyer, Chief Judge, prosecutor, member of Constitutional Court, judges, judges, judiciary
10M 0P 30T 350.6
revised, institutional, regulatory, enforcement, the act
employees, judges, Ministry of Culture, Guangzhou, auditors, representatives, penalties, collection
09M 2P 9T 214.8
actions, judgments, claims, court, public
02M 1P 10T 140.0
Road, holidays, transportation, vehicle, retuning home
Fair Trade Commission, the Military Manpower Administration, Congress, consumers, starting next year, fine, shoulder, fine
The FTC, in Seoul, the IRS, penalties, CCEJ, Inspection, and children, representing
Constitution, the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, administration, committee, penalties, Yonhap News, Marine Corps, Deputy Chief
employees, Gwangju, Daegu, Korea, next year, Guangzhou City, the Pentagon, Undersecretary, LG
NTS, AP, bats, netizens, Paragon, consumer, senior, Switzerland
11M 1P 29T 230.9
Information, illegal, investigation, disclosure and action
12M 0P 2T 133.5
trials, lawsuits, criminal, convict, and charged
this year, Seoul, Seoul, the first half, civil servants, 14, Gender Equality, Ministry of National Defense
01M 1P 0T 148.3
officials, support personnel, business operations
11M 2P 0T 178.7
Survey, investigation, Director, no doubt, the prosecution
Seoul Central District Court, attorneys, representatives, Lee Byung-hun, a lawyer, copyright, Daegu, T
Principal, Kangwon Land, Executive Director, officers, POSCO, experts, and Director, Seoul Metropolitan Office
12M 1P 25T 231.2
evaluation, selection, organization, officers, employees
02M 0P 42T 155.1
Staff, planning, organization, support group
udgmen s
Yonhap News, Chairperson, KCSC, the National Assembly, last month, the commission, the Defense Ministry, Pastor
01M 2P 31T 120 7
ga on p osecu on
01M 1P 33T 101.3
police, accused, investigated, investigation, confirm
Po ce po ce o fice s cowo ke s 20
01M 2P 32T 102.1
police, investigat ons cha ges a po ce o fice
Judge udge awye Human R gh s Comm ss on he Cons u on Ch e Judge Jud c a and au hen c
02M 1P 24T 171.1
amendment, limits, standards, applications, members
02M 0P 15T 80 65
Judge udge a
ga on he cou
Loca News acqu s on s a ng nex yea aud o s pena es eg s a on ax pena y
ve d c
n e na Revenue Se v ce Leg s a on Na ona Assemb y he D ec o
he Na ona Assemb y Sec e a y Gene a c v se van s seou cheong
03M 1P 31T 228 3
ev sed s anda ds egu a ons and measu es he pub c
Lawye s udges ud c a y pa amen
he M n s y o Jus ce Ch e Judge udge pa y
03M 2P 25T 188 0
ga on egu a ons ac s he
G and Na ona Pa y he Jus ce Depa men FTC he Jus ce Depa men Ko ean A
03M 1P 22T 173 9
udge udge A Jus ce
P es d ng Judge Human R gh s he Cons u ona Cou
cha man ch e us ce p ope y gh s Cong ess egu a o y e o m comm ee
P me p osecu o s gove nmen o fic a s he Supe n enden Supe v so
nspec on Yonhap News he p nc pa
cha ges
03M 0P 18T 164 4
nves ga on p osecu on nd c men
Po ce s a
awye s po ce o fice s Go
P me p osecu o s c v se van s go
03M 1P 44T 170 7
cha ges p osecu on nves ga on a es
ce w ne h s yea and Lo e he game
Las yea K a Consume Ch nese Samsung Samsung Hyunda M n s y o Cu u e
ce w ne he mo he Gua ema a and h s w e he Seou Cen a D s c P osecu o s O fice
Cus ome E Ma
he consume
amen w ne po k Dong A depa men s o e Home P us
he b oke
Ko ean ood co ee s
03M 1P 39T 117 4
des gn p oduc s cus ome s b ands ood
b da weekend
ade s housew ves
green, sun, Incheon, oil, next year, Central Asia, the annual energy
Cars, Hyundai, Hyundai, Samsung, Kia, Toyota, this year, POSCO
12M 0P 16T 215.6
export, business, production, factory price
12M 0P 34T 255.3
research, teaching, technology, industry and universities
President, Prime Minister, South Korea, the European Union, Africa, Wen Jiabao, Obama, the United Nations
02M 2P 23T 217 4
Sena o Rep esen a ve Se ong C y he G and Na ona Pa y he P es den
Expert, Germany, researchers, robots, Hanyang University, Director, Republic of Korea, Sejong Campus
12M 1P 13T 241.2
research, technology, industry, teaching, building
China, Thailand, Brazil, Australia, Britain, Germany, New Zealand, Indonesia
s ae Pa es ne Ca o Gaza Egyp Sy a Yonhap News Hamas
03M 0P 7T 194 3
consu a ons pa amen a ans ep esen a ves o s ae Sen o
03M 2P 18T 201 8
sa es me chand se p oduc s evenues h s yea s
02M 1P 19T 275.3
research, evaluation, policy, organization, reporting
02M 0P 23T 138 4
bus ness geog aphy p ann ng c v
Bus ness Fac
Las yea
03M 2P 1T 170 3
cha ges nves ga ons po ce p osecu o s he p osecu on
01M 2P 48T 165.2
business, development, industry, technology and development
he P es den Sec e a y G een and emp oyees Techno Membe s Ch e Execu ve O fice
02M 2P 6T 259 8
bus ness ndus y deve opmen economy and suppo
Cha man Depa men o Jus ce he de endan s p osecu o s v c ms U san and he bes membe s he fine
G een M n s e
04M 0P 26T 63 00
a p osecu o s po ce a es
h nk anks Eu ope esea che s pe o eum sma
03M 0P 9T 266 7
esea ch deve opmen ndus y sec o p omo ng
deve opmen
Ene gy h s yea Posco pa en s
h um 20% suppo
n es ne a pub c o fic a
as yea
02M 2P 20T 129 4
use ene gy em ss ons gas p ces
03M 1P 19T 277 4
deve opmen bus ness echno ogy ndus y and deve opmen
deve opmen
Japan Ch na V e nam ca s and A ca
04M 0P 28T 122 4
echno ogy n e na ona g ow h and bus ness
Tosh ba hyd ogen and he ea h Chuncheon Ph D ene gy o
03M 2P 35T 173 9
echno ogy ene gy use he a om
a cond on ng
02M 1P 18T 201 6
ncome finance deb ncome nc ease
n Ap
Soongs Un ve s y Manage P o ess ona Exchange Bank 695
02M 1P 34T 190 7
s ng ndex s ock ma ke buy ng
Las yea G eece Ge many as yea
Las yea o
P me M n s e G eece Eu ope Ge many G ea B a n Be n F ance ce and
G eece suppo
B a n F ance London Ge many Sw ze and s ae and he eu ozone EU Summ
03M 2P 37T 222 7
and he Un ed K ngdom Ge many and F ance
as mon h as week gaso ne he Ph pp nes nd a Coppe
03M 0P 42T 198 9
nc ease ndex ade h s o y o e gn
03M 1P 23T 216 7
ansac ons exponen a se eco d be o e he
Las mon h nd a Ma ch o
03M 0P 5T 176 5
p oduc on bus ness echno ogy deve opmen and env onmen
he P es den
ses eco d
he P es den
Be ng he do a
01M 0P 48T 140.2
economics, finance, business, markets, a crisis
he game as ong as he consume g oba yea
12M 2P 45T 177.6
coordination, construction, sales and acquisitions, corporate
FSB, Kookmin Bank, the customer, compliance officer, Yonhap News, Wall Street, smiling, and consumer
02M 1P 44T 163.6
finance, loans, bank cards, money
02M 0P 16T 146 1
Eu ope he G eek economy he Un ed S a es he c s s
nd a News Shangha Sec e a y n e na ona Mone a y Fund
Las yea
he Census Bu eau he yuan au omo ve esea che s and a e as yea
03M 0P 37T 253 4
nc eases he economy as yea expo
S uden s Wo ke s Labo
n Janua y h s yea
he Cen a Bank
Las yea
as yea
as yea
ncome ax abo
03M 1P 29T 239 6
nc eases emp oymen popu a on on ave age a ob
Wo ke s wo ke s and h s yea wage ep ac ng Hugh Japanese esea che s and u
consume s he FTC he cus ome c ed
Global One, FSB, South Korea, analysts, consumers, and 50%, and Seoul
02M 0P 34T 151.8
financial, corporate, investment, market, regulatory
he esea che s
G eece gove no s consume s p o ess ona s New Yo k B az
he Bank o Ko ea he n e na ona Mone a y Fund
membe sh p Cao FSB M n s y o Cu u e
Th s yea Sou h Ko ea he yuan he game Sec e a y Unde sec e a y 1 Yuan
03M 2P 31T 301 3
econom cs po cy mea s c s s ee o cha ge
12M 2P 3T 144.4
coach, players, training, and Heroes, the contract
player, Asada, Shin Ji, Winners, Winter Olympics, Canada, Bobsleigh, director
12M 2P 12T 166.6
Competitions, players, play, winning, Olympics
01M 0P 25T 51.30
players, contests, last year, South Korea, won
01M 0P 18T 56.21
World Cup, players, Ruth Rustenburg, Director, Johannesburg
es Ko ea L e nsu ance company FK
Marbella, Match, Director, Port Elizabeth, Spain, mareueogaeo, gimdonghun, Angola
finance m n s e
o e gn banks
he company
KOSDAQ h s yea Samsung L e Neo Tech Sem conduc o sha eho de s and Daewoo Eng nee ng & Cons uc on CJ CJ and Samsung
ens c ed
Seven Bubb e Sav ngs Bank Kwang u Bank Pusan Bank
Las yea Suwon Ahn Samsung Seongnam Pohang Samsung F e & Ma ne Dongbu
emp oyees Samsung E ec on cs he p ev ous yea Posco Lo e Samsung M ae emp oyees
04M 0P 18T 120 3
bus ness sa es p ofi pub c y aded financ a
Samsung L e nsu ance managemen compan es he L e Sh nhan F nanc a nves men Eu ope M ae Asse M ae Asse Managemen P ope y
04M 0P 23T 85 85
unds nves men s s ocks ncome asse s
Wo d Cup Foo ba
vo y Coas A ca London Pa k Sou h A ca A gen na
03M 0P 6T 150 7
Wo d Cup coach oo ba p aye s opponen s
p che baseba
and K m Tae ba e s Japan Doosan Lo e y beomho
03M 0P 15T 127 6
a a p che coach a n ng and se ec on
c ean shee s e
as yea consume s and S anda d & Poo s ca
03M 2P 21T 221 9
ade ndex and he numbe o cop es
04M 0P 15T 57 49
Season Doosan D ec o h s home uns
Ch na au omob es sh pbu d ng G eece Eu ope and as yea Japan and he Nasdaq
n e na ona
Doosan d ec o s and o he p aye Pa k Hanwha y seongyeo TJR
he do a
he KOSDAQ Ch na ndex Samsung Hyunda As a
04M 0P 38T 94 99
ndex ansac on pu chase exchange a e
01M 0P 38T 40.48
Drama, TV, singers, directors, and watching
writer, actor, journalist, poet, and one seojeongmin, Junior, the protagonist
02M 0P 27T 55.77
drama, actor, entertainment, news, music
Taiwan, North, President, South Africa, National Party, State, bangbuk, Unification
actors, opera, Director, High Kick, Avatar, the protagonist, Lee Na-young, the camera
01M 1P 3T 49.54
drama, film, director, actor, works
11M 2P 8T 187.8
North Korean authorities, resume, sightseeing, Mt
02M 2P 41T 113.7
health, hospital, patient, therapy, teaching
Iran, North Korea, Israel, North and South, the Russian president, correspondent of the Palestinian
d ec o Jang D ama Hu Locke K m Hyun Chu an ac o Goo Ko
North, President, CEO, Japan, Obama, Bosworth, South Korea, Washington
12M 1P 40T 209.7
North Korea talks, representatives, conversations, visits,
F ench d ama mus ca ac o w e T an c K m Soo hyun yang k un
p che p aye Manag ng D ec o Doosan Lo e 7 Hanwha
North Korea, the United States, 6 Now, Israel, Barack Obama, United Nations, six party talks, the bomb
01M 1P 11T 104.5
North Korea, the United States, talks, Israel and Peace
Turkey, China, gimgyegwan, United Nations, gamers, Uda way, the Communist Party, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
04M 0P 43T 56 10
mov es d ama pho og aphy p oduc on d ec ed by
02M 1P 11T 155.2
talks, North Korea, visits, games, discussion
ung Robo
South, North, President, Mt, Kaesong, Yonhap News, Korea, a Unification
Gene a Manage No h Ko ea Cha man Summ
02M 0P 1T 110 2
No h Ko ea a ks No h and Sou h he manage
d scussed
No h Ko ea he Un ed Na ons
n Augus as yea No h Ko ea
03M 1P 2T 156 3
Dae eon Daegu Gwang u Japan Je u s and
P me M n s e M n s e Sou h Ko ea P es den o F ance he Un ed News P es den B az
M No h Ko ea P es den Hyunda Asan Dandong Sou h A ca Ea h and K m Jong
03M 2P 3T 177 6
No h Ko ea ou s m mee ngs company
Ch na Cha man No h Ko ea K m Jong
04M 0P 24T 83 73
No h Ko ea Ch na Cha man V s
K m Jong
seohu gyeong Cho games Geodesy h s yea Sh n J Cheong
03M 2P 39T 127 6
ou s wea he go and coun y
03M 1P 36T 160 1
ga on s kes he company he dec s on
emp oyees Guangzhou m
04M 0P 36T 70 01
nego a ons un on ag eemen s company emp oyees
teaching, children, college, general, winter vacation, mathematics, scholars, and faculty
12M 2P 4T 216.4
education, schools, universities, students, and employment
he un on Gwang u Je u c n cs Chonnam eache s c zens
03M 2P 15T 178 4
un ons assoc a ons ba ga n ng Cong ess abo
Samsung Heavy ndus es
Professor, President, this year, Yonhap News, Seoul National University, Ph.D., of Yonsei University, freshman
P o esso Ko ea Un ve s y p es den a umn
02M 2P 36T 154 0
Un ve s y p o esso s udy ga dens campuses
Teachers, English Teachers, the union, the Superintendent, starting next year, school boards, parents
01M 0P 27T 69.58
students, education, schools, teachers, college
esea che s Chung Ang Un ve s y ncheon Chungnam
Student, President, Southern, this year, the instructor, the next year, Education, Science and Technology, Seoul, Korea
01M 1P 37T 95.19
students, education, schools, universities, and English
game champ Samsung L e Ko ean A
Eng sh s uden s eache s and h s yea Wa ma h ch d en cod
02M 0P 29T 97 04
s uden s schoo s educa on eache s pa en s
03M 2P 45T 158 1
eg season coach o ense p aye s
Champ Hyunda Cap a Sh nhan Bank hun haeun u Ko ean A
04M 0P 16T 67 07
ound champ onsh p season he a ack he p aye
Pohang Wo d Cup Sou h Ko ea Be ng Seongnam Suwon
03M 2P 22T 176 0
ma ch eague coach oo ba season
He nandez Samsung L e
p aye Suwon coach coach ng oo ba
04M 0P 42T 66 10
League coach p aye socce wa e sou ce
10M 0P 48T 258.6
homes, apartments, price, sale, supply
Gwanghwamun, Seoul, next, river, Baekdudaegan, legs, and the Korean Peninsula, Taian
district, Gangnam, Incheon, and this year, New Town, city, Henan, New City
12M 0P 27T 112.5
Exhibition, culture, work, town, ecological
10M 1P 6T 152.7
house, feed, apartments, sale, Earth
Busan, Busan, the Nakdong River, experts, and Paju, birds, gun, and Goguryeo
10M 2P 42T 178.7
House, Sale, Apartments, supply, offer
director, actor, character, Mama, drama, college students, seniors, parents
11M 0P 15T 150.5
homes, apartments, development, distribution, and construction
drama, face, news, avatars, friends, and his wife, Song Kang-ho, actress
11M 1P 47T 166.5
homes, apartments, sale, construction, supply
child, a wife, one day, the Koreans, the family, Christmas, teachers, parents
12M 2P 21T 160.8
myself, thinking, mind, time, and women
San Francisco, software, membership, professional, online games, Internet, CJ Internet, Microsoft
customers, mobile phone, consumers, and Google, users, Red Hat, mobile, Today
11M 1P 39T 188.5
services, games, delivery, use the site
Land Transport and Maritime Affairs, News, Incheon, Incheon, jeonnamdo, 24, Chonnam, Gangnam-gu
11M 2P 42T 204.4
construction, housing, development, construction, composition
iPhone, customers, mobile phone, consumer, smart phones, Apple, Computer, SK Telecom
11M 2P 20T 160.5
cards, use, or customers, use and service
Han, Ulsan, Seoul and the Nakdong River, Busan, Busan, games, Newtown
12M 0P 22T 156.1
Housing, construction, apartments, development, and facilities
Google, News, Internet, SK Telecom, Mobile Phone, Mobile, Software, LG Electronics
12M 0P 12T 188.7
services, information, phone offers, mobile phones,
Incheon, Korea, New City, Gyeonggi, Suwon, Songpa-gu, Gangseo, Paju
eache p es den Tae Kwon Do
03M 2P 28T 220 6
Educa on schoo s s uden s un ve s es and Eng sh
Teache s ch d en U san p o esso s h gh schoo boys Guangzhou D ec o S uden
India, China, Japan, the United Nations news, the Himalayas, New Delhi, cars, Russia
08M 0P 11T 157.8
India, the economy, exports, treaty, signed
07M 0P 43T 146.0
representatives, parliamentarians, ministers, members of Congress, next year
Lotte Mart, Small Business Administration, this year, SMBA, bukminhyeop, Unification, President, Guangzhou
08M 0P 25T 193.1
support, corporate, business, coordination, and small
07M 2P 46T 163.9
President, Russia, attacked, Iran and protest
Grand National Party, Cheong Wa Dae, chairman, director, National Convention, the candidates, Yonhap News, a spokesman,
08M 0P 12T 114.5
Democratic Party, Election, Obama, support, and reform
Democratic, Party, Parliament, parliamentarians, politicians, Hunan, regionalism, Chairman
09M 1P 6T 198.3
members, candidates, hearing, Democrats, no doubt
08M 2P 22T 247.0
members, delegates, party, party, politics
lawmakers, the GNP, Lee Myung-bak, Yonhap News, the Liberty Forward Party, Congress, Democratic Party, the government
10M 0P 32T 492.1
members, the Grand National Party, Democratic Party, National Assembly, the inspection
representative, Democrat, Japan, Hatoyama, LDP, Ozawa, Secretary General, the Social Democratic Party
09M 0P 30T 220.9
President, Senator, Minister, Party, Blue House
chairperson, director, member, chairman, president, president, officials, directors
10M 1P 16T 233.7
inspection, a Democrat, auditing, authority, Prime Minister
presidential candidate, Sejong City, Lee, Chung, presidential, nominee, Prime Minister
Sejong City, the Blue House, this year, Ahn Sang, next year, Kim Green, executive
10M 1P 7T 227.8
Sejong City, the previous president, the city, the Blue House
Doctor, Sejong City, Congress, president, presidential, party, President Lee Myung-bak
10M 2P 7T 364.5
Senator, Sejong City, the Grand National Party, Democratic Party, the people
Senator, Democrat, Chairman, Chicago, and the best members, Suwon, Olympic Games, the National Assembly
ministers, candidates, citizens, Guangzhou, provincial elections, the Central Party, the mayor of Seoul, General
09M 2P 46T 309.9
Budget, support, and next year, Finance, 100 million won
12M 2P 42T 161.9
sale, apartments, water supply, the environment
Internal Revenue Service, the government last year, Local, News, income tax, acquisition tax, the taxpayer
10M 1P 36T 206.6
election, Democratic candidates, delegates, party
10M 0P 22T 370.1
budgets, insurance, financial, and won, support
President, Senator, Lee, Hamid Karzai, the next year, the Creative Korea Party, Abdullah, s policy
10M 2P 22T 274.3
election, vote, candidate, Democratic, Candidate
employees, this year, the GNP, the next year, Yonhap News, Korea Electric Power Corporation, last year, last year
10M 1P 47T 254.5
budget, finance, payment, support, and employees
Obama, the Republicans, the White House, the candidates, the House of Representatives, Black, New York, Abdullah
11M 0P 21T 158.6
election, vote, Democrats, Obama supports
11M 2P 22T 251.3
members, roughly, the Democrats, the budget, the Assembly
12M 0P 35T 227.4
budget, browse, process, review the National Assembly
Chairman, President, 24, Gyu, Korea Broadcasting, Cheong Wa Dae, Roh Moo-hyun, right
11M 2P 23T 173.9
election, politics, president, vote, candidate
President, Democrat, Brazil, members of the KMT, correspondent, Taiwan, Democratic Progressive Party
Samsung E ec on cs Hyn x Sem conduc o LG E ec on cs pe sonne so wa e C own SK Te ecom
Sma phones News mob e phones mob e Ba ce ona Goog e Spa n w ndopon 7
LG E ec on cs he cus ome a SK Te ecom Sony Use Compu e Nave
n e ne Goog e bang ongw sma phones W F copy gh b ogg ng came a
goog e mob e phones sma phones on ne games Cu u e Use use s and game s
Cus ome Hong Kong Goog e Membe N n endo Deve ope B og Consume
Phone Mob e SK Te ecom Consume day Eu ope he use s Hangu
04M 0P 12T 83 44
se v ces p ov ded Games n e ne e ecommun ca ons
Grand National Party, Democratic Party, yegyeolwi, representative, majority leader next year, the President, Secretary
12M 0P 7T 215.2
presidential elections, candidates, politics, the market
12M 2P 31T 242.1
Party, processing, conferencing, rough, Senator
Doctor, CEO, Chairman, Grand National Party, Republicans, politicians, Sejong City, the Blue House
Internal Revenue Service, children, representatives, end of the year, the couple, Yonhap News, Hyundai Card, Income Tax,
12M 0P 18T 143.1
Insurance, income, credit, cards, and delinquent
Government, ministers, support, and this year, Seoul, Planning and Finance, Tax, 16
01M 2P 38T 192.5
business support, government and business, where
11M 0P 1T 173.1
Insurance, revision, target, system, and income
United States Forces, Navy, Iran, Pentagon, Washington DC, Northern, Director, Sharp
12M 1P 43T 120.0
Obama, Afghanistan, War, President, Operations
The Taliban, Israel, Dubai, the coalition, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Hamas, hoping different
02M 1P 13T 116.6
Taliban, operations, information, and in Afghanistan and Pakistan
08M 2P 15T 204.5
fire, me, success, satellite, technology
11M 2P 35T 228.7
Japan, Hatoyama, Prime Minister, in Tokyo, Japan
prosecution, Ozawa, Han, secretary-general, Senator, Tokyo, Democratic Party, the Express
12M 1P 33T 201.5
Prime Minister, the prosecution, Japan, before the investigation,
12M 0P 48T 308.4
Korea, the world, Japan, markets in Asia
French, correspondents, Europe, Switzerland, Islam, Hu Jintao, tin, and farmers
Sejong City, the minister, Tokyo, Cheong, Ozawa, secretary-general, emperor, Chung
01M 0P 33T 93.41
Senator, Representative, Democrat, Congress, elections
Obama, the Senate, the House of Representatives, Washington, Republicans and the White House, black, Mrs.
