In the name of God

In the name of God
First Exercise
Decision Support Systems
Fall 2007
Deadline: Nov. 9, 2007
Answer the following questions:
1. List the major factors in today’s business environment.
2. What are the three interpersonal roles of a manager as described by Mintzberg?
3. What are the three informational roles of a manager as described by Mintzberg?
4. Describe Simon’s three phase decision-making process.
5. Describe the three categories that comprise Anthony’s taxonomy of management.
6. Describe the nine elements of a work system.
7. List the steps involved in the Management Science approach to problem solving.
8. List and briefly describe the relations of the components of business intelligence.
9. Compare and contrast decision making by an individual with decision making by a group.
10. Describe the different categories of models.
11. Briefly describe Simon’s four phases of decision making.
12. Briefly describe the steps of intelligence phase of decision making.
13. List five benefits of using models.
14. Compare the normative and descriptive approaches to decision making.
15. Discuss the importance of decision style.
16. Describe the three assumptions of rational decision makers used in Normative decision
17. Discuss why scenarios play an important role in management support systems.
18.Briefly describe problem decomposition.
Answers to the questions of the exercise must be handed individually.
Please submit your answers in a single file in PDF format to
Please name the answer file as STDID_NAME_EXER1.pdf where STDID is your student
id, and name is your last name in english with no space.