Parent Memo 4, 15 February 2016

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Parents and Guardians
Mr. Luis Pook, Principal
February 16, 2016
School Activities
Please be advised that on Wednesday, February 17, we will be following a special half-day schedule. There will
be no afternoon session due to a Belize National Teacher’s Union / Progressive Teacher’s Union Meeting.
We would also like to ask parents of Seniors to please cooperate with the school when it comes to due dates for
SBAs for Seniors. We get all kinds of notes from parents at this time to excuse students from handing in their
work on time and we are sometimes very suspicious of the circumstances surrounding these excuses. SBAs are
an important part of the CXC coursework and grade the students will get for their exams; they are not to be taken
lightly and we certainly hope parents do not ‘cover’ for their children. We also remind these same parents that
time is winding down for the Seniors to ensure they put in good grades to enable them to pass and graduate.
Maximum effort is needed right now, not after Easter.
We hope you continue cooperating with the school and together we can ensure the young people in our care
become strong, successful and responsible adults.
The student will return the tear-off February 17, 2016. Failure to do so will result in a slip being issued.
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