01M 1P 32T 154.5
China, Google, United States, Taiwan, China
01M 2P 33T 115.3
Senator, election, Democrat, candidate, integrated
Chungbuk Cheong u de ense appea educa ona c n cs Gwang u Cheong u s Jeo anam
02M 0P 41T 105 1
e ec on awmake s cand da es oca
eg s e
Democ a Sena o Yonhap News c zens ep esen a ves oca e ec ons Daegu Ko ea
02M 1P 14T 219 1
e ec on cand da es awmake s unn ng a
Democ a c Pa y P me M n s e m n s e s ep esen ng he Cen a Pa y Democ a c Labo Pa y he L be a Democ a c Pa y
02M 2P 14T 177 1
e ec on Democ a cand da e oca
03M 0P 35T 230 6
e ec on oca educa on and unn ng he cand da e
Doc o Guangzhou Yonhap News he m n s e
he cand da e he Sec e a y Gene a
he Cen a Pa y mos membe s
03M 0P 4T 220 8
cand da es he Democ a s Sena o e ec on Gove no
cand da es eg s a o s supe n enden s NEC oca e ec ons ncumben P es den woogeunm n
03M 1P 6T 263 1
e ec on cand da e Democ a Sena o Gove no
cand da e gove no Jeonbuk Dae eon Jeon u Cen a Pa y cand da es Chungnam
03M 2P 30T 231 6
e ec on cand da es awmake s p ma es nom na ng
Democ a Rep esen a ve Sena o pa y cand da e she s ca ed Guangzhou mos membe s
04M 0P 46T 98 31
cand da es e ec on Democ a s awmake s he GNP
Gyeongnam c v se van s Changwon U san p es den supe n enden G and Na ona Changwon
representatives, citizens, next year, lawyers, the Democratic chairman, Dokdo, the humanities
10M 2P 41T 241.8
Social, Women, Activities, Foreign and culture
Busan, grandmother, CEO, Union News, Busan, citizens, children, PM
11M 0P 36T 217.2
Social, support, activities, and Welfare, Pusan
11M 1P 21T 231.4
women, support, social, welfare and employment
Family, staff, parents, children, workers, Korean, husband, wife
11M 2P 49T 204.5
Women, research, and maternity, social, and boy
09M 2P 27T 134.2
women, children, marriage, men, men
President, China, Obama, UN, Pittsburgh, the Security Council, India, the Prime Minister
09M 2P 45T 399.7
Conference, Normal, president, World, held
Universe, Japanese, Chairman, France, Olympics, War, East Asia
10M 1P 37T 262.5
events, held, international, culture, and attract
President Obama, President, ministers, Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel Prize, Clinton, Secretary-General
10M 1P 19T 209.1
President, Obama, Politics, criticism, and reform
10M 0P 1T 334.5
information, disclosure, use, advertising, site
Prime Minister, Germany, Europe, Thailand, France and the European Union, the Czech Republic, Switzerland
11M 0P 0T 176.8
Prime Minister, Russia, Germany, meeting in France
11M 2P 30T 211.0
disorder, activities, services, community support,
01M 2P 40T 204.8
China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China
Ch na peasan s and he Un ed S a es Lama Macau h s yea expe s Wen
02M 0P 33T 195 3
Ch na he Un ed S a es Ta wan and Be ng he gove nmen
Yuan NPC Yonhap News Shangha
he P me M n s e
n Be ng Sou h Ko ea and Shenyang
V e nam B az
nd a au omob e ndones a New Zea and As a Aus a a
04M 0P 9T 119 8
ade epo ng and exchange ac on
10M 0P 49T 276.8
broadcasting, media, municipal, newspapers, press
Department of Defense, U.S. Navy, missile, Gates, Army, Aircraft, U.S. Army
10M 1P 41T 121.2
fire, the Pentagon, military, flight, the Air Force
Cheong Wa Dae, chairman, interviews, executives, employees, a spokesman, Chief, Minister
11M 1P 27T 201.7
TV, press, press, newspaper, article
Google, Dong-A TV, a Dong-A Ilbo, English, Drama, copyrights, Infinity Challenge
11M 2P 17T 163.4
broadcasting, advertising, programs, channels and the Internet
professor, an author, Hangul, Germany, Dong-A Ilbo, Seoul National University, Nobel Prize in Literature
10M 1P 45T 155.8
teaching, research, cultural, social, and age
England, Shanghai, interview, Internet, China, Yonhap News, Blogs, California
10M 2P 4T 183.0
the environment, business, food, animals, and production
10M 2P 28T 220.4
President, politics, society, history and government
jeonnamdo, Forestry and Fisheries, Consumer News, Heung, curry, pork, Jangheung
11M 0P 4T 132.5
Food, produce, meat, farming, agriculture
Berlin, Germany, Korea, citizens, civil, East Germany, a teacher, the Soviet Union
11M 0P 49T 159.1
social, sports, events, history, and celebrate
Asiatic Black Bear, Mt, mad cow disease, the staff, hydrogen, and the Ministry of Environment, tiger cubs
11M 1P 1T 140.9
food, manufacturing, agriculture, peasants, and safety
11M 0P 35T 134.7
culture, facilities, space, composition, Park
11M 1P 22T 190.5
police, fire, fire, accident, OK
Rent, citizens, Incheon, buses, Daegu, Korea, Ansan, Han, Daegu
11M 1P 3T 194.6
facilities, tourism, installation, composition, traffic
11M 2P 33T 145.1
strike, run, play, freight, transport
Police and the Philippines, a wife, a police officer, Saipan, friends, sons, Paris
11M 2P 6T 164.8
cops, crime, terrorism, suicide, fire
Russia, a police officer, Agency for Defense Development, shells, a son, kanchenjungga, Department of Defense, the South
12M 0P 46T 159.3
accident, safety, police, occurred, an explosion,
10M 1P 46T 270.2
Survey, increase, where, results, and Employment
ministers, police, railway unions, Chairman, POSCO, Tae, public employees' unions, cutting edge yienti
12M 0P 25T 155.6
strike, train, union, illegal, Railway Workers' Union
11M 0P 10T 188.2
Japan, broadcasting, advertising, newspapers and the media
employees, Suzhou, Yonhap News, correspondent, Busan, last year, the Labor Department last month
12M 0P 40T 280.6
Survey, place, employ, on average, increased
Bus, boat, racing, Yongsan, sailors, Gyeongbuk, firefighters, Mobile Harbor
12M 1P 27T 156.8
accident, safety, development, damage, and research
12M 1P 7T 178.1
broadcasting, advertising, media, competition, communication
12M 1P 30T 264.8
This year, last year, increasing, decreasing, the average
frogs, Korean food, milk, farmers, day, cake, sea squirts, Jeju, Korea
Last year, 2008, the last year, 2007, 2009, in November, Brazil, last year
02M 1P 37T 207.7
employment, position, company, employment, the survey
03M 0P 45T 224 7
p ace emp oymen emp oymen co po a e
o fic a s vo un ee s Gyeongg do
Christmas, customers, Gwanghwamun, New Year, Seoul, customers, dealers and snowboarding
12M 1P 31T 123.9
tourism, markets, Christmas, Travel, Events
12M 2P 2T 126.6
North Korea, reform, money, holidays, news
Samsung Electronics, Samsung, President, Managing Director, LG Electronics, a global, director of last year
12M 1P 32T 177.3
President, Human Resources, Management, Samsung Electronics, promoting
12M 2P 7T 170.9
president, human resources, finance, personnel, organization
Internet, TV, blogs, celebrities, netizens, the New York Times, Kia, baecheolsu
South and North Korea, Chairman, China, Korea, 6 characters, Yonhap News, Kim Jung-eun
01M 0P 26T 72.61
North, South, Chairman of the Korean Peninsula, China
01M 0P 37T 41.30
Prime Minister Hatoyama, Ozawa, Secretary General, Democratic Party
Chair, North Korea, Unification Ministry, Yonhap News, Labour Party, North Korean Human Rights, North, Mt
02M 1P 36T 149.1
North Korea, Chairperson, Human Rights, Social Security, the news
01M 0P 39T 102 9
P es den Lee Myung bak p es den a B az
secretary-general, prosecutors, Ozawa, Iraq, politicians, parliamentarians, the National Assembly, 400 million yen
01M 1P 14T 74.30
secretary-general, prime minister, Ozawa, prosecutors, Hatoyama
2005 year, chairman, voting rights, a secretary, three people, SK Energy, corruption, in July,
02M 0P 4T 70.51
secretary-general, Ozawa, 2005, prosecutors indicted
he Gove no
gove nmen
01M 0P 49T 148 1
ssues needs and p an he esu
P me M n s e Gove no Tha and he Wh e House Sw ze and Cambod a La n Ame ca K m Dae ung
01M 1P 41T 115 6
p es den p es den a p es den Lee Myung bak B az
01M 0P 47T 58 68
1 w e s ou na s s pa en s and h s
Na ona Assemb y 12 18 Cha man Seou 1 1 ep esen a ve 11
01M 1P 45T 193 2
ava ab e he dec s on Pa amen n o ma on and e a onsh ps
01M 2P 5T 229 9
p ob ems e a ed dec s ons and measu es he esu s
01M 1P 49T 89 76
am es pa en s peop e deas mom
a nove a mo he ha
m n s e s he spokesman news n e v ews democ a c CNN C zen 3 days
03M 2P 43T 134 0
TV D ama S a 3 s ng ng
n e v ew Lee Hyo
12M 1P 15T 162.7
performances, activities, volunteer, community donations
ends and one e ow h s ace h s b o he w e a he
12M 2P 17T 217.5
support, community, disability, welfare, the elderly
03M 2P 41T 214 7
peop e deas he own ch d en v ng
02M 0P 22T 160 6
he yea 2008 as yea 2007
Japan Ta wan s e s e
04M 0P 7T 104 7
Japan cu cu um Ta wan Dokdo and Tokyo
end eache mom s o es ca s and one day my hea
04M 0P 45T 81 85
peop e deas a s s ch d en he s o y
Sou h Ko ea sho
02M 2P 10T 186 0
Meda s p aye s Sou h Ko ea sho
Japan V e nam Japan Ko ea Ta wan Hong Kong Tha and ndones a
d sab
02M 2P 48T 185 8
y ca e ng we a e and cu u e
U san h s yea Chonnam suppo
03M 2P 36T 211 6
cu u a soc a commun y cen e
and Nam D ec o emp oyees c v se van s
01M 2P 41T 92 82
ea hquake Po au P nce e e and suppo
ack a woman
ack Lee SH Lee Jung Soo A Lee seongs baek e e ees bakseunghu
a h e es he O ymp cs Canada sho
Eunma APT Gangnam gu as yea Sou he n p ope y axes Songpa gu en an apa men gyo
ack w n e Vancouve W n e O ymp cs W n e O ymp cs Lee Jung Soo
Me opo an A ea R ve Subway ncheon suppo
on ep esen ng
03M 1P 41T 158 9
ons Champ ons Tou season Woods
p e K m To no An h ac e games ac ng
p aye O ymp cs Sou h Ko ea Coach Canada Wo d Champ onsh ps K m Tu n
03M 2P 38T 194 8
ons p aye s champ onsh p Sou h Ko ea p ayed
he cons uc on wa e sou ce expe s and he Ko ea Land Hous ng Co po a on
Woods go
C s e s Mas e s seohu gyeong w nne Tay o yusoyeon
04M 0P 27T 58 27
on w nn ng o n y p ay p aye
gu yea games Gyeongg Gangnam Seou Gwang u and Ea h
03M 2P 48T 148 6
homes apa men s sa e cons uc on supp y
w nne Seou New C y Pa agon Namdong co ege s uden s own houses he no he n
04M 0P 10T 72 98
homes apa men s sa e cons uc on and cons uc on
02M 1P 27T 165 7
Po ce nves ga ng a bank nodang nves ga on
membe s p nc pa s and Cha man Depa men o Educa on he Mayo Supe v so Seou Me opo an O fice he heads
02M 2P 2T 168 7
Human Resou ces aud con e ence comm ee ope a ng
P es den po
Gove nmen
he Cons u on Lee Myung bak Sou h Ko ea he dea h pena y he Cons u ona Cou
02M 2P 25T 209 4
cs peop e economy and gove nmen
02M 1P 49T 146 8
an Obama P es den weapons nd a
udges Yonhap News
02M 2P 29T 130 1
Obama Pak s an nd a he P me M n s e
P es den Se ong C y he B ue House he G and Na ona Pa y Gyeongbuk Yonhap News Daegu a spokesman
P es den
03M 0P 27T 246 7
he peop e vo ng po cs p es den a
Pak s an P me M n s e
02M 1P 38T 167 6
even s ou sm cu u e expe ence un
he Ta ban s ae
he P es den
aq Pa es ne d ec o
nd a
02M 2P 47T 132 0
even s ou sm cu u e en e a nmen
Russ a Moscow s ae and he Un ed Na ons he bomb he U S Tu key Un ed K ngdom
03M 2P 34T 161 4
Russ a Te o sm s ae he P es den
he weapon
02M 2P 5T 138 1
occu s damage ea hquakes and sca e a sunam
Tae on Chungnam Chungbuk New Yea s Fu Moon Chungnam oo
ge s Dae eon g nseng
U san U san Busan Masan Jeonbuk s
Busan Wha e
03M 1P 4T 200 4
cu u e even s ou s exh b ons commemo a ve
aud ons Sou h Ko ea Ea h and h s yea Ope a Dae eon Dae eon Seou
Daegu Hangu Guangzhou ep esen a ves membe s Venus Me cu y Chuncheon
02M 2P 33T 112 1
bu d ngs c es oads ns a a on and he bus
Toyo a ca Ch e Hyunda Fo d Toyo a K a Tu key
03M 0P 34T 140 4
Ea hquake Ch e Deve opmen Toyo a veh c e
ad ons
04M 0P 41T 90 92
even s cu u e es va s ce eb a on pe o mances
03M 1P 46T 159 9
house sa e apa men s cons uc on u n u e
Wo d Cup Pohang Yonhap News he e e ee hansangm n
NEC po ce p osecu o s membe s Yonhap News KGEU membe s Cha man Sena o
12M 2P 32T 254 2
P es den soc a na ona po cs po cy
03M 2P 40T 176 8
even s cu u a pe o mances exh b ons and expe ence
03M 0P 19T 135 5
house apa men bu d ng p ce and u n u e
Sou h Ko ea coach oo ba
p e ump K m Coach Japan Ko ea Sou h Ko ea
02M 2P 37T 159 7
K m smoke Meda s sco es p aye
Coach Sho T ack Speed Ska ng W n e K m Vancouve W n e O ymp cs a h e es Lee Jung Soo
Ma a hon Mas e s
02M 2P 35T 120 3
hous ng supp y sa e u n u e apa men s
02M 1P 1T 160 9
pe sonne emp oyees wo k wo k p ace
mo o cyc es ca s c n cs e ec c ca s b cyc es LG E ec on cs Cha man d um mach ne
02M 2P 30T 128 9
Toyo a ca eca veh c e sa e y
ncheon new yweds Mode House New own coup es ch d en g
02M 0P 46T 72 83
po ce c v se van s un on and sea ch he ha d d sk
Toyoda Yonhap News Toyo a Mo o Co po a on Wash ng on D ec o House o Rep esen a ves U S Cong ess Depa men o T anspo a on
02M 1P 5T 149 2
veh c e veh c es and Japan
New Town Yonhap News he ch Seocho gu Ha nan Dao Chungnam Samsung gu
ons Sho T ack
Canad an O ymp c Russ a Sou h Ko ea Coun y Rep esen a ve a As an ce hockey
03M 1P 28T 190 5
p aye s he game Sou h Ko ea compe
Toyo a eca
02M 1P 6T 139 9
House Sa e Apa men s Fu n u e Cons uc on
02M 2P 16T 197 0
on a h e es O ymp cs Meda s Exh b
O ymp c Games a h e es Canada W n e K m Vancouve W n e O ymp cs W n e O ymp cs he T p e
he fi s ha o h s yea 2012
02M 0P 30T 105 1
Seou Seou hous ng Ko ea F a
02M 0P 43T 73 85
p aye s compe on O ymp cs Meda s Canada
Yonhap News co ege s uden s membe s ch d en he gove nmen as yea c v and am y
02M 0P 48T 141 5
Toyo a au omob e Un ed S a es Japan he veh c e
Seou condom n um Kookm n Bank Ko ea 3 3 ㎡ h s yea
Sou h Ko ea p aye s Canada he wo won he W n e O ymp cs he coach n 2006 he game
This year, Seoul, Yonhap News, last year, Ethiopia, Korea, the Philippines, Africa
02M 1P 35T 226.6
support, business, budget, organization, and Welfare
01M 0P 24T 87 48
Seou supp es hous ng Seou Ko ea
U S 22 days he gove nmen 25 E enne he owne gangcheo su yuseongyeo
01M 2P 26T 81 10
p aye s he O ymp cs compe on Asada T p e
03M 0P 14T 139 6
p aye s meda s O ymp cs K m Compe
o a GNP Osaka Russ a he Repub c o Ko ea
01M 1P 36T 113 2
and he Un ed Na ons ea hquake suppo and e e
p e 2008 MLB O ymp cs 곽민정 1
Asada a h e es
02M 1P 31T 162 9
meda s a h e es O ymp c Games Compe
03M 2P 24T 301 4
Japan Ko ea and ab oad n As a V e nam
w e
es SK Ene gy a op
O ymp cs Sho T ack Speed Ska ng Speed Ska ng Vancouve y gyuhyeok Lee SH Wo d Cup W n e
P o esso Ph D Seou Na ona Un ve s y spec a s s esea che s Ko ean A ab c Ahn
w e s au ho s poe s n e v ews s o es each ng mode n and he head
as yea
10% SK Secu
Japan Yonhap News Ko ea Tokyo as yea Russ a Japan and Eu ope
03M 1P 1T 282 2
Ko ea Japan each ng esea ch and cu u e
03M 0P 21T 163 8
peop e deas hea s pho og aphy see
pa en w e husband a am y mo he ch d w e
Las yea
a e as yea 2009 o
01M 1P 31T 61 66
p aye s he O ymp cs compe on p ay w n
game n Janua y as yea 30% n 2007 as yea 5% he fi s ha
02M 2P 22T 274 0
Ko ea Japan Fo e gn na ona and n e na ona
03M 1P 17T 178 0
peop e h nk ng m nd s o y see
support, children, last year, Daejeon, employees, Chungbuk, Jeonbuk, the Salvation Army
01M 2P 12T 191 8
he yea 2008 as yea
Aus a a S uden Sydney New Sou h Ko eans mm g a on S ngapo e Pe manen Res den Ca d Sou h Ko ea
day a un o au ho Dong A bo w e ch d en as mon h 25 days he d sc p es
Jazz, Chairman, singer, opera, Year, Classical, News, Representative
Las yea
Las yea
02M 0P 19T 169 7
Ko ea Aus a a Japan As a he s uden s
02M 2P 38T 112 1
pe son ch d a he hea am y
s a ng
s nge s a s s ac o s Sou h Ko ea P es den A e Schoo
weekends ch d en a he husband
02M 1P 2T 114 1
ch d dea am y ema e ma ed
01M 1P 18T 191 5
h s yea 2008 Seou Ko ea as yea
Sou h Ko ea As a Japan G oba Tha and he Ph pp nes gukgwasu 2000
Fam y G andma V e nam o b eak as youngch nwang M s Sakha n Ko ea
n e v ew
Las yea
01M 2P 4T 224 8
Ko ea Japan As a and ove seas w
02M 0P 6T 66 62
pa en ch d a he mo he peop e
D ama S com he p o agon s bang ongw announce s an ma on ac o s he Wo d Cup
03M 1P 32T 113 2
b oadcas ng adve s ng b oadcas C y Ha
01M 0P 6T 138 8
Ko ea Japan he med a wo d he Ko eans
Fam y mom w e ac a w e w ves ch d en he poe
25 20 27 28 1 2 22 21
02M 0P 18T 193 3
ssue he m n s e c a med he p ess he en y
Goog e Woods Yonhap News b ogs hacks T n Hong Kong go
02M 2P 28T 141 3
TV p ess p ess n e ne wa ch ng
12M 0P 9T 196.5
Board, the company, management, president, corporate
employees, directors, nominee, 24, KB Financial, Chairman, Executive, Chief Executive Officer
02M 1P 7T 121.4
broadcasts, programs, advertising, broadcast, Hall
Workers, Yonhap News, the Labor Department last month, workers, and this year, older employees
emp oyees c y co ege s uden s as yea suppo
12M 1P 20T 194.5
North Korea, support, and Taiwan, the authorities, the newspaper
12M 2P 27T 155.3
broadcasting, advertising, channel, media, press
12M 2P 20T 307.0
Survey, increased last year, on average, reduced
12M 0P 23T 179.7
events, tourism, public relations, Busan, the festival
Taiwan, India, the flu, North, Hong Kong, Beijing, Chairman, United News
Browse, Great Britain, Newsweek, New York, the emperor, the Internet, Dennis, New Year
last year, employees, professionals, researchers, Incheon, plus, SEO, Kyungpook
12M 2P 36T 83.71
production, food, environment, farmers, food
12M 0P 41T 191.6
North Korea, monetary reform, social security, the authorities
National Assembly, lawmakers, LG Telecom, Sky Life, Anchor, consumers, professionals, bangtongwi
Year last year, last year, the game, last year, a year earlier, automobile, ship
01M 0P 9T 112.1
Last year, 2008, the last year, an increase the previous year
12M 0P 29T 203.5
social, activities, services, culture, and support
Han, Nakdong, Changwon, Ministry of Environment, Seoul, Bundang, Kunsan, a
11M 2P 43T 218.1
organizations, local, integrated, residents, planning
10M 0P 26T 212.7
accident, flight, aviation, jobs, the Air Force
09M 2P 43T 216.4
Social, professor, history, culture and research
Busan, Gumi-si, Gyeongnam, last, year, next year, kimchi, Ulsan
England, the Executive Committee, European, France, Switzerland, Ireland, the European Union, Canada
11M 2P 37T 179.4
France, Russia, Britain, Iran and Europe
Citizens, Masan, Chairman, Daegu, pastor, Ulsan, Daedongyeo, Guangzhou
08M 2P 17T 238.3
broadcasts, research, issues, channels, and Response
air force, marine, pilot, missiles, and Busan, the Army, dolphins, Ulsan
Experts, Dr, Seoul National University, professors, researchers, patents, Korea, the authors
12M 2P 35T 191.6
research, teaching, technology development, Dr.
