Anthropology- The study of humankind and human cultures o ANT

Anthropology- The study of humankind and human cultures
o ANT 101
 Biological anthropology: study of physical development of human species
 More on physical side of the evolution spectrum
o ANT 102
 Cultural anthropology (social science oriented): study of cultural variation
among humans and the impact of global economic and political processes
o ANT 103
 Linguistic anthropology: study of variation in language and how language
influences social life
o ANT 104
 Archaeology: study of human and history and prehistory through material
 Prehistory- any time or place before a written system was established
before colonization
Homosapiens- evolved 200,000 years ago
Human evolution
Old World Diaspora- anything except America
o Lithics- stone
o Osteology- identifying parts of a skeleton
o Geology- geological substances
o Flora- plants
o Fauna- animals
o Climate
Humans were hunter gatherers and constantly moving throughout the seasons
10,000 years ago was the Agricultural Revolution
o Human environment interaction
o Established sewage and irrigation
o Adopted new techniques
o Humans had minimum mobile technology
o Evidence of luxury items
True cities were about 5,000 years ago