President, Israel, Russia, Iran, France, New Zealand, Palestine, and Islam
11M 1P 7T 208.1
Russia, France, Iran, Germany, the Prime Minister
10M 0P 3T 312.6
research, teaching, science, Ph.D., analyzed
Next year, Japan, Mongolia, News, Hong Kong, Incheon, Yeosu, the Earth
11M 2P 24T 287.0
International, development, aid, cooperation and support
Professor, earth, insects, Director, Space, ribosomes, scholars, baby
11M 1P 36T 220.6
research, teaching, analysis, science, and use
Africa, Japan and the United Nations, Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mongolia, Senegal, Dr.
09M 2P 32T 188.7
occurs, damage, delinquency, accidents and safety
Computer, left, Director, Space Shuttle, uirimji, plastic ants, France
10M 2P 20T 291.7
events, memorial, doctor, Ahn, Japan
Yonhap News, a spouse, salt, and his wife, Sunday, members, professors, civil servants,
12M 1P 39T 222.8
Survey, women, responding, on average, men
blog, one day, teaching, Twitter, New York, Bloomberg, Forbes, the government
11M 1P 9T 291.3
events, services, activities, and held, involving
Iran, Brazil, uranium, Spain, Western and South America, Switzerland and Colombia
09M 2P 33T 193.6
research, broadcasting, advertising, Ph.D., Program
Ahn, China and Busan, Japan, Seoul, Harbin, teachers, citizens
10M 1P 2T 189.5
President, Russia, Iran, Israel, Brazil
10M 2P 8T 220.7
negotiations, Iran, Russia, Brazil, the agreement
soldiers, the Pentagon, children, professors, civil servants, parents, black and white
novels, writers, poets, heroes, Britain, France, face, Yonhap News
President, Brazil, Britain, Turkey, Armenia, France, Argentina, the United News
10M 1P 34T 239.0
communities, organizations, activities, sports, public
workers, the Philippines, this year, Anglican, Catholic, Indonesia, workers, Kenya
09M 1P 40T 189.2
President, obama, reform, media and health
Iran, Obama, uranium, and the West, Ahmadinejad, Clinton, New York, Geneva
09M 2P 0T 200.3
Iran, Russia, and Obama, sanctions, weapons
Child, Worker, president, support, immigrants, parents, and last year, Ministry of Gender Equality
10M 0P 37T 379.5
women, social, disability, center, action
10M 2P 14T 249.9
President, Obama, Britain, Germany and Europe
Wilson, interview, New York, American, Bush, House of Representatives, Sarkozy, Cuba
09M 0P 16T 148.5
ads, site, internet, video and discrimination
China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Confucius, Asian, Taiwan, Clinton, Coal
Ch na
Citizens, candidates, Hanam, the Superintendent, the Constitution, Seongnam, Masan, Gyeongnam
09M 1P 34T 177.7
Russia, Brazil, Israel, weapons, country
Obama, the White House, President, Republican, administration, Blair, Bush, the Czech Republic
09M 1P 44T 292.8
International, cooperation, attendance, economic, and held
03M 1P 12T 260 8
Ch na exchange a e expo s Ta wan Yuan
01M 1P 4T 132.1
Senator, Democrat, president, election, party
09M 1P 23T 204.6
Japan, foreign, local, Asian and Tourism
Brazil, Israel, Russia, missile, India, Iran, Palestine, Sao Paulo
08M 2P 23T 139.6
women, marriage, photos, male, husband
Google, the United States, Pakistan, the government, missiles, and the Taliban, hacking, the West
Doctor, Director General, Democracy, Citizen, NEC, spokesman for the candidate, the convention
12M 2P 49T 152.4
election, Senator, Reform, Obama, the candidate
12M 1P 41T 260.4
Korea, Japan, Foreign, International, Country
01M 0P 11T 102.4
China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, reported
representative, Democrat, lawmakers, legislators, four rough, Park Geun-hye, the best members, politicians
12M 1P 49T 210.6
President, election, lawmakers, politicians, the people
Australia, Japan, Korea, Tokyo, Japan, Philippines, Brazil, the Workers
09M 1P 18T 176.3
discharge, damage, North Korea, Imjin River, the system
Switzerland, Japan, Hangul, Japanese, Thai, chairman, Vietnam, Hong Kong
09M 0P 15T 184.4
President, Obama, reform, Afghanistan, and the speech
China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, experts, and the Communist Party last year, an interview,
next year, income tax, Congress, labor, tax, tax, annually, the customer
12M 2P 34T 154.0
Insurance, income, credit, card, sign
Guangzhou, incumbent Senator, Changwon, Jinju, Kwangju citizens, Sancheong
11M 1P 13T 275.7
integration, social security, administration, research and public opinion
Russia, Moscow, uranium, the United Kingdom, two countries, France, a spokesman, Hariri
12M 2P 11T 198.3
China, Russia, China and Taiwan, two countries
Farmers, tax, auto, taxpayers, the city, this year, passenger cars, the State Council
12M 1P 10T 145.5
insurance, taxes, IRS, sign, and income
South Korea, Japan, Canada, Indonesia, Korean, POSCO, Russian, Korean
Yeoncheon, apples, deputy, employee, law, News, international law, cell phone,
09M 0P 3T 195.5
United Kingdom, President, France, Russia and Europe
09M 2P 26T 244.3
disorder, activities, organizations, residents, donated
Daegu, civil servants, Gyeonggi Province, Daegu, merchants, city, ministers, Masan
China, India, the Prime Minister, Taiwan, Asia, the yuan, Thailand, and Shanghai
public servants, employees, Daegu, job seekers, Gangwon Province, sponsors, workers, the victim
07M 2P 6T 286.5
China, Japan and the world, foreign and overseas
Citizens, employees, Chuncheon, civil servants, Chuncheon, New Village Movement, Gangwon Province, the day
09M 0P 41T 237.4
integration, administration, residents, organizations, or district
10M 2P 30T 305.7
integration, organization, administration, local, local
09M 0P 37T 164.8
Imjin River, discharge, North Korea, damage, cause
09M 1P 3T 255.7
women, society, investigation, action, service
Gyeonggi Province, Guangzhou, Realities, civil, Chonnam, Incheon, Suwon, Guri
10M 0P 7T 359.8
integration, organizations, residents, promoting local
Doctor, representatives, employees, officers, President, gwakyounguk, ministers, executives
12M 2P 16T 200.5
charges, prosecution, investigation, arrest, prosecute,
09M 0P 24T 123.3
tourism, travel, airlines, hotels, flights,
Chonnam, Ulsan, Cheongju, Gwangju, Ulsan, jeonnamdo, Jeonbuk, Chungbuk
South Korea, Japan, Asia, Africa, Vietnam, the Air Force, Space, Secretary
12M 0P 42T 233.2
China, Beijing, maps, and French, correspondents
12M 2P 47T 189.8
Prime Minister, earlier, Sejong City, Japan, visited
08M 2P 45T 231.2
integration, social security, voting, groups, and local
Bus, teeth, coffee, and on weekends, fall, customers, mathematics, Pearl
Gyeonggi Province, wood board for building, Mars, Osan, Haman, pearls, Suwon, Masan
11M 2P 19T 271.9
China, India, Japan, Taiwan, the Prime Minister
12M 0P 21T 204.2
Prime Minister, earlier, Japan, Hatoyama, an agreement
08M 2P 11T 186.5
acts, regulations, and improve the taxi, a violation
Jeju, Yonhap News, Kim, Navy, Jeju, Cheongju, Seogwipo, lawmakers
09M 0P 36T 197.3
communities, organizations, cultures, activities, and citizens
Guangzhou, Gyeongnam, Chonju, Chonbuk, Chonnam, Busan, Changwon, Taejon
India, Taiwan, North Korea, Shenyang, Somalia, East, family, and interviews
Prime Minister, Russia, the Social Democratic Party, this year, Futenma Air Base, Thailand, the correspondent, Moscow
09M 0P 23T 146.5
care, medical, health, hospital, doctor
penalties, Yonhap News, a fine, Legislation, Seoul, hayiwon, Department of the Interior, Special Measures
08M 0P 6T 110.5
tourism, foreign, travel, merchandise, hotel
09M 2P 6T 248.2
integration, residents, suggesting, administration, district
Japan, Tokyo, Australia, Prime Minister Hatoyama, a Democrat, Asia, India
Japan, Japan, New Zealand, missiles, and Camus, Tokyo, and the universe, the Bank of Japan
08M 2P 3T 154.6
effects, health, sports, people, and capabilities
Yonhap News, Ph.D., protein, dementia, heart, and the United Kingdom, College, Dean
09M 1P 24T 165.9
Research, who, Ph.D., animal, test
11M 0P 22T 293.6
China, Korea and Cooperation, Japan International
11M 1P 49T 273.2
Japan, Prime Minister Hatoyama, Tokyo, and the previous
soju, Yonhap News, consumers, parents, alcohol and lower back, a refrigerator, a friend
08M 1P 1T 200.8
integration, administration, organization, coordination, and inhabitants
09M 1P 49T 210.5
integration, social security, administration, organization, Guangzhou
President, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Liberal Democratic Party, Gates, Mrs., ministers, the two
Obama, Yemen, Jordan, Afghanistan, Cuba, the White House, Pakistan, last month
08M 1P 34T 141.3
Notice of cancellation, revision, driving license
Doctor, the universe, pancreatic cancer, interviews, hyperlipidemia, and experts, the elephants, the knee
10M 2P 10T 250.3
China, India, Taiwan, fencing, Beijing
10M 2P 23T 274.6
Japan, Prime Minister of Vietnam, President, co
01M 0P 16T 62.12
Yemen, Obama, terrorism, information, and Pakistan
Obama, President, U.S. Army, Afghanistan, the White House, Pakistan, the minister, correspondents
Department of Justice, Yonhap News, the Labor Department, last year, the National Assembly next year, Jiangnan
Iran, Israel, Yemen, President, Al Qaeda, Obama, Palestine, Abdul Rob mutal
12M 2P 33T 133.9
Iran, terrorism, demonstrations, and Yemen, the authorities
12M 0P 31T 178.2
Afghanistan, Obama, U.S. military forces, the President
Rich, a Democrat, fines, customer, and the Grand National Party, members, tax, this year's
10M 1P 27T 132.3
income, cards, pensions, allowances, benefits,
Child, President, Korea, Department of Labor, Suwon, year, college students, scholars
12M 1P 37T 264.3
support, next year, welfare, social, and ordinary people
Chairman of the Grand National Party, National Assembly, the Assembly Speaker Kim Hyung, President, Ahn Sang, beopsawi
Samsung Electronics, smart phones, Google, iPhone, LG, Samsung, Intel, choejiseong
01M 2P 46T 88.06
Apple, Smartphone, Internet, iPhone, Google
Chairman, National Assembly, the chairman, majority leader, lawmakers, AM, jaejeongwi evening
12M 1P 5T 225.1
Budget, party, party, river, treatment
11M 2P 40T 159.4
Afghanistan, troops, troops, war, U.S. Army
09M 2P 35T 174.8
cards, income reporting, tax, tax
This year, next year, next year, next year, last year, year-end, support, jeonnamdo
10M 1P 20T 232.2
China, Japan, the Prime Minister, normal, Vietnam
Department of Defense, Saudi Arabia, ships, Iraq, Colonel, Congress, the crew, the United Nations
FTC, consumers, and the IRS, taxpayers, children, Yangzhou, Lotte Shopping, vendor
11M 2P 3T 260.1
Budget, support, and next year, finances, 00
12M 0P 0T 248.8
Senator, Parliament, meeting, comments, Democrats
Grand National Party, Senator, Democrat, chairman, CEO, President, Minority Leader, Secretary
12M 2P 25T 160.8
info, games, Internet access, use, or use
Apple, Google, hacking, POSCO, computer, iPhone, consumers, and the keyboard
Democrat, Senator, Parliament, Party, Majority Leader next year, income tax, yegyeolwi
Senator, Democratic Party, party, president, National Assembly, the Yongsan River, Chairman, National Assembly
next year, yegyeolwi, Majority Leader next year, the Constitution, Sejong City, have abdicated country, parliamentary
Last year, this year, last year, members of the National Assembly, property taxes, the previous year, the IRS
09M 1P 4T 231.2
income increases, the survey last year, the tax
11M 1P 6T 282.0
budget, browse, review, 100 million won, the Democratic Party
Cloud, WiFi, consumers, Nintendo, Apple, Katie, bangtongwi, copyright
Member, SK Telecom, News, WiBro, Wi-Fi, bangtongwi, mobile phones, the motto
11M 0P 38T 230.9
budget, roughly, 04, fat, and the environment
11M 1P 11T 185.0
Afghanistan, the base, local, decision dispatch
Yonhap News, Deputy Chief, Software, Science and Technology Satellite 2, Goheung, Earth, yijujin Mars
09M 2P 40T 281.5
China, Beijing, Hong Kong, Asia, the border
India, troops, Pakistan, Taliban Minister, United Kingdom, New Delhi, Secretary of Defense
08M 2P 41T 192.4
income, deductions, benefits, tax, reform
08M 2P 0T 170.3
Kim, condolence, incense, Director, younggyeol
Asia, China, Shanghai, Beijing, comments, Hu Jintao, Southeast Asia, the leaders
Japan, Prime Minister of Vietnam, President, Hatoyama, Tokyo, Thailand, Nationalist Party
08M 1P 31T 126.6
care, health, hospital, condition, surgery
Director, National Assembly, Yonhap News, Donggyo, civil, Chonnam, Kwangju, bonghamaeul
09M 0P 29T 224.4
China, protest, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan
11M 0P 26T 124.0
Afghanistan, the base, the case, the U.S. military, the war
Income, Yonhap News, Income Tax, IRS, Commissioner, tax, capital gains tax, VAT
Space, narowoojusenteo, researchers, missiles, aircraft, Heung, plane, Science and Technology Satellite 2
China in Urumqi, Hong Kong, people, government, police, Communist Party, Yonhap News
10M 0P 21T 346.7
international, national, international, global and local
Major, Islam, Saudi Arabia, Hassan, police, army, soldier, Texas
10M 0P 27T 393.7
President, Vote, National, Obama, Prime Minister
Environment, the Nakdong River, the Yongsan River, next year, staff, green, Garolim bay, island council
08M 2P 33T 277.5
China, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Country
President, United Nations, European Union, Secretary, Vietnam, Asia, Secretary General, the Lisbon Treaty
08M 1P 47T 134.9
demise, Kim, democracy, reconciliation and condolence
08M 1P 38T 158.8
fire, me, development, technology, and successful,
Japan, Tokyo, Beijing, Australia, Yonhap News, Japan, the teacher, the UK
10M 2P 44T 227.4
Afghanistan, military, protection, attack, terrorist
Obama, the presidential Blue House, Washington, Sejong City, the House of Representatives, New York, the Republican
party, government, Congress, CNN, the Pentagon, this year, Deputy Minister, Gyeonggi-do
08M 1P 36T 239.4
China, Japan, India, Russia, Hong Kong
Minister of Afghanistan, police, defense minister, troops, Air Force, Clinton, Congress
09M 2P 41T 252.2
President, prime minister, politics, reform, and Germany
09M 0P 43T 246.4
budget support, financial, and next year, lawmakers
This year, next year, minister, last year, support, and next year, last year, next year
representatives, candidates, party, party, Suwon, Ansan, Chungbuk, Governor
President, Prime Minister of Germany, SPD, CDU, Merkel, in Berlin, right
Next year, one worker, the income tax next year, California, Taxes, kids love
08M 1P 25T 197.8
business, budget, finance, income, institutional
Japan, Tokyo, Korea, the President, the government, the princess, Okinawa, Mrs.
12M 1P 35T 146.9
information, services, cards, games, cell phones,
Environment, day, Seocho-gu, last year, Land Transport and Maritime Affairs, Gangnam Subway, Korea
Prime Minister, Japan, Hatoyama, the emperor, the Communist Party, Lee Seo Jin, Chastity, Miyuki
10M 0P 34T 362.1
Japan, Prime Minister Hatoyama, politics, the past
10M 0P 25T 400.8
election, candidate, Democrat, running for local
Democrats, Congress, the Yongsan River, lawmakers, the GNP, the Cheonggyecheon, governor and mayor of Seoul
08M 0P 20T 153.4
Budget, Business, local, fiscal, and compensation
09M 1P 2T 215.2
Prime Minister, Japan, the Democratic Party, Hatoyama, Politics
09M 2P 47T 274.3
Senator, representative, election, Democratic Party, Party
Sejong City, the President, Chairman, members, ministers, candidates, the Secretary General, the Republican
11M 1P 26T 297.6
lawmakers, the GNP, Sejong City, Representative, Democrat
Presidential Blue House, the Grand National Party, Lee, Sejong City, clinics, Roh Moo-hyun, Ansan
09M 1P 10T 235.2
President, President, election, lawmakers, the GNP
President, Prime Minister, National Assembly, Chung, a spokesman, the best members, chairman, Majority Leader
11M 0P 31T 243.0
members, delegates, party, people, Prime Minister
09M 0P 10T 201.9
representatives, Democrats, election, politics, the regime
President, President, Candidate, Ansan, production, Roh Moo-hyun, Jangan, Suwon
Senator, Congress, Democratic Party, party, president, Lee Myung-bak, Park Geun-hye, the Prime Minister
representatives, parliamentarians, leading members, chief secretary of the Grand National Party, Chung Mong-joon, production, Minister
08M 1P 26T 101.4
activities, groups, artists, albums, songs
09M 2P 30T 227.8
Brazil, France, Local, UK, states
10M 0P 14T 256.6
attacks, Afghanistan, Iraq, military, weapons
08M 0P 46T 113.7
Russia, the launching, the war, me, Georgia
India, Russia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Mongolia, Prime Minister
Yonhap News, India, Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia
Iraq, Pakistan, U.S., Afghanistan, and Obama, the Pentagon, the bomb, the government
08M 2P 28T 256.3
Democratic, election, the LDP, Japan, represents
08M 0P 26T 186.5
China, gas, emissions, and Asia, the greenhouse
Choi, Jackson, Suzhou, gapsan Park, performers, comedians, a composer
08M 1P 23T 127.3
France, Europe and Brazil, countries, Germany
08M 2P 2T 150.4
votes, Afghanistan, Taliban attack, the election
Democratic Party, Japan, Liberal Democratic Party, Representative, Tokyo, Prime Minister, Union News, Ozawa
08M 0P 7T 121.9
agreement, members, TVXQ, groups, and music
Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Sao Paulo, South America, Canada, Chile
Yonhap News, Myanmar, Hamid Karzai, Defense Department, the candidate, the police, NEC, Iraq
08M 1P 0T 152.1
election, Democratic Party, Prime Minister, government, the Liberal Democratic Party
Prime Minister, National Assembly, Yonhap News, Governor, majority leader, Ahn Sang, chairman, Yeouido
09M 2P 23T 254.6
candidates, Senator, Democratic, Party, hearing
08M 1P 3T 105.6
attacks, the Taliban, Afghanistan, War, Iran
candidate, President, Chairman, Prime Minister Hatoyama, Secretary, Socialist Party, Hamid Karzai
08M 1P 29T 180.8
Representative, Senator, election, party, presidential,
Prime, Sejong City, Chung, President, Democrats, Congress, Secretary of the Grand National Party
07M 1P 21T 146.4
United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, France and Europe
The Taliban, U.S. Army, Navy, Syria, and Shia in Kabul, Dubai, a spokesman,
08M 0P 32T 134.9
representatives, parliamentarians, human resources, the Blue House, the Grand National Party
Internet, Member, Computers, Apple, Amazon, employee, Hack, SK Telecom
03M 2P 8T 162 5
se v ces sma phones Goog e Phone Cus ome
un o h gh schoo s uden s pa en s e emen a y schoo ma h
Samsung Electronics, iPhone, Apple, Smartphone, Samsung, Profile, LG Electronics, the FTC
11M 1P 40T 213.1
vendors, prices, markets, communications, product
11M 0P 11T 151.4
Information, Services, Games, Internet, System
Gangnam, Korea, winner, Seoul, Songpa-gu, Korea Land Housing Corporation, Suwon, Seocho-gu
01M 2P 37T 79.21
drama, film, actor, friend, coach,
Cell phones, smart phones, SK Telecom, Windows 7, Yonhap News, Customer, Internet, Naver
10M 2P 16T 240.5
services, telecommunications, information and access, mobile phone
Incheon, Incheon, crab, this year, Seoul, Korea, Yellow Sea, the green belt
consumers, the FTC, mobile phones, customers, LG Telecom, Chairman, Suzhou, Coca-Cola
11M 0P 13T 164.2
price, vendor, cost, cards, communication
03M 1P 13T 156 6
se v ces games sma phone Goog e uses
p nc pa s supe n enden s p o esso s un on eache
04M 0P 22T 84 62
Educa on schoo s s uden s eache s each ng
10M 1P 32T 152.9
communications, services, games, broadcast and Internet
game, Land Transport and Maritime Affairs, land, housing construction, winner, Cheongna District, The Government, Gangnam, Gangbuk
12M 1P 14T 142.5
tourism, culture, composition, environment and space
Internet, Member, computers, copyright, netizens, users, gamers, the partner
03M 0P 28T 150 0
b oadcas ng e ecommun ca ons se v ces sma phone use he
he eache
s uden s Eng sh eache s h s yea
10M 0P 6T 314.4
communications, services, rates, telephone, use
02M 2P 24T 124 0
se v ces games con en e ease sma phones
03M 1P 48T 247 6
Educa on schoo s s uden s un ve s es and he p nc pa
Eng and Lee Woon ae Bos on
smart phone, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Google, subscribers, camera, users, and mobile WiMAX,
02M 1P 48T 170 6
sma phones e ecommun ca ons se v ces mob e phone Goog e
03M 0P 29T 210 0
schoo s educa on and s uden s assessmen g ade
game oo ba
11M 2P 38T 142.2
games, exhibitions, cultural events, and work
09M 2P 12T 208.1
services, information, communication, cost, providing
02M 0P 17T 83 46
Samsung E ec on cs sma phone n o ma on mob e phone Goog e
Teache s p nc pa s s uden s Chungbuk e emen a y schoo s uden s as yea Jeonbuk Depa men o Educa on
Sh nhan Bank yangdonggeun ham hun Hyunda Cap a Se v ces
Skin, English, Korean, candidate, president, Goat, Mongolia, Yeosu
01M 2P 21T 105.3
English, education, students, universities, and evaluation
ns uc o s p nc pa s Yonhap News 23 s uden s pa en s s uden s s a
02M 2P 13T 164 8
schoo s s uden s and Eng sh h gh schoo
03M 1P 37T 163 7
Season he game coach eague eg
gamers, Busan, a designer, the next year, Blade aensoul, go, sir
iPhone, mobile phones, customers, and wireless Internet, smartphones, bangtongwi, Profile, Apple
Gangnam-gu, Gyeonggi Province, following correction: Correction apartments, Seoul, Seocho-gu, last year, Songpa-gu, Sungnam
10M 2P 45T 162.8
Exhibition, culture, experience, art, space
09M 2P 49T 276.3
City, amendment, administration and institutions, the decision
09M 1P 45T 187.1
information, services, communications, and use the Internet
09M 2P 20T 189.8
House, Sale, Apartments, supply, construction
Jiri, fall, donuimun, singers, costume, Seoul, Busan, wonmyeongwon
Member, Sejong City, teachers, union, professor, the Gwangju citizens, Ulsan
Computers, Internet, Software, Customer, Google, Consumer, LG Dacom, Samsung
game, Wangsimni, Newtown, Greenbelt, gu, Cartel, 3, children
10M 1P 13T 170.8
performances, works, exhibitions, art and culture
09M 1P 9T 241.1
revised, discussions, institutions, organizations, meeting
09M 0P 17T 161.4
broadcasting, telecommunications, services, offers, digital
01M 1P 28T 91.68
mobile phones, the Internet, smart phones, information, and use
Eng sh son ch d as yea Ma hema cs Educa on Guangzhou s uden
Pa k Chonbuk Fo wa d Sh nhan Bank Champ on Champ ons League m dfie de Eng and
China, think I'll pass, Seoul Performing Arts Market, musical, artist, Sejong Cultural Center, Japanese, Korean Era
07M 2P 48T 211.8
large, product, distribution, sales, dealer
01M 0P 34T 61.04
Samsung Electronics, google, smart phones, the Internet, the iPhone
Students, parents, professors, mathematics, sigyoyukcheong, teacher, teacher, lecturer
02M 1P 4T 196 9
schoo s educa on s uden g adua on es
03M 0P 16T 149 4
he season coach w nn ng a egu a V s
Citizens, Daejeon, Busan, teachers, presidents, Daejeon, Seoul, Mars
National Assembly, lawmakers, ministers, governors, next year, Chairman, Director, Professional
bangtongwi, Yonhap News, announcers, wireless internet, mobile, Korea Broadcasting, Twitter, smartphones
09M 1P 14T 179.8
house, feed, apartments, sale, construction
12M 2P 19T 175.6
housing, development, social security, rent, furniture
P nc pa AP a umn Ko ean Ko ea on weekends pa en s Je ey Hand
ET D ec o Samsung Moon Tae Busan ham hun Ex ens b e Ma kup Language Changwon
09M 2P 44T 248.0
events, culture, exhibitions, and experience, the festival
Chairman, Mt, President, baksamgu, honorary chairman, Chung Mong-hun, Hyundai Asan, Daewoo Engineering and Construction
08M 0P 9T 118.2
Board, Management Group, an argument, dismissed
08M 2P 5T 255.6
coordination, feedback, revise, copy, destination
Internet, News, LG Dacom, gamers, customers, SK Broadband, Google, iPhone
Metropolitan, Southern, Model House, ownership, professional, Yonhap News, Seoul, Goyang,
07M 1P 47T 162.4
negotiation, settlement, export, Canada, the European Union
Seoul National University, Member, Chairman, merchant, Justice, SMBA, civil servants, NH
User, Naver, computers, members, blogs, cell phones, bangtongwi, Nate
08M 2P 7T 160.7
games, services, fees, communications, advertising
07M 2P 38T 190.3
Board, companies, business, group, or an argument,
Government, News, Labor, labor, free trade agreements, regular, meeting of the Cabinet, Minister
07M 2P 44T 267.8
regular, revision, implementation, conversion, limited
08M 0P 28T 116.0
Service, game, communications, cards, sign-up
08M 1P 11T 155.4
services, information, communications and fees, call
Earth, Newtown, Land Transport and Maritime Affairs, Korea National Housing Corporation land, Incheon, next April, Bucheon, Paju-si
12M 2P 10T 212.1
education, assessment, student, school, teacher
02M 1P 46T 189.8
college, school, assignments, professors, registered
08M 2P 19T 184.4
Human Resources, President, Presidential, Secretary, Budget
12M 1P 9T 140.8
homes, apartments, sale, furniture, and just
Teachers, English, parents, teachers, students, school boards, superintendents, sigyoyukcheong
01M 2P 1T 115 0
s uden s schoo s educa on eache
Be ng Dandong Ass s an Sec e a y K m Jung eun
Japan, the writer, Bae, Hangul, animation, Busan, autumn this year
Internet, computers, copyright, copyright law, Yonhap News, the customer, online gaming, the staff
Client, Wi-Bro, Consumer News, Google, a, SK Telecom, Apple
09M 0P 48T 147.1
homes, apartments, supply, sale, land
11M 2P 26T 133.0
University, Professor, Student, Seoul National University, registered
English, Ulsan, this year, alumni, Police, Kyung Hee University, Teacher, Master
m nnochong Kumho T es sa a ed Ko ea T ade Un ons Cuba and Pusan a abo un on Pa s Nas
a y wages Daewoo Mo o Sa es Japanese Je u A
This year, our employees, customers, lawyers, government officials, representatives, exaggerated, and the winner
President, Secretary, Presidential, President, Deputy Prime Minister, a spokesman, Chief
Incheon, government, children, Korea, New City, Gyeonggi Paju, Guangzhou
12M 0P 36T 112.6
movies, thinking, supervision, look, I love
singer, her chest, again, face, grandfather, friend, grandma
12M 1P 2T 143.0
man, his mind, child, father,
12M 2P 26T 112.6
Tiger, works, exhibitions, artist, art
poets, writers, Universal Ballet, the monk, Jeju, facial, Germany, hwanghyemin
07M 1P 48T 173.7
regulations, revising, drafting, review, and enforcement
07M 2P 43T 186.3
services, games, use, delivery, communications,
Southern, New Town, workers per district, Seocho, Yonhap News, Model House
Professor, Seoul National University, student, Forest Service, Korea, pilot, president, scholars
12M 1P 24T 193.7
Education, schools, students, college, high school,
Kumho T e aud ons c zens v c ms G ea e Un on one day Macao Cu u a A a s
12M 0P 38T 139.6
author, a human, though, the world food
tiger, actors, and wine, representing faculty, ga, Jo Jo, the novelist
07M 2P 40T 292.3
research, information, data, disclosure, management
08M 1P 39T 136.7
Housing, construction, apartments, construction, distribution
12M 0P 28T 193.4
Education, schools, students, universities and teacher
03M 0P 38T 132 6
Un on Un on Cha pe son Labo and Labo
Dae eon Daegu Gangwon Chuncheon PM Chungnam Ko ea Pusan
an S e nbe g Pyongyang Cha man M Sec e a y Gene a
03M 0P 2T 162 9
No h Ko ea a ks v s s esume ag eemen
03M 1P 8T 254 4
v s s a ks m n s e s mee ng co
he p ob em
Gwang u Je u Sou h Jeo a P ov nce Je u s and Sou h Chonbuk Chungnam Sou h Coas
11M 1P 12T 198.1
Test, SAT, examinees, scores, area
Writers, poets, professors, AP, Dong-A Ilbo, Japan, Korea, South Korea
Korea, fathers, sons, family, mother, friend, parent, mother
Yonhap News, a son, Customs Service, Prime Minister, young, small intestine, Cho, a couple
08M 2P 43T 192.3
homes, apartments, supply, sale, offer
Jiri, a poet, a camera, a teacher, Shilla, Japanese, architects, coffee
11M 1P 44T 162.2
culture, exhibitions, artwork, history, photography
Last month, coffee, and last year, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Yonhap News, Yongsan Park Tower, winner
07M 0P 2T 83.10
members, services, mobile phones, information and communications
greenbelt, Seoul, Seocho-gu, Gyeonggi Province, stream, hansuwon, office, Busan
09M 1P 41T 137.8
concert, culture, exhibitions, artwork, music
10M 0P 28T 333.6
events, culture, celebration, exhibition, experience
07M 1P 30T 198.2
Survey, in fact, release, disclose, record
professors, officers, directors, nominees, employees, union news, executive, president,
07M 2P 35T 178.8
Human Resources, national origin, organization, prosecutors, members
08M 0P 0T 120.9
housing, prices, apartments, furniture, and Sale
Last year, candidates, Seoul National University, a freshman last year, city Department of Education, Yonsei University, elementary students
02M 2P 7T 115 8
un ons s kes abo compan es wo ke s
02M 2P 9T 128 0
Na onw de Guangzhou wea he Je u G on
M n s y o Un fica on K m Jong
11M 2P 7T 215.5
schools, education, students, teachers and schools
wage peak sys em emp oyees wo ke s Ssangyong Cha man Wo ke s Busan K ng
02M 1P 43T 127.3
Province, heavy snow, country, weather, Gangwon Province
Students, teachers, principals, and next year, parents, Daegu, Wonju Campus, the principal
candidate, last year, last year, SAT, Korea, the flu, Yonsei University, mega-studies
11M 2P 34T 228.5
assessment, management, target, sector this year
Teachers, mathematics, English, children, school boards, a, Yonhap News, Dongguk University
02M 1P 17T 144.7
union, wages, construction, payment, adjustment
No h P es den s x cha ac e s n e v ews Pyongyang Ko ea he Un ed Na ons he Un ed S a es
01M 2P 44T 139.2
North Korea talks, North and South, the President, the problem
Sec e a y Sou h and No h Ko ea Sou h Ko ea P es den Boswo h gove nmen and Be ng
02M 2P 34T 177 8
a ks No h Ko ea esume v s
02M 0P 9T 64.04
Busan, Daegu, Incheon, Seoul, Ulsan
1, writers, authors, novels, poet, Buddhist, professors, founders
11M 2P 1T 111.2
story, my dad, like, look, I love you
Professor, Ph.D., English, Student, Korea University, Yonsei University, Samsung Electronics, Professional
11M 1P 5T 220.7
Education, schools, students, universities, and the principal
Kumho Tire, Yonhap News, Secretary, Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Executives, Kumho Petrochemical, FKI, Kumho Industrial
Gangwon, Washington, this year, winter, East, Central, games, Yongdong
Student, Seoul National University, professors, teachers, faculty, candidates, president, candidates
11M 0P 34T 173.4
Professor, University, science, research, and process
professors, principals, Seoul National University, President, students, university students, English, cod
12M 2P 15T 165.7
unions, labor, wage agreements, labor and management
Busan, buses, Ulsan, morning, winter, motorcycles, Daegu, trains
01M 1P 17T 106 1
Sec e a y No h Ko ea Sou h P es den K a Mo o s
Teachers, students, parents, school boards, principals, Gyeonggi Province, the principal water source
11M 0P 12T 220.0
schools, education, student, teacher, grade
Labor, labor, taimohpeuje, civil service unions, tripartite, Chu Mi Ae, Ulsan, workers
01M 1P 7T 81.27
Busan, the ship, region, Daegu, Korea Meteorological Administration
11M 1P 25T 182.4
thoughts, people, heart, time, and now
10M 2P 43T 245.1
Education, universities, schools, students, and Seoul
12M 1P 26T 142.9
unions, labor unions, strikes, the chairman
Busan, the ship, Daegu, Gyeongbuk, Gwangju, Incheon, Jeju, Korea
12M 0P 10T 187.3
North Korea talks, negotiations, Iran, the agreement
10M 2P 2T 303.4
schools, students, and holidays, education, and school
Chair, Superintendent, union, teacher, teacher, Yonhap News, workers, Ulsan
10M 2P 25T 204.8
people, ideas, writers, story, the author
wife, child, day, face, fellow, once, a husband, wife,
10M 1P 1T 185.9
tests, education, gender, international, abolishing
Seoul National University, Professor, candidates, volunteers, Mathematics, Guangzhou, School of Pharmacy, Chonnam National University
Teachers, parents, superintendents, Korea, English Teacher, Suwon, this year's
United Kingdom, Africa, Professor, European, Jewish, French, Korean, author
South Korea, his father, fiction, author, and son, the French, contemporary, artist
Judge, in English, the principal, one high school, boys, Gyeongsangbuk-year, Southern
10M 1P 39T 202.9
Education, schools, students, universities and teacher
swine flu, school, day, flu, Jeonju, Candidates, News, School Board
Hangul, professors, Hangul, Korean, Modern, New York, three kinds, Italy
10M 0P 13T 226.5
works, writer, Hangul, pictures, history
11M 0P 32T 164.6
man, South Korea, though, kids, time
school year, teachers, Japanese, teachers, union, school district, last year
12M 0P 49T 196.9
Union, a full-time, multiple agreements, co-op
01M 0P 32T 65.18
the morning, the Meteorological Agency, area, temperature, PM
10M 2P 40T 164.8
kids, people, ideas, life, marriage
10M 0P 5T 361.6
schools, education, student, college, education
Employers Federation, Korea Trade Unions, tripartite, taimohpeuje, KCTU, Hyundai, Hyundai Kia Automotive Group, its predecessor
morning, the weather, winter, weekend, morning, Yonhap News, one day, Seoul, Korea
11M 2P 14T 235.5
talks, negotiations, summit, delegates, visiting
B onde Coup es ava a Ho ywood S nge Un on News Aud on Ko
03M 0P 0T 114 2
fi m d ec o d ama s a ng p oduced
san Hosp a G aucoma
representatives, Automobile, Director, Washington, Bosworth, executive next year, the European Union
09M 2P 24T 221.6
schools, education, students, teachers, teaching
09M 1P 19T 278.8
business, support, budget, roughly, Ssangyong,
09M 0P 44T 184.3
teaching, research, college, general, social
09M 0P 34T 219.3
events, festivals, held, Culture, Competition
09M 1P 5T 215.2
events, festivals, clear, hold, guidelines
Incheon, Seoul, Incheon, Land Transport and Maritime Affairs, New Songdo City, Copper, President, Suwon
Ssangyong, potatoes, shareholders, Shanghai, traders, SMBA, Korea Development Bank, Shanghai Second
Professor, President, Yonsei University, Chonnam National University, humanities, Hongik University, student, candidate
Jeju, Gyeongnam, flu, this year, Incheon, wood board for building, Gimhae, next year
Beijing, swine flu, Ulsan, flu, parade, retaliatory tariffs, whales, Ulsan
07M 1P 7T 147.2
candidate, personnel, president, presidential, verification
07M 2P 31T 174.0
Housing, construction, apartment construction, 04
08M 2P 44T 230.2
events, culture, exhibition, held in participating
08M 1P 13T 92.15
subjects, authors, writers, publishing, photography
09M 0P 45T 155.5
works, people, artists, exhibitions, and his
child, breasts, parents, family, housewife, mother, wife, friend
07M 2P 24T 338.7
support, business, budget, organization, operation
Yonhap News, Citizen, Korea, Korean, writers, Chungju, Chicago, represented
Yonhap News, Hangul, a teacher, English, Korean, Lion, France, the writer
10M 1P 11T 140.7
thoughts, women, appearance, marriage and children
Korean, English, Yonsei University, Seoul National University, Professor, Yonhap News, a freshman last year,
11M 2P 5T 159.2
Union, Brazil, labor, wages, multiple
12M 2P 5T 132.3
temperature, freezing, Guangzhou, clouds, weather
Mt, North, South, Chairman, Kaesong Industrial Complex, Ministry of Unification, Jong, a spokesman,
09M 1P 42T 187.0
Education, schools, students, universities, and operating
08M 2P 34T 198.2
Research, Professor, Ph.D., technology, science
07M 1P 14T 128.9
homes, apartments, price, sale, rental
Government, News, next year, support, California, California, buyers, auditors
Doctor, Professor, Seoul National University, Nigeria, oil, researchers, and mathematics, Goguryeo
08M 1P 2T 148.1
events, concerts, festivals, work and culture
The author, a monk, a Buddhist, a poet, fiction, Yoon, 1, Heung
1, writers, novels, Yonhap News, New York, the couple, England, Mrs.
Parents, children, elementary school students, principals, superintendents, Chonnam, support, and Guangzhou
Students, teachers, principals, parents, math, Korean, English, and Education
09M 1P 22T 143.6
men, marriage, kids, family, and her husband
10M 0P 0T 287.8
people, myself, think, marry, live!
Student, Korea, Professor, President, School Board, friends, Pyongyang, and expectations, and children
09M 2P 19T 186.1
college, insurance, employment, professional, faculty
Mother, writer, wife, Fiction, News, mom, family, father,
Incheon, Songdo, Incheon, green, Yeosu, biking, Arirang, Tae Kwon Do
07M 1P 31T 225.6
support, organization, business, budgeting and management
Professor Beer, Gates, black, white, president, stem cells, Harvard University
07M 2P 22T 211.6
Research, Professor, Ph.D., beer, oil
musicals, CEO, actor, Guangzhou, a violin, animation, artist
07M 2P 23T 157.2
works, artists, photography, exhibitions, and people
Family, fathers, mothers, sons, husbands, wives, parents, couples
09M 0P 13T 197.9
schools, education, student evaluation, teacher
Brazil, Honduras, Palestine, Israel, Lula, Zelaya, Sao Paulo, Latin America
Kangnung, Guangzhou, Central, games, afternoon, islands, Chungnam, Wonju
11M 1P 4T 265.9
North Korea, conversations, meetings, negotiations, Taiwan
Students, teachers, teachers, Mathematics, Guangzhou, this year, junior high school, students
boss, PD Notebook, announcer, the actress, news director, BSE, interviews, executives
08M 1P 5T 139.8
broadcasting, advertising, programs, newspapers, and produced
09M 0P 18T 137.9
women, men, marriage, kids, she went
Yonhap News, Korea War, in Jeju, Cheongju, Mongolia, Pohang, Changxing Island, the mayor of Seoul
08M 0P 8T 135.0
events, experiences, cultures, cities, performing
Jang, interviews, and her husband, actor, children, lee, lovers, today's
Interview, day, time, Mrs., Ms., waist, employees, and English
09M 1P 39T 187.9
exams, college, assessment, recruitment and support
08M 0P 3T 139.2
broadcasting, advertising, newspaper, news, program
08M 1P 16T 166.0
people, ideas, family, father, time
07M 1P 22T 143.5
research, teaching, technology, Ph.D., Development
07M 2P 21T 234.8
events, culture, experience, celebrate, participate
24, chairman, committee, The New York Times, the Internet, executives, Yonhap News, bangmunjin
Father, my heart, a day, colleagues, sons, dinner, friends, and his mother
09M 2P 11T 203.8
person, mind, time, appearance, life
Year last year, last year, Seoul National University, Hanyang University, candidates, and support, KU
07M 2P 20T 249.4
broadcasts, newspapers and channels, media, and the ground
08M 0P 42T 132.5
men, women, myself, thinking, mind,
Democratic Party, party, representative, Sejong City, Hunan, Yonhap News, Chungbuk, Majority Leader
07M 1P 2T 180.1
events, participate, experience, activities and culture
Broadcasting Act, bangtongwi, GNP, bangmunjin, the anchor, the National Assembly, the German cultural broadcasting
One year, the afternoon, couples, interviews, and his brother, face, head,
08M 2P 42T 209.3
schools, education, college students, a typical
Yonhap News, staff, events, research fellow, FKI, PPS, entrepreneurs, Small Business Administration
Britain, the United News, interviews, and the chest, morning, Monk, London Bridge
Doctor, broadcasting, civil, Yeouido, the Constitutional Court, Kim Hyung, Lee, AP
Last year, teachers, Yonhap News, Yonsei University, president, professor, Gijang, the union
11M 1P 43T 205.1
union, wages, work, work, pay
12M 1P 34T 149.4
Jeju, freezing, country, clouds, weather
02M 1P 8T 86 81
mov es hea e mus c s age p ay ng
Professor News, Stress, Konkuk University, Director, eyelids, fingers, and valve
04M 0P 32T 63 06
hea h ca e he apy exe c se peop e su ge y
socce Wo d Cup Suwon as yea Pohang Japan
ma ch he Gwang u happen ng h s yea a ca che Doosan angchunggo esec on Go den L on Na ona H gh Schoo Baseba Tou namen
03M 2P 11T 145 0
ma ch baseba p che h s d ec o
02M 1P 16T 133.7
research, surgery, treatment, hospital, laboratory
swine flu, Professor, Seoul National University, a stem cell, a nurse, diabetes, tuberculosis, and a day
P o esso dep ess on mo n ng oxygen and he shou de one day go e s m k
02M 0P 0T 44 09
p aye coach baseba p che he Samsung
and Ace gangyungu s uck ou Lee Dae ho Hanwha Ko ea
03M 1P 43T 138 3
ma ch p o h baseba coach
Jackson, Tutankhamun, nurses, back, chest, legs, experts, Yonhap News
Drama, The Best of Queen, Queen, Ko, Director, Japan, Han Hye-jin, a documentary
12M 2P 39T 112.0
movies, drama, acting, producing, starring
12M 2P 46T 122.8
hospital, medical, patient, treatment, and health
12M 2P 14T 132.7
performances, music, song, stage, the group
Drama, Director, avatars, 3D, artists, friends, trot, kimchi stew
Shou de su ge y nu s ng cance sp ne bone ma ow caesa ean sec on and b eas cance
02M 2P 4T 132 7
ma ch coach season p aye s w n
he company
12M 1P 0T 160.0
health care, hospitals, the introduction, patients and service
singers, musicals, Yoo, Japan, to Kang, Baek Ji Young, Wonder Girls, Excellence
03M 2P 29T 143 0
hosp a s pa en s ea men ca e and hea h
Yonhap News he game he Eas Cho As os Hyunda Cap a New Yo k Bos on
D ec o baseba
01M 1P 10T 78.12
research, treatment, Professor, Ph.D., uses
12M 1P 47T 112.1
movies, artwork, drama, photography, the exhibition
ministers, parents, and face, Coach, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, skin, botox, exaggerated
Environment, artificial respiration, Food and Drug Administration, faculty, chronic disease, my grandmother, Ph.D., AP
author, drama, director, Iris, jeonwoochi, avatar, this year, thespian
03M 1P 45T 163 1
hosp a s med ca ca e esea ch pa en s and hea h
Kuk Life, Shinhan Bank, SJ Lee, ET Land, Korean Air, Samsung, ducks, and our banks
02M 1P 23T 113 2
season games w nn ng he eague he p aye
12M 0P 14T 106.9
broadcasts, appearances, programs, songs, watching
P o esso Ph D s ess sk n d abe es ac a
01M 2P 39T 60.95
player, coach, games, Samsung, Heungkuk
and h s yea Yonhap News a p che Woods Aus a a
the couple, drama, Wonder Girls, England, singer, artist, Digit Grove, East Broadcasting
11M 0P 43T 192.6
North Korea talks, conversations, North America, contact
Workers, Labor, Australian, Government, News, children, and this year, full-time
07M 1P 0T 161.9
broadcasting, business, business, newspapers, and the company
07M 2P 19T 181.2
people, children, their families and women
08M 2P 21T 167.5
people, thinking, mind, story, son,
employees, Chairman, union, executive, labor, civil servants, ministers, last month
Cheju, Chuncheon, South Jeolla Province, Jeju, Gwangju, Gangwon Province, Daegu, Korea
08M 1P 19T 148.8
price, income, food, sales, product
08M 1P 43T 168.0
schools, education, students, teachers, and activities
11M 0P 8T 137.5
unions, strikes, unions, regular, working
12M 0P 30T 121.9
food, temperature, production, country, Yonhap News
08M 0P 5T 64.80
Food, food, production, sales, use,
sugar, beer, wine, and last year, last year, CJ CJ, coal, and National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
artist, author, novel, Grandma, Japan, poet, cat, and the Internet
workers, trains workers, railroad unions, police, Kyungpook National University Hospital, Korail, War
Winter, farmers, game, skin, AM, garlic, consumers, and salt
07M 2P 16T 130.1
Price, food, food, products, and consumers
Skin, watermelon and alcohol, Yonhap News, Summer, Forestry and Fisheries, corn, Suzhou
Students, parents, Busan, English, college students, children, mathematics, the principal
10M 2P 38T 215.0
unions, associations, unions, labor, major
Guangzhou, today, Chonnam, winter, Chungbuk and Kangwon, flu, pole
Yonhap News, skin, wine, coffee, consumers, milk, sir, and sugar
08M 0P 23T 147.4
Democratic Party, votes, party, Senator, the struggle
General, professors, students, Incheon, Incheon, English, Student, Seoul National University
integrated public employees' unions, union, government officials, representatives, Secretary General, Ministry of Labour, Ssangyong Motor, AC
Islam, Iran, Turkey, China, Taiwan, professionals, employees, Algeria
07M 1P 35T 118.2
women, children, people, ideas, friends
07M 2P 29T 265.3
vote, lawmakers, Democrats and the media, the struggle
Democratic Party spokesman, Hunan, Secretary General, civil, Majority Leader, Guangzhou, Chairman
08M 0P 31T 132.9
Education, schools, students, universities, and service
10M 1P 26T 144.2
union, unions, labor strikes, the Korea Trade Unions
11M 1P 18T 140.1
temperatures, clouds, plenty of clouds, a little bit, the lowest
11M 2P 13T 131.0
plenty of clouds, clouds, a little bit, weather and temperature
07M 2P 41T 272.5
Survey, women, employment and response, where
representatives, Yonhap News, Sejong City, designs, three kinds, Cheongwon, Park Geun-hye, Kim Hyung
Students, teachers, and English, Daegu, children, teachers, Gyeonggi Province, a member
07M 1P 18T 106.3
Food, production, product, import and distribution
07M 1P 49T 129.9
events, demonstrations, ethnic, Hong Kong, the bloody
07M 2P 28T 298.5
Party, processing, and representatives, parliamentarians, assumed
10M 0P 19T 493.3
business, research, employment, and where unemployment
Korea Trade Unions, workers, workers, and Hyundai Heavy Industries, Trade Unions, the Grand National Party, a tugboat, Hyundai Motor union
Chuncheon, Jeju Island, Korea, Jeju, Korea, Kangnung, weekends, Chuncheon, Gangneung
Obama, North America, South Korea, North Korea, Foreign Affairs, Asia, the Grand, bilateral talks
11M 2P 4T 115.2
movies, theater, music, stage, drama
03M 0P 23T 136 3
hea h ca e hosp a s cen e s pa en s and hea h
01M 1P 22T 56.44
coach, players, games, baseball games,
Year, Christmas, animation, musicals, Asia, Director, iris, coriander
Gwangju, South Jeolla Province, Jeju, Ulsan, Gyeongnam, Changwon, Changwon, PM
11M 0P 2T 119.1
Gwangju, temperatures, plenty of clouds, fat, and low
10M 2P 5T 277.3
North Korea talks, contacts, conversations, and attending
This year, next year, Taegu, trainers, members, gyeongbukdo, Gyeongbuk, Korea
09M 0P 12T 188.7
employment, regular, disability, income, and workers
chairperson, committee, union, teachers, union news, the Committee, Korea Trade Unions and employees
10M 0P 12T 292.4
union, unions, associations, Chairman, declared
this morning, Cheongju, PM, Kangwon, East, Gwangju, Jeju, Chungbuk
New York, Kim, Director, Secretary, San Diego, corn, North America, courier
11M 1P 15T 140.7
films, performances, appearances, stage, drama
09M 0P 0T 153.4
unions, strikes, unions, bargaining, labor-management
chairman, officer, minnochong, union, union officials, teachers, and Korea Trade Unions, Minister
10M 2P 12T 213.4
Nationwide, Gyeongnam, Gwangju, Ulsan, Daegu, Korea
North, chairman, Iran, North, Kim Jong Il, Pyongyang, Jong, the government
Drama, nakrang princess, hodongwangja, Seondeok, singers, the National Ballet, Ko, Artists
09M 1P 11T 231.2
business, trade unions, wages, corporate, business
Today, the flu, Ssangyong, Kumho Tires, train, Guangzhou, KCTU, minnochong
employees, Yonhap News, Ssangyong, Kumho Tires, auditors, board members, the West, full-time
09M 2P 10T 203.8
join, government officials, labor unions, voting, meeting
game, Chonbuk, Daejeon, Gyeongnam, Chungnam, Ulsan, last year, Kyungpook
South and North Korea, Imjin River, the Red Cross, missiles, and Unification, apples, Indian
Demen a Seou Dae eon sw ne flu he e de y Sunchon
Director, baseball pitcher, Doosan, Managing Director, co-workers, Hanwha, GS Caltex
02M 0P 26T 74 02
coach p aye Japan Wo d Cup Ahn Jung Hwan
Pa k Tae hwan go
Park, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Park, Yong, yangdonggeun, Moon Tae, Yonsei University, Kim Joo-Sung
01M 0P 13T 41.88
player, coach, games, Samsung, Eastern
D ec o Japan Ok nawa Ahn M yazak Sou h Ko ea K m Tae Kyun Mokpo
Kumho ndus a Ko ea Exchange Bank Sav ngs Bank as yea Yonhap News Na ona Bank cus ome s a bank
12M 1P 16T 130.5
studies, swine flu, test, infection, the virus
Player, Samsung, 25, gimdonghun, basketball, Kim Joo-Sung, Director, Triple
01M 1P 5T 78.32
player, coach, World Cup, South Africa, Rustenburg Ruth
he a ges sha eho de
Pig Earth, Ph.D., an expert, the UK, scientists, pneumonia, Professor
12M 2P 8T 143.3
match, season, game, attack, win
02M 1P 15T 145 5
D ec o Japan p aye s ou namen s oo ba
03M 2P 27T 198 7
nves men s co po a ons pub c y aded aud
Eastern, Korean Air, Hyundai, Samsung, basketball, Shinhan Bank, Managing Director, Samsung Life
swine flu, AIDS, flu, headache, Yonhap News, influenza, parents, and the cervical spine
12M 0P 4T 141.9
immunization, hospital patients, the flu vaccine,
12M 1P 22T 140.9
Director, season match, the players, the game
World Cup, Ruth Rustenburg, South Africa, players, Johannesburg, 16 Rivers, 2006, football
11M 2P 21T 151.6
hospitals, research, health care, medical care,
Director, hamjihun, SEO, Korean Air, players, Heungkuk, Dixon, GS Caltex
Park, Soccer, Spain, Algeria, midfielder, Seoul, Korea, Paraguay, Slovenia
03M 0P 30T 218 3
compan es nves men unds s ocks compan es
nes managemen compan es po a oes and c ed o s
12M 0P 37T 138.9
season, game, game, attack, directed
12M 1P 12T 181.6
Korea, the game, coach, player, represented
player, South Korea, last year, Woods, 24, and Australia, major, Clijsters
11M 2P 46T 167.5
flu, vaccination, vaccines, infection, and patients
Professor, headache, Ph.D., Alcohol and breast cancer, diabetes, stem cells, the cervical spine
Singer, nakrang princess, the National Ballet, hodongwangja, musical, director, Ko, actor
President, Managing Director, wages, workers, Samsung, Samsung Group, president, FKI
President Zelaya, candidates, employees, Honduras, Brazil Embassy, Hyundai, Chairman
09M 2P 3T 174.8
union, president, vote, work, and metal
10M 1P 28T 154.3
Gwangju, Japan and Busan, clouds, Chonnam
10M 1P 10T 197.3
North Korea talks, North and South, dialogue and contacts
Professor, stress, day, heart, teeth, doctor, skin, shoulder
Professor, Robotics, Ph.D., Director, United Kingdom, back, skin, legs
09M 2P 31T 210.9
North, South, national unity, support
10M 0P 38T 354.9
North Korea talks, dialogue and negotiations, to resume
11M 0P 24T 177.0
flu, patients, hospitals, health care and treatment
swine flu, students, AIDS, gilrang - Barre syndrome, parents, sinjongin, Norway, and chastity
constitution, Jong, Kim Jong Il, communism, Kim Il Sung, socialism, the National Defence Commission, South Africa
09M 2P 15T 286.8
talks, North Korea dialogue, the President, Foreign
swine flu, employees, Ukraine, nurses, Busan, pharmacists, afternoon, and Kaesong Industrial Complex
11M 1P 45T 164.0
flu, patients, hospitals, medical and health
swine flu, AIDS, influenza, gilrang - Barre syndrome, sinjongin, Norway, the World Health Organization, Chastity
game, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, South Korea, Samsung Fire & Marine, Gavin, Hyundai Capital, Samsung, yanghyojin
Norway, South Korea, the game, Pohang, Hungary, players, Park, Olympic Games
player, Heroes, baseball, Doosan, Director, pitcher, Samsung, Hanwha,
11M 0P 5T 199.6
vaccine, swine flu, measures, vaccines, step
10M 0P 33T 239.3
Games, Daegu, Busan, Japan, Inchon
Japan, the President, Prime Minister Hatoyama, grand bargain, China, Steinberg, New York
director, drama, actors, entertainers, heroes, Wonder Girls, interview, year
Representative, Professor, New Year's, teacher, piano, Arirang, Opera House, the President
child, student, Green Cross, Doctor, Nurse, News, parents, and World Vision
Eagles, Samsung, Woo, Ha, ice hockey, Novelty, hamjihun, pro basketball,
Singer, SS501, jazz, Jackson, Vietnam, Joseph Haydn, composer, Mariah Carey
Daegu, Gyeongbuk, today, Incheon, Gangwon, Daegu, AM, Pohang
07M 2P 18T 204.9
college, education, admissions, assessment, school
08M 1P 40T 160.1
labor, employment, unemployment, employment, the cost
employees, workers, laborers, Yonhap News, last year, the Labor Department last year, auditors
08M 2P 36T 191.2
unions, employees, employment, corporate, and regular
Yonhap News, workers, and last year, stress, New Zealand, employees, Korean elderly
Yonhap News, this year, applicants, University of Incheon, a professor at Seoul National University, an appraiser, a freshman,
worker, last year, the staff last year, last year, the National Statistical Office, President, Corporate Banks
08M 1P 10T 150.4
unions, strikes, Ssangyong Motor, a company, required
Busan, Yonhap News, Jeju Island, jellyfish, Athens, Greece, Northern, Ulsan
Thanksgiving, wine, holidays, year, day, flu, holidays, the game
08M 0P 13T 137.7
insurance, employment, unemployment, support, and regular
Pyeongtaek, a tugboat, Kia Motors, Busan, Busan, bargaining committee, the captain, the Labor Department
08M 2P 30T 188.8
Japan, clouds, awesome, a little bit, Gion
09M 2P 48T 184.2
holiday, gift, sets, local, national holiday
09M 1P 12T 222.7
North Korea talks, dialogue, bilateral, resolved
12M 0P 32T 121.0
concert, stage, music, culture, and water
Student, Department of Defense, Professional, Gyeongnam, Chief, Influenza, Changwon, the surgeon
08M 2P 14T 229.3
North Korea, reunions, government agreements, inter
President, Cabinet members, Japan, tin, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Clinton, Secretary, North America
11M 0P 28T 119.4
movies, concerts, stage plays, the work
11M 1P 33T 199.1
vaccine, vaccines, prevention, flu, students
11M 2P 9T 159.5
Season, Match, Quarter, player, attack
01M 2P 47T 76.50
players, World Cup, coach, football, Park
P es den POSCO managemen compan es Daewoo Secu
Gove no Bank o Ko ea sav ngs banks cus ome s FSB nom nee Han cash se v ces
04M 0P 29T 84 74
bank ng end ng bank ng and c ed
Directors, Football, World Cup, Pohang, Players, Spain, Huh Jung-Moo, Argentina
Shin Ji, golf, Ochoa, this year, players, Softbank, seohuigyeong, Mexico
12M 0P 6T 149.7
Director, South Korea, league, match, soccer
Las yea Sou h Ko ea pens on unds vendo s vo ng gh s kae peoseu Kuwa and Japan
03M 0P 26T 140 1
games bank ng end ng ca ds and paymen s
n Janua y o h s yea
03M 1P 3T 261 0
c s s ecove y finances po c es and a se
me pa en
01M 0P 3T 51.24
basketball, coach, player, Japan, Coach
03M 1P 47T 199 9
bank ng nves men finance oans unds
he Na ona S a s ca O fice as mon h he yuan as yea
Japan, director of last year, Park Tae-hwan, Kim Tae-Kyun, yibyeonggyu, Lee, South Korea
face, chest, shoulders, cholesterol, stress, legs, depression, noodles
11M 0P 14T 133.5
men, marriage and acting, appeared, I
musicals, and Japan, the main character, director, News, baejongok, mihui, Mingyu
swine flu, swine flu, Green Cross, civil, chronic illness, clinics, a day or two months
abductees, sailors, POWs, Yonhap News, the family, the Red Cross meetings, Panmunjom
North Korean uranium, the United Nations, plutonium, Kaesong Industrial Complex, the Security Council, the government and Pakistan
10M 2P 24T 167.4
movies, theater, music, production, singing
10M 2P 49T 241.0
flu, vaccination, vaccine, hospital, patient
ET, ET Land, gimyeongyeong, Samsung Life Insurance, Shinhan Bank, robeolseun, yudohun, Brazil
South Korea, Chonbuk, World Cup, Spain, Argentina, champion, games, Greece
golf, South Korea, the Olympics, this year's World Cup, yigyuhyeok, seohuigyeong, Yonhap News
12M 1P 1T 174.6
Competitions, players, championships, medals, South Korea
Baseball, director, World Series, pitcher, lee, players, the Yankees, the pitcher
11M 1P 17T 162.1
Season, Set, Match, Director, strike
11M 2P 25T 156.9
director, games, Seongnam, leagues, players
02M 2P 40T 171 6
nves men s unds s ocks evenue ope a ng
03M 2P 32T 191 6
finance bank ng oans n e es a es gua an ees
he p ev ous yea
Daewoo Engineering & Construction, Yonhap News, Hynix, and last year, Korea Exchange Bank last year, President, shareholder
02M 1P 39T 160.9
investments, acquisitions, revenues, funds, securities
Ph ade ph a Wo d Se es he New Yo k Yankees Yonhap News
Yonhap News Kumho ndus a end o as yea Ko ea Exchange Bank As ana A
ou ook
abo Econom c Coope a on and Deve opmen
KOSDAQ, permanent residency, membership, Korea Exchange, the first half of last year, experts, and customers
12M 2P 41T 255.8
companies, investment funds, stocks and assets
Asiana Airlines, General Manager, Index, 20%, Vi 5 weeks, officers, last year, Malmo
01M 0P 28T 60.40
investments, funds, bonds, coordination, and Kumho Industrial
Pa k he Yankees manage Ma o League Baseba
Eu ope G eece Japan Spa n he Eu opean Un on Po uga B a n
12M 1P 48T 129.9
baseball, players, season, shows, agreement
Kumho Industrial, Kumho Tire, Kumho Group, Korea Kumho Petrochemical, Kumho Asiana Group, takeover, Asiana Airlines, Daewoo Engineering and Construction
02M 2P 15T 123 3
banks oans ca ds money and he con ac
as yea
he Wes
01M 2P 25T 108.9
investments, Ozawa, secretary-general, fund, vendor
02M 2P 49T 214 4
econom c ma ke ou ook mp ess ve and financ a
03M 2P 42T 241 8
emp oymen hou s on ave age nc eased co po a e
a v a expe s Ch na Samsung L e nsu ance esea che s and one day Hyn x and he Nasdaq
ung se se v ce s a on DDR3 D Ram GS Ca ex SK Ene gy au omo ve beve age Ge many coa Ta wan Ko ea Hyunda Heavy ndus es Eu ope
he gove nmen Eu ope Spa n as mon h
03M 0P 1T 201 3
F nance G eece he budge add ng Ge many
02M 2P 45T 174 4
ad ng s ng H s o y Quo es
global, customers, and in 2010, our employees, an employee, minister, a year
Baseball, Heroes, this year, a pitcher, Doosan, Golden Globe, Sang Hyun, Samsung
10M 2P 6T 223.8
Research, Professor, Ph.D., study results
Husband, wife, Jang Dong-gun, interview, his wife, Ko, his wife and friends
10M 1P 12T 106.2
music, theater, singing, singers, playing
singers, opera, composers, heroes, Wonder Girls, interview, musical, Artists
10M 1P 30T 161.7
flu death, vaccine, vaccination, the patient
11M 0P 41T 153.3
women, disabled people, research, and health
Japan, Kim Tae-Kyun, Hanwha, athletes, baseball, yibeomho, Lotte, Coach
11M 1P 32T 162.3
players, contracts, and Japan, coach, season,
provocation, Director, Chonnam, Pohang, Incheon, and judge, Molina, this year's
South Korea, the players, the Olympics, games, triple, Japan, Kim, jump
12M 0P 17T 162.1
players, contests, training, and Japan, baseball
12M 1P 29T 202.6
investments, funds, companies, stocks, the argument
Ozawa, secretary-general, vendor, Hynix, Samsung Life, Korea Development Bank, analysts, Kumho Industrial
11M 2P 48T 156.0
players, the season, Shin Ji, training, contract
player, in Japan, baseball, South Korea, director, year, game, Chan Ho Park
Ssangyong, this year, President, Automotive, Yonhap News, Customer, Shaolin, SC First Bank
Greece, Germany, France, Europe, Switzerland and the European Union, Britain, Brussels
he ma ke
02M 1P 0T 226 4
c s s ecove y nc ease financ a g ow h
02M 2P 39T 201 9
Las yea an nc ease G eece finances educ ng
Kosp consume ma ne sh pbu d ng and he KOSDAQ he bes p ann ng h ee and Shangha
04M 0P 17T 119 5
nc eases p ce ecove y con as and H s o y
Th s yea spec a s s U S Sou h Ko ea P es den S con Va ey CEO S ngapo e
Cha man so a o
Chungbuk Expo ma ke e s Yeosu Sunchon gun nex yea Chonnam
02M 1P 20T 169 0
ene gy e ec c y use deve opmen and he env onmen
03M 1P 38T 268 1
O gan za on eva ua on mp ovemen managemen and aud
deve opmen
04M 0P 30T 83 01
es cen e s es den s a ac ng
Gove no
s ng
Yonhap News ndex New Yo k Eu ope Hong Kong o Kosp G eece Duba
ca bon Yonhap News so a hyb d An a c ca Space and e hano
au o pe o
es 145 338 0 3% bu p ofi 465
02M 0P 39T 77 89
ses he KOSDAQ o e gn exchange a e he esea che s
and as yea
g een ca bon ca bon d ox de LG Ph D Fede a on o Ko ean ndus es a yea
03M 2P 23T 318 1
bus ness deve opmen ndus y echno ogy he fie d
do a
03M 2P 4T 179 7
es oads cons uc on ns a a on compos on
c es ac
01M 2P 13T 88 71
ade exchange Seou
Greece, Spain, Prime Minister, Abu Dhabi, next year, papandeurewoo, Bloomberg, index
P o ess ona G eece n Janua y he Cen a Bank 24 Go dman Sachs ndex as Decembe
01M 2P 10T 171 3
econom c p o ess ona financ a yea
FTC, Ssangyong, Samsung Electronics, the largest shareholder, Kepco, creditors, management rights, last year
12M 0P 39T 179.3
business, equity, acquisitions, divestitures, corporate
02M 1P 3T 237.8
Greece, finance, support, meetings, Germany
This year, the government, interest rates, oil, 50%, Bloomberg, Bank of Korea, the first half,
Dollar, Daewoo Securities, Seoul, Korea, China, Australia, last week, 10 years
Las mon h wo pe cen
02M 0P 38T 145 3
echno ogy g een manu ac u ng ene gy
pub c o fic a s aud o s emp oyees p o ess ona s abo sa a ed Pa amen Aud O fice
G een so a ca bon ene gy au omo ve ca bon d ox de LG E ec on cs D
do a
game next year, experts, researchers, and Greece, the central bank, the first half of next year, the Industrial Bank
01M 1P 38T 148.0
This year, the finance, banking, economy, and restore
Resea ch ns u e Seou Sem conduc o Samsung Secu
Dubai, Greece, UK, Dubai World, Europe Correspondent, The Bank of Korea and Abu Dhabi
11M 2P 45T 166.5
competition, medals, records, and raise, the player
baseball player, coach, yibeomho, Japan, this year, the pitcher, the next year
10M 1P 31T 155.1
film, directed, produced, broadcast and Busan
swine flu, this year, the flu, swine influenza, sinjongin, employees, shortness of breath
Professor, Ph.D., Seoul National University, Director, UK News, Hwang, waist
11M 0P 27T 123.2
the season, coach, player, play baseball,
11M 1P 16T 197.9
representative, director, games, players, World Cup
China, Director, shoulder, knee, Olympics, China, Kazakhstan, the race
11M 2P 15T 233.1
investments, divestitures, acquisitions, Daewoo Engineering & Construction, Equity
12M 1P 6T 210.9
Finance, Rates, Credit, Greece, Dubai
12M 2P 29T 237.6
finance, banking, mortgage, crisis, recovery
01M 1P 44T 85.36
U.S. dollars, exchange rate, rising, Seoul, trading
Ren c y c v c Changwon buses Taegu Changwon C y Me o
Annual, 2012, Expert, 2014, the Ministry of Environment, Incheon, carbon dioxide, reclamation
Wall Street, consumers, and Obama, customers, and Savings Bank, Washington, and smiled Financial Foundation, the Korea Exchange Bank
customers, researchers, Greece, smiling Financial Foundation, Shinhan, Industrial Bank, New Year, Smile
01M 0P 30T 85.10
dollar rises, the KOSDAQ, games, exchange rate
m Yonhap News he owne Hyunda Asan ncheon annua New C y ncheon C y
Japan, Samsung Electronics, Europe News, India, LG Electronics, automobile, ship
02M 1P 26T 245.6
business, business, exports, overseas, producing
02M 1P 25T 204 5
es compos on deve opmen and 04
03M 1P 35T 211 2
deve opmen cons uc on ou sm n as uc u e on y a
Greece, FSB, a correspondent, the UK, the Bank of Korea, Yonhap News, Germany, Finance Minister
Dollar, games, researchers, and the KOSDAQ, interest rates, Seoul, December, January
03M 0P 22T 194 9
he c y he ac es deve op p omo e a ac
News, Earth, reporter, 2013, Energy, 2012, 10%, carbon
01M 1P 2T 186.6
This year, businesses, industry, business, investment
he po ce
U san Ko ea nspec on and Cheonan
11M 2P 27T 205.5
finance, banking, lending, commodities, interest rates,
game, Samsung, ducks, Incheon, Moon Tae, referees, ET Land, Daegu, Korea
East, World Series, ETLAND, Choo, basketball, Samsung, Hyundai Capital, the Yankees
Denmark, Cup, Europe, Serbia, Africa, South Africa, London, Huh Jung-Moo
11M 1P 30T 184.0
competition, winning, players, Kim, played
10M 1P 5T 140.6
care, hospitals, patients, health, and research
10M 2P 19T 207.9
match, season, play, quarter, victory
11M 0P 44T 161.3
coach, player, league, match, soccer
Shin Ji, Ochoa, Kim, jumping, coaches, Mexico, Michelle Wie, Wie,
Daewoo Engineering & Construction, Korea Exchange Bank, Korea Development Bank, staff, management companies, the Middle East, managing director, a
player, coach, football, Pohang, play, coach, Park, Italy
South Korea, coach, football, players, Chonbuk, Pohang, Suwon, Sungnam
11M 0P 30T 148.1
competition, winning, players, play, Medals
11M 1P 20T 220.0
acquisitions, divestitures, corporate, contract, venue
11M 2P 16T 229.3
Dubai, finance, markets, debt crisis,
12M 1P 17T 204.9
finance, banking, loans, interest rates, the standard
12M 2P 38T 208.2
rises, trading, quotes, history, foreign
p omo ng
Busan Yonhap News Daegu go
12M 1P 42T 320.8
next year, prospects, growth, markets, and expected
New Year, Shanghai, oil, day, game, last week, gasoline, Hyundai Mobis
Daegu ncheon and Gyeongg P ov nce Seou Chungnam Yonhap News Gwang u ncheon
This year, global, POSCO, patents last year, 3D, Asia and Africa
gwakyounguk execu ves aun Han
Guangzhou Chungnam oo Guangzhou Memo andum o Unde s and ng
02M 2P 18T 167 7
es deve opmen p omo on cons uc on compos on
03M 2P 33T 238 3
ca pa es pa amen a ans So da y he Na ona Assemb y
01M 0P 46T 156.4
Business, regional development, promotion, green
04M 0P 47T 69 58
b and sa es p oduc s goods and consume
Gyeongbuk he Nakdong R ve Gyeongnam wood boa d o bu d ng Jeonbuk chungbukdo Chonnam Yongsan R ve
de ega es pa y op membe a Democ a Sec e a y Gyeongg P ov nce he Na ona Assemb y he spokesman
ep esen ng he po
Consume s bee cus ome s as mon h S con weekends and ce w ne Hyunda Depa men S o e
ev sed
03M 1P 10T 249 6
membe s mee ngs e o m and Cha man d scussed
12M 2P 23T 284.7
business, industry, sector, growth and technology
Yonhap News, Professor, Director, professionals, researchers, Daejeon, small intestine, Robot
Busan ncheon c v
Doc o Se ong C y cha man comm ee Obama A Co e Cha man House o Rep esen a ves Repub can
Green, solar energy, beginning next year, ministers, for next year, Carbon, Culture
Ch e as yea A gen na Sao Pau o La n Ame ca and Eu ope
n e m Na ona Assemb y
12M 1P 3T 214.1
transactions, exponential rise, the market, the dollar
South Korea, the Olympics, athletes, China, Marathon, Canada, Ji, Triple
Doctor, Professor, Stem Cells, her chest, family, and liver cancer, one day
10M 1P 9T 152.8
the season, coach, Kim, Match, Opening
10M 2P 46T 177.9
coach, player, round, season match
Chairman, Samsung Life Insurance, Daewoo Engineering & Construction, Hynix, Samsung, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Lee Kun-hee, Hyundai Oil Bank
Yonhap, Han, last year, one officer, gongjeonggeoraecheong, creditors, auditors
baseball, a pitcher, Pohang, Sang Hyun, games, Japan, the director, this year's
Director, Busan, gimjedong, drama, and this year, Japan, and Pusan International Film Festival, Pusan
North Korea, the United Nations, North America, a secretary, Kim Ki Nam, Kim Dae-jung, the State Department, represented
08M 2P 49T 233.1
North Korea, condolence, talk, talks, North and South
10M 0P 36T 209.3
movies, theater, music, director, appeared
influenza, tuberculosis, diabetes, wangjiung, interviews, families, elderly and shoulder
Paris, players, Kim, triple, Eastern, Shinhan Bank, Hur Jae, France
North, chairman, Kim Ki Nam, Kim Dae-jung, President, Association news, ministry, a secretary,
07M 2P 15T 246.4
Education, schools, students, teachers, and activities
Yonhap News, officers, salary peak system, Samsung Electronics, the staff car, the Labor Department, the Earth
08M 0P 17T 151.3
unions, factories, Ssangyong, negotiation, and the company
08M 1P 48T 109.1
Myanmar, the country, weather, local, shame
09M 0P 25T 185.3
North, South, dialogue, weapons, and issues
director, Jang, actors, auditions, avatar, Ko, Hurt Locker, last year
10M 0P 29T 270.7
hospitals, health care, treatment patients, the vaccine
Baseball, Chan Ho Park, Sang Hyun, Jong Beom Lee, Kia, Pitcher, South Korea Series, Kim Sung
10M 1P 49T 123.9
round, series, Doosan, directors, and a home run
10M 2P 33T 225.6
competition, winning, winnings, players, tour
shareholders, Ssangyong Motors, Hynix, staff, management control, poyijeunpil, CIT Group, Department of Justice
12M 0P 8T 216.0
Finance, Dubai Bank, Crisis, Debt
This year, next year, experts, Brazil, Global, governor, and next year, Yonhap News
Japan, Shin Ji, seohuigyeong, Silicone Hydrogel, Ochoa, baksanghyeon, yusoyeon, last year
11M 0P 23T 211.4
business, corporate, investment, acquisition and Small
Japan, next year, South Korea, traders, SMBA, entrepreneurs, last year, Brazil
12M 0P 26T 296.0
growth next year forecast, the game, the impression
U.S. dollars, experts, and India, two months, afternoon, and the Nasdaq, New York, Abu Dhabi
01M 2P 30T 116.3
Seoul, areas, facilities, businesses, Seoul, Korea
awmake s he GNP Rep esen a ve M n s y o Jus ce Na ona Assemb y he n e m Na ona Assemb y Cha pe son po cy comm ee cha man
03M 0P 20T 206 5
Con e ence n eg a on and he Na ona Assemb y Sena o
12M 0P 13T 227.9
increases, quotes, trading, stock market, buying
customers, year-end, national banks, this year, last year, Shinhan Bank, KB Financial, a bank
east, basketball, Doosan, basketball, champions, Kim Sung, goyoungmin, ET Land
Director, Paragon, Yonhap News, Busan, State Representative, Hollywood, Busan, actor
08M 2P 40T 141.4
film, director, insurance, and the audience, actors
Father, mother, hero, News, scholars, and opera, her son
08M 0P 44T 111.0
Japan, the weather, plenty of cloud, temperature, and local
08M 1P 44T 201.9
Board, North Korea, South, chairman, agreed
07M 1P 33T 158.5
Survey, regular income, response, and employment
Ssangyong, bakyoungtae, workers, and Ssangyong Motor, afternoon, and the court manager, director, painted 2
Myanmar, southern, marine, Mrs. West, Aung San Suu Kyi, sailors, Donghae
08M 1P 8T 199.9
North Korea, sanctions, and to visit, Clinton, conversations
09M 2P 16T 154.6
concerts, movies, music, stage, drama
09M 2P 28T 186.6
hospitals, patients, flu, health, health
10M 0P 43T 253.7
Season, Director, Doosan, Game, Match
10M 1P 24T 167.2
director, games, players, representatives, soccer
swine flu, Kim Hyun Joong, flu, Ulsan, students, SS501, prostate cancer, JE
09M 0P 27T 242.7
consultations, visits, talks, talks, discussions
North, Clinton, United Nations, Secretary of the Security Council, Secretary of State, Africa, the Department of State
08M 1P 45T 110.5
movies, acting, drama, director, Kim
09M 1P 21T 138.6
movies, love, drama, actor, appeared
PM Last year, pole, Chonnam, Gangwon, Korea Meteorological Administration, Hurricane Central
07M 1P 45T 207.9
Democratic, Party, process, meeting, the Assembly
English teachers, students, teachers, union news, parents, school, and Korean
07M 2P 13T 211.3
unions, factories, labor strikes, the police, the company
07M 0P 24T 82.32
Hong Kong, demonstrations, Urumqi, crisis, wigureuin
President, President, PM, Park Geun-hye, a temporary National Assembly, the supreme representative, Na, Roh Moo-hyun
07M 1P 44T 145.6
schools, education, student, college, test
Police, staff, Ssangyong Motors, Yonhap News, Ssangyong, Molotov, King, Kia Motors,
07M 2P 32T 161.0
vacation, tourism, travel, summer, Jeju Island
07M 0P 23T 162.2
Party, Democrats, Congress, Senator, the President
mega-studies, mathematics, Korea, this year, Incheon, students, city school district, a day
07M 1P 41T 118.4
unions, factories, unions, declared, City
Summer, Jeju, Korea, Yonhap News, Jeju Island, a plane this weekend, this year, the aircraft
Prime Minister, President, India, Russia, president, Japan, Foreign Ministry, Bosworth,
07M 0P 6T 99.31
Student, Education, Schools, English, University
Trade Unions, the police, I slept in the union, teachers, chairpersons, Busan, modern
07M 1P 40T 116.0
Local, the rainy season, Busan, heavy rain, the central
North Korea, China, Yonhap News, South, missiles, Myanmar, North and South Korea
08M 0P 38T 157.8
bangbuk, press, release, conversations, detain
Directors, the main character, Kim, in Hollywood, coaches, triple, Eugene, Canada
singer, lover, Chuncheon, the Beatles, this year, my friend, the writer, Kim Myung-min
09M 2P 42T 155.5
the environment, parks, tourism, and facilities, Jeju, Korea
Skin, Yonhap News, Busan, stress, sepsis, Professor, allergies, headaches,
09M 2P 13T 172.8
Season, Director, Lotte, play baseball,
Director, Olympics, Taekwondo, players, Senegal, Marathon, Europe, the leaders
Jeju, Gangneung, earthquake, river, people, Seoul, Ulsan, Chonnam
09M 1P 0T 180.5
flu, patients, hospitals, infection, and health
Directors, players, games, Lotte, Doosan, coaches, Royster, Song Jin-woo
10M 0P 42T 301.0
director, games, players, football, league
Director, opera, Broadway, TV, actors, opera house, Adam Pascal, representing
per day, experts, and Daegu, the flu, Director, sinjongin winter, the World Health Organization
09M 1P 33T 145.7
Season, games, hits, record, baseball
World Cup, Côte d'Ivoire, Paraguay, South Africa, London, Africa, Soccer, Nigeria
Players, Choi, maengdongseop, year, major, Yang, gimhyoju, Champion
shareholders, Ssangyong Motors, Hynix, Yonhap News, takeover, Hyosung Corporation, New York, the creditors
11M 1P 41T 214.2
finance, investment, banking, loans, funds
Next year, the game, South Korea, the President, Plus, and Bernanke, next year, the researchers
South Korea, Golf, Japan, Shin Ji, players, Woods and China, this year's
Yonhap News, Seoul National University Hospital, family, jeonjaehui, lung cancer, surgery, Britain, Korea
07M 1P 34T 170.9
attacks, information, code, cyber security
President Obama, Kim Jong Il, North America, the National Defense Chairman, White House, Pyongyang, the comment
08M 0P 29T 81.55
movies, drama, production, filming, acting
09M 0P 26T 133.4
films, performances, production, drama, acting,
09M 0P 38T 201.6
flu, patients, infection, death occurs
Park, Hanwha, Jamsil, Samsung, yidaejin, immobility, Bong, a weekend
09M 2P 36T 209.8
matches, player, coach, league, representing
Jeju, Jeju Island, Environment, Eugene, last year, the East Sea, islands, islets
09M 1P 43T 156.4
the environment, population, ecology, nature management
08M 2P 4T 209.9
hospitals, patients, flu, treatment and vaccines
swine flu, influenza, pneumonia, Joong, flu, SS501, prostate cancer, Ulsan
09M 0P 39T 110.4
Season, Lotte, baseball, Doosan, jeongsugeun
Event, Germany, Cameroon, Suez, Hong Myung-Bo, Egypt, Qatar, Manila
10M 0P 18T 243.6
Conference, championship, golf, golf, play
10M 2P 48T 367.8
business, corporate, business, investment and business
Director, scholars, and global, corporate banking, management, next year, cash services, and Releases
12M 0P 1T 287.5
investments, corporations, funds, profits, shares
Woods, golf, Shin Ji, Japan, gimdaeseop, pedekseukeop, games, Dae
08M 2P 1T 226.8
flu, schools, students, infection, and school
jeongsugeun, games, Lotte, baseball, the mound this year, Ace, Guangzhou
Director, Pohang, Park Ji-sung, Japan, World Cup, Hong Myung-Bo, Turkey, Brazil
09M 0P 6T 159.3
facilities, construction, composition, construction, environmental
Student, Yonhap News, a teacher, Guangzhou, employees, Chonnam National, Education, Geoje
08M 2P 26T 135.8
the season, home runs, hits, games, coach
09M 1P 7T 186.5
coach, player, match, league, representing
golf, Australia, and Choi, Japan, segyeyeonhaptim, Profile, Ochoa, peurejideoncheukeop
representatives, employees, executives, entrepreneurs, Samsung Electronics, POSCO, entrepreneurs, press conference
11M 0P 9T 176.9
banking, banks, funds, loans, items
11M 2P 47T 341.4
economy, prospects, growth, growth next year
Dubai, the Kospi, China, New Year, the KOSDAQ, Yonhap News, last month, the European
Olympic Games, last year, Samsung Life Insurance, Woods, the game, players, pedekseukeop, Short Track
Board, GM Daewoo, Times, Henderson, LG Telecom, one, Dongbu, GM Daewoo
GM Daewoo, Korea Development Bank, Dubai, Japan Airlines, shareholders, directors, Treasury, and Wall Street
Doosan, Choo, Hyun Soo Kim, weekend, Major League Baseball, Yonhap News, Kim Sang Hyun, Jamsil Stadium
09M 0P 2T 166.2
player, coach, league, representing, training
09M 1P 13T 162.6
Competitions, players, championships, medals, fast
08M 1P 9T 159.9
flu patient mortality, infection, and health
Daegu Subway, Incheon, Korea, Jeonju, southeastern, Chuncheon City, Gyeongnam
Actors, directors, and in summer, this year, Korea Movie, Giselle, Busan, Kim Hye
07M 0P 31T 93.05
Board, trade unions, Ssangyong, factories, President
game, Central, Chungnam, Korea, North Chungcheong, Chuncheon, the West Coast
07M 2P 14T 236.9
North Korea, dialogue and talks, sanctions, and international
a musical, actors, ballet, News, opera, Universal Ballet, character, Daehakno
08M 2P 46T 122.3
performances, music, work, stage appearances
07M 0P 17T 60.64
Busan, Jeju, Incheon, Gyeongbuk, Busan
National Intelligence Service, AhnLab, customers, and North Korea Information Security Agency, security experts, one day, experts
07M 1P 6T 175.8
meetings, conferences, cooperation, ministers, diplomatic
ministers, China, Clinton, India, News, Thailand, Korea, Assistant Secretary
07M 2P 39T 147.1
drama, broadcasting, viewing, programs, and appeared
Drama, singers, ballet, character, actor, Universal Ballet, The Best of Queen, Artists
08M 2P 12T 152.2
environmental, facilities, installations, buildings, treatment
swine flu, swine flu, influenza, sinjongin, pneumonia, experts, the World Health Organization, coughing
08M 1P 37T 120.5
season games, starting, hits, pitching
player, coach, game, Doosan, Australia, and Yoon Kyung-shin, samcheoksicheong, soccer
athletes, marathon, Olympics, Samsung Life Insurance, Director, wrestling, the Netherlands, Champion
08M 0P 35T 86.74
hospitals, medical care, patients, nursing, medical
Samsung, yibyeonggyu, Preferred, clean sheets, Ace, Hanwha, coaches, yanghyeonjong
Pohang, Yonhap News, Ulsan, Incheon, Seongnam, Australia, Suwon, Celtic
10M 2P 39T 249.7
history, competitions, athletes, medals, and general
09M 2P 29T 201.0
competition, winning, record, player, play
10M 2P 17T 299.6
banking, finance, banking, crisis, investors
Year last year, next year, last year, Yonhap News, last year, next year, the research committee
National Games, Toluene, War, News, swimming, marathon, next year, Andong City Hall
10M 1P 43T 163.0
competition, winning, players, two-way, record
Year last year, KB Financial, Wall Street, Shinhan Financial, vendor, transaction tax, FSB
11M 1P 42T 362.0
economy, growth prospects, the recovery, the market
11M 2P 39T 227.3
Wall Street, market, index, trade, foreign
09M 1P 46T 161.0
championship, competition, joint, Buddy, the prize
Samsung Life Insurance, Argentina, Marathon, Netherlands, tennis, Federer, Spain, the champions
10M 1P 8T 185.0
Board, the company, acquisitions, divestitures, management
fund managers, members, two months, management companies, Daewoo Securities, a bank, last October, Bolton
global, currency, yuan, Bank of Korea, the dollar, Plus, the BOK, Financial Secretary
This year, next year, the dollar next year, the research committee, the central bank, a quarter of next year, Vietnam
09M 1P 16T 241.8
investments, revenues, funds, corporate, property
Smile, Yonhap News, this year, Korea Exchange Bank, FSB, last year, the National Bank, SC First Bank
11M 0P 19T 257.8
grow, play, crisis, prospects, and expected
11M 1P 19T 279.5
increases, quarter, year, reduced performance,
Shin Ji, Ishikawa, seohuigyeong, gimsonghui, Lee Jung, gimdaeseop, Woods, today's
Paraguay, Pohang, England, Park, Basketball, Iran, Yeom Ki-Hun, Lebanon
08M 1P 6T 154.7
director, games, representatives, players, season,
09M 0P 47T 136.8
Brazil, the tournament, Argentina, sets, singles
10M 0P 40T 352.1
investors, companies, corporations, funds, shares,
10M 2P 13T 225.7
investments, funds, loans, banking, and asset
Next year, Australia, India, Central Bank, the experts, UK News, EU
Last month, next year, a year earlier, the first half of this year, last September, workers, holiday, members
end of the year, the dollar, the KOSDAQ, Japan, last week, a Chinese, or Kospi
Rent, Seoul, Seoul, energy, new towns, land and Maritime Affairs, this year's Subway
02M 2P 43T 176 8
n eg a on Na ona Assemb y he amendmen passed Sena o
de ega es pa y p es den p es den a Pa k Geun hye Se ong C y Lee yu eongbok
Busan, Busan, Ulsan, Daegu, Daegu, Ulsan, beginning next year, Pusan
01M 1P 29T 141.6
business, civic, regional, facilities and development
02M 1P 28T 180.7
integration, administration, residents, Chungju, Changwon
Na ona Assemb y Sena o Democ a c Pa y gove nmen gove no beopsaw
Oil, quotes, day, dollar, global, analysts, researchers, and London
Citizens, Seoul, South Jeolla Province, jeonnamdo, this year, Seoul and Guangzhou, the Earth
Sake, Yonhap News, Chungbuk, Changwon, Jinhae, Seongnam, ministers, citizens
11M 0P 29T 223.7
increases, quarter, decreased last year, compared
11M 1P 14T 257.4
transactions, exponential rise, the market, buying
12M 2P 24T 199.7
tourism, city, composition, facilities, Busan
12M 2P 0T 202.6
integration, organization, administration, Congress, Senator
Doc o m n s e pa y ep esen a ve p es den ma o y eade Pa k Geun hye he L be y Fo wa d Pa y
02M 1P 33T 219 0
Sena o Se ong C y mod fica on Pa amen de ec ons
Professor, Seoul National University, President, Ph.D., Ulsan, Daejeon, academics, small intestine,
Sejong City, parliamentarians, civil, design, war, Prime Minister, Cheong, Sake
public servants, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, clinics, Gyeonggi-do, Jeju, South Jeolla Province, next year
Doc o Yonhap News Cha pe son g mmuseong Ma o y Leade s po cy Chungcheong PM
11M 2P 12T 305.4
industrial, research and development, technology, and planning
po ce supe n enden emp oyees ep esen a ves de endan s Busan awye s cod
cha ges
Green, Professor, Yonhap News, Energy, Director, Director, support, and scientists
Last year, oil, last year, last month, Sugar, AP, India, Fridge
12M 1P 45T 169.9
energy, environment, gas, production and emissions
Congress, Democrats, Chungbuk, hwanmaegwon, February, State Council, Ministry, the government
02M 0P 37T 143 3
Sena o Se ong C y P me M n s e Cong ess Democ a c Pa y
12M 2P 6T 211.3
International, conference, global, goals, and advanced
Th s yea B az
P me M n s e Cong ess Democ a s Se ong C y he G and Na ona Pa y Chung Cha man P me M n s e
Citizens, Changwon, Chairman, Masan, Cheongju, Gyeongnam, wood board for building, local councils
10M 2P 34T 377.8
business, planning, facilities, construction, 04
12M 1P 36T 200.0
integration, Sejong City, Council, government and the City
01M 2P 36T 140.8
Parliament, Sejong City, the Democrats, the legislation, the government
11M 1P 37T 330.5
business, technology, markets, production and investment,
12M 1P 38T 236.5
Conference, climate, negotiate, change, reduction
03M 0P 12T 155 4
sa es p oduc p c ng vendo s d s bu o s
as yea
Denmark, India, Copenhagen, green, president, British Prime Minister, Kyoto legislative
representatives, lawmakers, the GNP, Sejong City, Cheong, Lee Myung-bak, the Assembly, Majority Leader
Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, News, New Town, an annual, Nam-gu, next year
10M 2P 1T 348.6
growth, recovery, game, export, outlook
Olympics, Vancouver, Canada, Short Track Speed Skating, Winter Olympics, Winter, Chicago, Kim
Ulsan, Ulsan, Nam, the Nakdong River, mo, UNESCO, Jung-gu, a bird
07M 1P 27T 171.6
North Korea, sanctions, firing, missiles, and North and South
drama, actor, announcer, a weekend interview, MC Mong, celebrities, Lee
07M 2P 27T 151.0
movies, theater, music, director, stage
07M 0P 42T 102.3
attacks, computers, sites, internet, attack
missiles, Chairman, Iran, Japan, Russia, Pyongyang, Kim Jong Il, Washington
07M 1P 29T 92.94
Jackson, music, song, artist, album,
Lee, AP, Director, Hollywood, Opera, Mozart, hurricanes, composer
07M 2P 2T 206.2
facilities, environmental, installations, projects, creating
07M 0P 25T 139.3
North, South, Malaysia, problems, meeting
Jackson, Japan, drama, Michael Jackson, head, Lee Jung-hyun, face, Artists
07M 1P 26T 83.50
movies, theater, stage, drama, music
Yonhap News, Citizen, Seoul, Chuncheon, districts, and the leg, the race, the Ministry of Environment
manifest, Mom, Professor, spine, food poisoning, Kim Dae-jung, chairman, Mrs.
08M 0P 19T 85.82
the season, hit, hit, coach, pitching
08M 2P 9T 182.6
match, league, coach, season, soccer
10M 1P 3T 192.1
finance, banking, loans, interest rates, the standard
game, plus, Japan, last year, Asia, Chairman, Bank of Korea, Bernanke
Last year, last year, Oil, Ford, last October, Korea National Statistical Office, gasoline, the annual
11M 0P 46T 205.9
trading, index, stock market, rising, the number of copies
Gwangju, Incheon, Korea, Chonnam, Kyungnam, Changwon, Masan and Jeju Island
12M 0P 47T 211.0
consolidation, acquisition, development, cities and organizations
01M 1P 12T 160.7
Sejong City, Representative, Senator, modify, Party
01M 2P 14T 155.8
Representative, Senator, Sejong City, the Grand National Party, leading members
11M 2P 29T 231.4
the market, business, car sales, the company
the president, lawmakers, president, presidential, Chungnam, Daejeon, Democratic, Chung
representatives, parliamentarians, leading members, the President, the Grand National Party, the spokesman, Park Geun-hye, the convention
Patents, Japan, Global, last year, India, President, Chairman, Europe
Earth, in Copenhagen, one day, scientists, carbon dioxide, a climate change conference, the Ministry of Environment, the North Pole
12M 0P 43T 215.4
gas, conferences, change, climate, greenhouse
02M 2P 32T 156 0
sa es ma ke s p oduc s compan es adve s ng
p osecu on Busan una Supe n enden Un on News P es den
03M 0P 17T 151 0
po ce accused nves ga ed nves ga on a wa an
11M 1P 23T 243.9
gas, environment, energy reduction, greenhouse
11M 2P 31T 163.9
gas, emissions, greenhouse, reduction and climate
w ne me chan Yonhap News choco a es
he accused p osecu on fines am y membe s co up on he D ec o
Po ce Tha and emp oyees mo o cyc e de ense ncheon and h s w e Duba
gwakyounguk execu ves aun
Carbon, Copenhagen, green, earth, carbon dioxide, POSCO, Minister of Oil
01M 2P 6T 100.5
Cars, Toyota, Samsung Electronics, the market, Europe
02M 1P 32T 143 6
sa es p c ng sa es p oduc p oduc
02M 2P 17T 149 3
po ce cha ged nves ga on p osecu on a es
he dec s on
Toyota, car, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Europe and the United States, patents, Antwerp
customers last year, the flu, Samsung Electronics executive, rice wine, last November, spinach
quo 40 he n e ne
02M 1P 42T 170 4
po ce a eged y nves ga ons nc den a es
v c m M s P es den Counse C m na Code udges awye s Yongsan
02M 2P 31T 126 1
pub c udgmen s
ga on and a
a ns
he case
p osecu on Yonhap News he Mayo
02M 1P 22T 132 0
a cou
ga on he udge
he Cons u on udges adu e y
01M 0P 42T 61.69
automotive, consumer, customer, sales and prices
01M 1P 23T 178.5
Sejong City, businesses, cities, government and development
11M 0P 16T 255.5
business, industry, development and technology, the field
10M 1P 40T 186.6
facilities, construction, urban development, creating
12M 0P 3T 260.2
President, Sejong City, the people, the city, the office
Government, Samsung, Guangzhou, green, and basic science researchers, Land Transport and Maritime Affairs, Hwan, Seoul
sun, next year, Petroleum, Energy, Posco, Chairman, South Korea, gyeongbukdo
01M 1P 42T 81.03
clients, customers, sales, pricing, vendor
02M 0P 47T 96 71
po ce nves ga on nves ga ons cha ges c me
un on eache s Yonhap News Na ona Pa san fines and as mon h a cand da e
03M 0P 48T 184 6
ev s on en o cemen ns u ona egu a o y ac on
12M 2P 28T 144.8
police, investigation, scene, detection, incident
Chinese, car, Samsung Electronics, Vietnam, Hyundai, Europe, LG Electronics and Samsung
11M 2P 11T 257.4
Sejong City, the city, the citizens, administration, modification
Kospi, professional, Yonhap News, the KOSDAQ, CIT Group, China, and PM, Eastern merchant securities
Yonhap News, the rich, natural gas, last year, WA, Eastern Life, Hedge Funds, Life Insurance,
outside directors, fund managers, management companies, executives, Kumho Industrial, modern, executive, Rich
10M 0P 39T 295.3
banking, lending, banking, cards, credit
10M 1P 23T 283.6
crisis, financial, growth, policy, and recovery
10M 2P 32T 353.4
quarter, performance, growth, profits, sales
09M 2P 22T 232.6
President, Corporate and acquisitions, corporate and financial
Credit, Corporate Banking, Consumer Savings Bank, Bank of Korea, Hana Bank, a member and director
Dollar, global, this year, the minister, Asia, Yonhap News, the professor, the next year
Last year, Samsung Electronics, this year, Hynix, mobile phones, last year, year-end, the game
10M 2P 18T 297.2
indices, stocks, trading, rising, before the
Citizens, the Han River, Nakdong River, next year, Chuncheon, Kangwon, Chuncheon, a
This year, researchers, and Goldman Sachs, next year, New York, analysts, and the first half, a
Chairman, Hyosung Corporation, shipbuilding, ship, 24, Hynix, Yonhap News, Hyundai Heavy Industries
Customer, Shinhan Bank, Korea Exchange Bank, Union News, last month, the National Bank, Bank of Korea, scholars
Greece, the government, governor, and next year, Prime Minister, Australia, India and the International Monetary Fund
golf, Woods, Berlin, MLB, Tiger Woods, champion, Jamaica, Yang
07M 2P 5T 197.8
Patients, treatment, Hospitals, flu, infections
07M 0P 15T 55.89
singers, music, song, stage, Taiji
drama, heroes, actors, musicians, year, animation, piano, summer
07M 1P 25T 183.8
business, construction, construction, facilities, creating
Yonhap News, Busan, and grandmother, the soldiers, the Pentagon, surgery, specialists, cataract
Kim Sang Hyun, a pitcher, Choi, Doosan, Kim Kwang, Masan, Jamsil Stadium, Lotte
07M 0P 40T 61.41
writers, directors, actors, movies, musicals
Expert, Incheon, Guangzhou City, the game, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Busan, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Suwon
07M 1P 12T 136.8
patients, infection, influenza, hospitals, health care
07M 2P 26T 138.5
Director and baseball season, all-star, Lotte
08M 0P 40T 139.9
director, games, players, leagues, soccer
07M 0P 20T 90.48
facilities, residents, development, and Seoul, the city
swine flu, a student, wood board for building, influenza, Indonesia, Gyeongnam, family, flu
Director, Lee Dae-ho, baseball, and Hyun Soo Kim, Kyu, News, Players, Chang Yong Lim
Director, Japan, the players, the World Cup, Egypt, Forward, mobile, football
10M 0P 9T 273.2
Olympic Games, athletes, medals, Kim, Competition
09M 0P 8T 151.8
competition, winning, players, co-recorded
09M 2P 21T 224.5
loans, banking, interest rates, money, goods
10M 0P 44T 464.8
economic, crisis, growth, finance, financial
10M 1P 33T 258.7
Investment, Quarter, Performance, Fund, and recovery
Dollars, two months, New York, Nasdaq and the flu, Standard & Poor's, researchers, and the New York Stock Exchange
10M 0P 2T 321.5
facilities, urban development, building, promoting
09M 1P 29T 229.5
finance, banking, credit, crisis, money
09M 2P 25T 313.3
financial, crisis, adjustment, market strategy,
athletes, basketball, Samsung Fire & Marine, Hyundai Capital, jangbyeongcheol, Busan, next year, Coach
golf, Seung Ho Lee, the game, this year, Ulsan, ohjinhyeok, Lee Chang Joo Hyun-Jung
09M 0P 46T 212.7
investments, corporations, companies, foreign stocks
President, Wall Street, Director, New York, Bank of Korea, Lehman Brothers, the Financial Services Commission, Lehman Brothers
Park, Real Madrid, Japan, Spain, the United News, Peace Cup, Ulsan, Sevilla
08M 2P 31T 187.9
contest, win, players, records, medals
Hynix, petroleum, marine, Samsung, reclamation, and last month, Russia, India
Park, songseungjun year, professional baseball, SK, Lotte, Ace, bakyongtaek
07M 2P 0T 175.6
matches, players, leagues, Director, Park
Yonhap News, players, anbyeonghun, directors, coaches, Wang Ki-Chun, Taylor Made, the director
08M 2P 16T 217.5
investments, funds, income, stocks, 100 million won
09M 0P 14T 212.1
loans, bank regulation, housing and finance
Europe, the governor, Hungary, this year, researchers, and Moody's, Central Bank, Germany
Park Tae-hwan, Freestyle, Olympic Games, Beijing, Director, Rome, swimming, bathing suits,
07M 0P 22T 62.42
Patients, treatment, hospital, medical research
07M 1P 38T 103.9
match, Samsung, Director, Lotte, a baseball
08M 0P 45T 129.5
Competitions, players, records, championships, Park Tae-hwan
Olympic Games, athletes, Berlin, Jamaica, Tiger Woods, U.S., Germany and Beijing
Hyundai Mobis, Yonhap News, Hyundai, shareholders, and BC Card, analyst, Hyundai Group, Hyundai Steel
Southern, the game, the first half of this year, the capital, the first half of this year, fall and last month
This year, last, next, last, experts, and the previous year, a year earlier, auto
10M 0P 20T 494.0
increases, last year, decreased, on average, analysis
10M 1P 18T 233.7
trading, index, rising stock markets, exchange rate
Seoul, Korea, traders, Incheon, Land Transport and Maritime Affairs, Earth, Jung-gu, Incheon International City
Sejong City, the Blue House, President, Party, leading members of Chungcheong, Park Geun-hye, Prime Minister
Sejong City, 11, Woongjin groups, government, Gyeonggi Province, modify, R & D Center, Hanwha
Professor, Asia, Secretary, Pusan, Japan, Director General, Europe, Suwon
12M 2P 48T 235.5
business, manufacturing, automotive, China, and export
Cars, Hyundai, customers, Kia, Hyundai, Hyundai, E-Mart, Toyota
Police officers, victims, two people, United News, delegates, journalists and employees
mad cow d sease PD No ebook an ma eed bee V nson he v c m n e v ews and Jus ce
12M 2P 37T 231.9
revised criteria, duration, program, target
12M 2P 30T 161.5
sales, pricing, consumer, product and distribution
01M 0P 23T 54.77
police, charged, indicted, investigation, prosecution
01M 1P 46T 108.9
trial, the prosecution request the court litigation
FTC, beginning next year, the FSS, National Merit, Military, time, instructor, next year, auditors
customers, consumers, traders, end of the day, E-Mart, Lotte, Homeplus
Toyota, auto, sun, Kia, Hyundai Motor, Hyundai Heavy Industries, an electric car, the customer
01M 0P 19T 108.6
Sejong City, businesses, modify, city, Review
10M 2P 11T 380.6
development, industrial development, global, international
Sejong City, the President, Chungbuk, FKI, Cheongju, Seoul, Sejong, Cheong
11M 1P 28T 324.4
cities, businesses, Sejong City, attracting industry,
10M 0P 47T 287.4
cars, sales, business, car, factory
10M 1P 17T 239.3
research, technology development, environment, industry
automotive, consumer, Japan, Kia, rice wine, representing the year, the modern
Police, Busan, hyangilam, police officer, wife, son, father, National Police Agency
Japan and Asia, governments, annual, shipbuilding, President, Secretary, carbon
09M 1P 36T 205.1
the city, tourism, infrastructure, business, attracting
Yonhap News, U.S. dollars, a bank, Research Fellow, Governor, Director, Cooperative, investment banks,
09M 0P 32T 316.7
economic, crisis, finance, recovery, the market
Last year, last year, last year, last month, the National Statistical Office, in January this year, day, year
Year last year, last year, Goldman Sachs, next year, the researchers, a year earlier, the first half,
08M 0P 33T 114.3
Conference, championship round, and co, the player
Savings Bank customers, the FSS, Samsung Securities, Bank of Korea earlier this year, board members, the Financial Supervisory Service
View full, Europe, and last year, Jeonbuk, Chelsea, FC Seoul, the Premier League, striker
07M 1P 11T 138.5
players, game, league, manager, representative
08M 1P 21T 148.1
competition, winning, players, records, and Woods
08M 2P 20T 233.3
banking, finance, loans, interest rates, money
09M 2P 38T 362.8
increasing, decreasing, games, exports rise,
10M 0P 23T 395.3
the market, trading, index, rose, branching
Intel, China, Index, POSCO, day, afternoon, and the KOSDAQ, Neowiz Games
Yonhap News, Secretary, Financial Secretary, Match, London, Brazil, Britain, the International Monetary Fund
Last year, the game, this year, last year, Yonhap News, year, month, and oil
Samsung Electronics, Kosdaq, games, cars, last week, New York, oil, Kim Ji Hoon
Busan, Pohang, green, and the south coast, Chuncheon City, Busan, Chuncheon, Busan
Yonhap News, consumer, year, month, year, and Asia, gasoline, year
09M 1P 37T 337.3
economic recovery, growth, and the game, increasing
09M 2P 5T 267.0
International, index, market, investment and trade
Incheon, Korea, Yonhap News, Incheon City, Gyeongnam, Mungyeong, Jeonbuk, Gimhae
11M 0P 48T 240.6
the city, the administrative, transfer, promotion, business
09M 2P 14T 269.7
markets, vendors, sales, production, product
green, earth, sun, carbon dioxide, carbon, energy, Copenhagen, patented
12M 0P 24T 140.6
sales, sales, product, brand, market
Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Europe, and last year, Samsung, mobile phones, last month, this year's
Czech, Samsung, China, Europe, the Green Cross, Peru, last year, and Japan
10M 0P 24T 521.2
development, industry, business, technology and economy
customers, patents last year, Hyundai Department Store, consumers, and last year, the beer, the printer
08M 1P 42T 210.7
health, acquisition, complex, high-tech, industrial
Customer, Samsung Securities, Savings Bank, Bank of Korea earlier this year, board members, the Financial Supervisory Service, late last year
governor next year, experts, and the central bank, Yonhap News, Japan, as long as Washington
Professional, Samsung Securities, China, Japan, Tokyo, Korea Exchange, Director, Match
08M 2P 10T 220.6
development, facilities, cities, composition, industrial
09M 1P 25T 199.3
cars, products, companies, technologies, model
Green, Busan, representatives, businessmen and the next year, next year, support, jeonnamdo
Yonhap News, oil, Kunsan, Land Transport and Maritime Affairs, the Nakdong River, the Forest Service, Rent, Gwanghwamun
Daegu, Busan, Gyeongbuk, Chungbuk, Osong, professionals, Wonju, Daegu
08M 0P 21T 151.6
investments, funds, stocks, holding companies,
07M 0P 29T 52.55
Director and baseball, Doosan, Samsung, Match
07M 2P 17T 237.1
Park Tae-hwan, records, training, competition, world
Shin Ji, Woods, Matthew, last week, Scotland, yijinmyeong, Taylor Made, Matthew
08M 1P 12T 166.7
banking, finance, loans, investment funds,
09M 0P 7T 289.7
increase, decrease, rise, forecast, quarterly
09M 1P 8T 237.7
index, rose, foreign, buying, trading
07M 2P 9T 174.3
championship, competition, joint, golf, golf
U.S. dollars, year, month, parrots, Han, Research Fellow, Export-Import Bank, the researchers
08M 0P 37T 114.5
banks, loans, bonds, pensions, insolvency
This year, the games last year, last year, the Bank of Korea, researchers, and the first half of last year
Dollar, New York, experts, and one day, two months, in London, analysts, Chairman
08M 0P 10T 161.1
business, facilities, construction, development, and 04
Guest, President, Toyota, Hyundai, Japan, Russia, Apple, Hyundai Heavy Industries
09M 2P 18T 356.0
business, development, industry, technology, the field
12M 1P 46T 169.1
products, sales, business, market, production
police, a heart, a police officer, Secretary, Ministry of Justice, Internal Revenue Service, Seoul, Korea, the defendant
prosecution, the courts, the Supreme Court, Yongsan, Seoul, a heart, the Criminal Procedure Code, the enemy,
12M 1P 44T 193.8
revised regulations, human rights groups, protests
11M 2P 28T 142.7
sales, income, food, food production,
12M 1P 11T 151.7
charges, the police, crime, investigation, prosecution
12M 2P 9T 121.6
trials, judgments, litigation, crime, act
Member, Korea, Kurdistan, the Ministry of Justice, Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission, the Superintendent, the Opera House
Year, garlic, citrus farmers, ramen, milk, and last year, the potato
Police, Lee, lawyers, victims, Honduras, Profile, fine, Mr. Patterson
a fine, imprisonment, lawyers, victims, defendants, lawyers, the Justice Department, the prosecution
09M 2P 1T 175.0
gas, environment, energy, emissions, and use
Automotive, Europe, Hyundai, Kia, consumers, and this year, Germany, the modern
09M 0P 35T 234.5
Wall Street, Index, rose, trading, buying
Seoul, South district, Korail, Newtown, Newtown, Incheon, Mokpo
09M 0P 22T 214.9
market, sell, cars, products, Samsung Electronics,
oil, solar, patents, Energy, Samsung Electronics, Korea Electric Power Corporation, specialists, H
Carbon, Environment, carbon dioxide, a green, natural gas, California, Coal, once
10M 0P 10T 289.3
04, the environment, river, construction, survey
Police, prosecutors, lawmakers, Prime Minister Han Myeong-sook, evaluation committee, Yonhap News, Kumho Construction
Presiding Judge, Intel, civil, constitutional, professors, family, employees, judges
12M 0P 33T 166.6
Cars, technology, development, sales, model
Chinese cabbage, Christmas, garlic, and last year, Canada, lobster a day, E-Mart
12M 0P 45T 178.9
studies, investigations, charges, prosecution, the prosecution
12M 1P 21T 156.6
verdict, the trial, litigation, court, damages
employee, manager, Jeonbuk, Inspection, and this year, in April, corruption, the Ministry of Education
11M 0P 40T 205.7
market, sell, automotive, manufacturing, product
Green, Busan, robots, solar, employees, and Busan, the government, starting next year
09M 1P 27T 250.0
technology, development, research, production and development
Motors, Hyundai, Kia, hydrogen, Japan, Volkswagen, aircraft, Robot
11M 1P 46T 169.0
sales, food, products, markets and distribution
Director, Internal Revenue Service, the Executive Director, Presidential, National Tax Service, anwongu, dong, the Democrats
11M 2P 44T 143.1
litigation, trial, conviction, crime, violence,
12M 0P 15T 216.0
Organization, evaluation, personnel, work, work
10M 2P 36T 238.1
companies, registration, illegal copy, the transaction
12M 0P 20T 226.8
revision, drafting, information, regulations, and adjust
11M 1P 0T 201.6
charges, the police, investigation, investigation, prosecution
10M 2P 0T 305.9
markets, products, manufacturing, automotive, and the world
07M 2P 36T 251.9
technology, development, environment, energy, power generation,
08M 2P 27T 177.4
automobile, manufacturing, energy, sales, vehicle
09M 0P 20T 261.8
business, industry, technology, discipline, support
Car, Toyota, Hyundai, consumers, and oil, this year, Samsung Electronics, the customer
Samsung Electronics, Automotive, Hyundai, LG Electronics, Japan, Kia, cell phones, Intel
11M 0P 45T 123.1
items, sales, food, events, and distribution
representatives, brokers, Director, Chairman, The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, horse racing, Gyeonggi-do, the family
11M 1P 34T 154.3
trials, crime, charges, sentencing, violent
Chairman, Director, FTC, attorneys, NIS, Yonhap News, a judge, a fine
12M 1P 18T 140.6
transportation, roads, vehicles, time interval
11M 0P 25T 173.0
police, investigations, charges, investigations, allegations
Lotte Department Store, Wine, Home Plus, winter, dealers, customers, representatives, the United Kingdom
10M 1P 22T 196.9
export, production, markets, China and automotive
Farmers, this year, Eugene, Jeonju, last, week, Chungbuk, Australia
10M 1P 35T 134.4
food production, food, farmers, meat
China, Europe, Automotive, Russia, European Union, the Free Trade Agreement, Germany, the Czech Republic
oil, carbon dioxide, POSCO, natural gas, Yonhap News, robots, electric cars, air-conditioning
Solar, Car, Toyota, Union News, Customer, hydrogen, GM Daewoo, Changwon
08M 2P 25T 295.3
enterprises, companies, markets, manufacturing and technology
Busan, robots, solar, employees, Busan, CEO, software, and the government
Batteries, Kia, marine, modern, electric cars, gasoline, Chevrolet, one day
bad bank, the first half, Japan Airlines and Distributors, New Year, foreign exchange bank, loans, credit
08M 2P 38T 304.9
increases, the game, quarter, and recovery, reducing
Kospi, this year, Hyundai Motor, Samsung Electronics, butadiene, Samsung Electronics, games, Samsung SDI
07M 2P 8T 273.8
industry, business, development, urban and tourism
08M 1P 4T 129.2
Cars, cars, power, electricity, road
Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, patents, News, last year, Samsung, China and Japan
08M 2P 6T 312.3
social, policy, growth, support, and the environment
10M 0P 46T 207.7
Food, produce, food, farming, retail
automotive, petroleum, Toyota, Samsung Electronics, Europe, China, India, the annual
08M 1P 14T 255.7
business, business, business, corporate and investment
Yonhap News, Secretary, Chairman, last year, Pittsburgh, President, next year, the green
rice wine, garlic, cocktail, meat, forestry and fisheries, Korean, tuna, coffee
10M 2P 15T 183.2
sales, product, consumer, food, and the world
prosecutors, government officials, the Navy, the IRS, employees, Busan, officers, Defense Department
11M 0P 7T 135.2
charges, the police, court, prosecution, the case
Presiding Judge, civil servants, the Seoul Central District Court, Congress, the judiciary, jinsilhwahaewi, author, and the Constitution
customers, Hyundai, Car, this year, Hyundai and Kia cars, wing
rice wine, garlic, kimchi refrigerators, Korean food, coffee, Yonhap News, the consumer, the day
10M 2P 27T 220.3
police, charges, investigations, examinations, drug
farmers, corn, Jeonbuk, jeonnamdo, citrus, Chonnam, merchant, wine
09M 2P 17T 187.6
Food, markets, pricing, sales and production
10M 1P 38T 168.3
sales, product, market, distribution, and consumer
Police News, Police, Students, Canada, the National Police Agency, aunt, car
10M 2P 26T 161.7
trial, charged with a crime, the case, the court
Yonhap News, constitution, membership, fines, Guangzhou, judges, parents, and employees
10M 0P 35T 305.0
sell, market, product, product, sales
10M 1P 42T 186.6
investigation, prosecution, research, information, and doubt
Karadzic, the judiciary, prosecutors, judges, Yongsan, accused the guards, Bosnia
08M 1P 27T 233.2
policy, economics, environment, change the people
Customer, coffee, and Lotte Mart, ramen, SMBA, President, Home Plus, E-Mart
Hyosung Group, President, Chairman, Hyosung Corporation, bakyoungseon, Director, Democratic Party, the National Intelligence Service
POSCO, Qualcomm, black, Korean, California, California, the director, the Korea Development Bank
Gwangju, Ulsan, Busan, Daegu and Busan, South Jeolla Province, Yonhap News, War
golf, Watson, Armstrong, Kim In, Shin Ji, Yonhap News, France, England
07M 2P 47T 244.0
investments, funds, stocks, income, assets
08M 1P 35T 269.2
economic recovery, the game, and growth, the crisis
08M 2P 8T 261.1
index, rose, stocks, market, exchange rate
Car, Hybrid, Hyundai, Japan, the Toyota president, this year, Wi-Bro
07M 1P 16T 197.1
development, technology, automobiles, investments, production
General, the Secretary General, United Nations, green, and the Korean Peninsula, the Earth, the Blue House, and experts
09M 1P 48T 172.4
sale, price, and a large, holiday gifts,
10M 0P 15T 306.0
police, investigation, charge, investigation, prosecution
10M 1P 0T 129.0
criminal, cases, charges, trial, violence
08M 0P 24T 185.5
policy, business, economic, social, regulatory
Wine, Thanksgiving, farmers, agricultural cooperatives, pepper, Times Square, apples, ginseng
Police, police officers, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, motorcycles, brokers, cars, staff and mobile phone
The police, the death penalty, the Executive Director, Chief Judge, Ahn, the victim, the National Security Law, Union News
10M 1P 29T 135.9
Rent, transportation, airports, car, accident
shoulders, MMA, brokers, sinhyeonjun, surgery, nursing, spine, officials
09M 2P 7T 251.0
police, military, research, investigation, the hospital
Judges, lawyers, the Justice Department, jodusun, victims, criminal justice, the judiciary, the Seoul Central District Court
Rent, Incheon, cars, Incheon International Airport, aircraft, bridge, Osaka, Pusan
01M 0P 45T 78.13
snow, roads, buses, people, work
prosecutors, victims, defendants, Doosan Infracore, the Express, Presiding Judge, CEO, president
07M 0P 12T 131.0
green, industrial, development, technology development,
green, sun, Japan, Ericsson, energy, carbon, chairman, this year's
09M 0P 33T 165.3
sale, price, futures, commodities, sales
09M 2P 34T 186.6
charges, investigations, police, crime, prosecuted
10M 0P 41T 273.6
Earthquake occurred, road damage, Chile
holiday, traders, this year, Yonhap News, last year, Lotte Mart and Lotte Department Store, buyers
09M 1P 31T 176.8
police, investigation, charge, investigation, military service
09M 2P 2T 159.5
transportation, roads, cars, buses, the accident
11M 0P 42T 140.3
tourism, roads, transport, accident, travel
Police, shoulders, MMA, employees, Curry endorse, Yoon, brokers, and Artists
07M 0P 11T 74.81
Car, Vietnam, and Kia vehicles, the production
07M 1P 23T 124.6
Competitions, players, championship round, played
analysts, Daewoo Securities, the KOSDAQ, Yonhap News, or Kospi, FSB, Mirae Asset Securities, a member
07M 2P 45T 235.2
finance, banking, loans, money, cards
Last year, the UK, last year, last year, Yonhap News, the first half of this year, the first half, and last month
Park Tae-hwan, Japan, jieunhui, golf, Serbia, Watson, Yoshihiro Akiyama, British Open
07M 1P 36T 188.0
investments, stocks, funds, banking, securities
Yonhap News, the Bank of Korea, Hana Bank, last year, the government, as long as the consumer, Hungary
experts, governors, Japan, the U.S. dollar, Bank of Korea, Bank of Korea, one, one quarter of the year
Yonhap News, China, Hyundai Motor Co., Chairman, Samsung Electronics, Dow Jones, cars, Nasdaq Stock Market
08M 2P 39T 136.8
sales, food, price, product, product
Yonhap News, Government, Minister, Chairman, Brazil, South Korea banks, Bernanke, Australia
07M 0P 48T 82.50
player, coach, Lee Chun-soo, Match, Match
Customer, last year, Samsung Group, a hedge fund, Pusan Bank, Mirae Asset Management, the end of last year
07M 1P 46T 135.1
banking, lending, insurance, banking and credit
08M 0P 49T 210.2
economy, increase, quarter, play, view
08M 1P 28T 196.5
stocks, index, rose, trading, buying
Wine, Thanksgiving, beef, Yonhap News, crab, farmers, Korean, Dessert
09M 0P 4T 143.6
police, charges, investigations, crime, crime
England, last month, Yonhap News, next, week, year-end, analysts, last July,
07M 0P 10T 112.0
investments, funds, banking, corporate, property
Shinhan Bank, Dong Ah Construction, agricultural cooperatives, business banks, creditors, credit, industry, banking, debtor
07M 2P 3T 332.0
recovery, games, growth, crisis, policy
Professional, New York, last week, India, Kim Ji Hoon, China, afternoon, and the researchers
08M 1P 7T 159.2
sales, product, sales, industry, trade
prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, defendants, the Justice Department, the staff, fines, victim
07M 2P 25T 312.0
quarter, increased revenue, compared to exports,
08M 0P 43T 163.3
foreign countries, buying, exponential rise, Wall Street
Last year, the summer, customers, and the first half, LG Electronics, the first half of this year, Home Plus, employees
Last year, this year, last year, the first half, experts, and last year, the first half of this year, last year
Yonhap News, a year earlier, auto, beverage, Samsung Electronics, the previous year, last year, first quarter,
Dollar, New York, the KOSPI and KOSDAQ, China, and one day, in Asia this year
08M 0P 1T 120.7
sales, product, automotive, manufacturing, sales
07M 0P 13T 95.21
customers, insurance, cards, FSB, the loan
07M 1P 24T 226.3
match, restore, outlook, increase, decrease,
07M 2P 49T 291.1
increases, quotes, trading, buying, stock market,
Car, POSCO, Ford, Mexico, Europe, electric vehicles, Germany and Japan
08M 1P 32T 141.8
police, charges, investigations, incident investigation
Last year, this year, the game, experts, and the next year, consumers, and last month, the dollar
Yonhap News, Research, NASDAQ, quotes, expert, one day, the West and China
07M 2P 4T 307.2
markets, companies, products, sales, seize
candidate, prosecution, copyright, Attorney General, netizens, copyright law, the sword, the manager
07M 0P 4T 149.1
games, loans, games, housing, and recovery
07M 1P 10T 174.5
performance, index, market, stock market, foreign
auto, Qualcomm, the FTC, Hyundai Motor Co., Europe News, Samsung, Kia
07M 2P 34T 192.2
police, investigation, case, charged, arrested
07M 0P 27T 117.0
Last year, the reduction, global, growth, half
Goldman Sachs, New York, Intel, Asia, analysts, and last year, PM, JP Morgan
07M 1P 9T 170.1
markets, products, sales, business, price
Yonhap News, the police, Jackson, a police officer, head, Australia, Yangzhou, physician
fines, the judge, the claim, the President, the defendant, the victim, Samsung SDS, Korea Thai
07M 0P 8T 108.5
dollars, Samsung Electronics, rose, trading and performance
Last year, our customers, Samsung Electronics, mobile phone, LG Electronics, employees, POSCO, and beer
07M 1P 28T 134.0
police, charged, investigation, arrest, the case
a police officer, Sakai, Seoul Central District Court last year, the victim, the death penalty, wonpokjeung, mother
07M 2P 10T 184.2
Traffic, Accident, driver, car, bike
09M 0P 40T 154.6
insurance, accident, car, transportation, and safety
07M 0P 38T 75.02
consumers, products, sales, business, sales
public servants, employees, and Lim, performers, directors, associates, directors, talent
07M 1P 4T 113.6
the road, traffic, bicycle, use the vehicle
Senator, the Democrats, most committee, Representative, United Nations news, next year, the national convention, yijaeoh
07M 2P 7T 229.5
election, Senator, Democratic Party, Prime Minister, the Liberal Democratic Party
07M 0P 3T 125.3
police, charged, investigation, prosecution, arrest
02M 2P 1T 117 0
fi ms wo ks w e d ec o s o y
Busan b cyc es boa s ncheon subways buses peop e ace
03M 0P 46T 130 6
anspo a on use bus oad b kes
Seou no he n d s c s a
03M 1P 40T 170 4
he oad acc den sa e y anspo a on veh c e
aud ons s nge s mus ca poe Gaya ba e cha ac e
03M 0P 49T 93 48
pe o mances a wo k mus c a s a
R ve An a c ca nd a expe
02M 2P 8T 109 5
a n ng ope a ons c v an m a y and coa
he ope a
Ch e Pak s an Ha
Mex co he Navy he P es den
03M 1P 0T 132 1
wa damage ope a ona m a y and an ea hquake
D ec o Ac o Sou h Ko ea Ho ywood yunhangg
ep esen a ves yunbokhu Shakespea e
03M 1P 5T 128 0
fi ms pe o mances wo ks supe v s on and mus c
w e poe fic on he oes ac o s aces Yun n K m he came a
03M 2P 5T 124 5
mov es a wo k a s pho o d ec o
on o ces
03M 0P 31T 188 2
women d sab ed men soc e y and ma age
he Pen agon New Je sey
Fam y pa en ch d mo he
03M 1P 11T 175 0
women ma age k ds e and am y
02M 2P 3T 140 1
No h Ko ea den fica on and au ho es Human gh s Soc a Secu y
a he w e husband New Zea and
U S Japan c a ms Pyongyang Ch na M n s y o Fo e gn A a s he Ko ean pen nsu a Sou h Ko ea
03M 1P 21T 185 9
No h Ko ea human gh s b d Japan Money
nd an c zens Ma k wo ke s abo e s Pak s an he Na ona S a s ca O fice he e de y
04M 0P 5T 88 05
women soc e y ma age nves ga ng and We a e
03M 0P 40T 123 6
c me c me po ce v o ence and Busan
The po ce he accused g mg ae
03M 1P 33T 201 0
cops c me mu de nves ga on c me
P es den po
ans e
ace po ce s s e
02M 1P 40T 178 3
cs p me m n s e he eg me he p ev ous
y ng
03M 1P 34T 208 4
c an p me m n s e e ec on po
b ack pope Cheong u Sou h A ca he dea h pena y Va can Wa Wh e
03M 2P 19T 124 4
cops c me c me v o ence occu s
Sena o Democ a
03M 1P 25T 124 2
Food p oduc on mpo manu ac u e and sa e
aq L be a Democ a s he u e o aw S a e o he Un on Repub cans Sh e he Soc a s Pa y
d ese Ko ean sw ne flu o
03M 2P 6T 137 2
oods use bus ness d s bu on and sa es
ca pa es vo ng
P me M n s e Bangkok Tha and
03M 2P 26T 155 3
p me m n s e pa amen a y e ec ons demons a ons e ec ons po
aq Saddam Husse n A aw y ak ya Duba
ca pa es
he env onmen
03M 1P 7T 136 9
ve 04 es den s and an ma s
ce w ne ke osene Seou
he env onmen
03M 1P 14T 194 6
bus ness sa es p c ng p oduc s and ndus y
Je u Han Je u s and una A ca Je u B uefin Tuna Ca o n a
03M 2P 7T 145 0
ve eco ogy an ma p o ec on
F nanc a
03M 0P 11T 139 1
he company cha man d ec o s ou s de d ec o s
Samsung E ec on cs LG E ec on cs Aus a a Samsung h s yea Sony nd a he ca
03M 2P 9T 183 9
p oduc on ac o es ca s vendo s sa es
App e Hyunda cus ome s Toyo a Phone Hyunda K a ep esen ed
04M 0P 49T 83 59
sa es pad k ds App e Mode
02M 1P 29T 137 5
h s o y cu u e p o esso s w e s
Cha man P es den Samsung E ec on cs Samsung Lee Kun hee Samsung G oup P es den CEO
03M 2P 16T 172 0
Boa d managemen and back 24 cha man
ans a ed
03M 1P 42T 219 4
P es den Human Resou ces p es den a p es den appo n ed
P o esso Seou Na ona Un ve s y Ko ea Ph D Ko ea Hyunda scho a s and a
03M 2P 17T 192 1
each ng esea ch cu u e soc e y he au ho s
Ca ho cs c v
K m execu ves pub c o fic a s c v se van s PM
03M 2P 47T 227 7
P es den Human Resou ces B ue House he p ess v s ng
Au ho SEO Ko ea mpe a sm and Jong Sc en s s soc a sm D
04M 0P 39T 82 15
esea ch each ng soc a s ud es he au ho s H s o y
03M 0P 13T 134 7
nsu ance Sena o Obama Cong ess Tu key
Democ a s Repub cans Sena e House o Rep esen a ves Ma o y Leade House hea h nsu ance e o m b
03M 2P 49T 194 1
e o m nsu ance Sena o Democ a Obama
03M 2P 2T 183 0
s uc u es m ss ng Cheonan asks and sank
he A o ney Gene a
nd a ncheon sa o so d e mo n ng c ew ca go sh p Cap a n
04M 0P 11T 100 7
ope a ons sea ches m ss ng sa vage hamm