Notes - Archaeological Outreach

Jackson Toothman ANT 104 B January 21, 2016 Notes ● Anthropology ○ Biological Anthropology (ANT 101): The study of the physical development of the human species. ○ Cultural Anthropology (ANT 102): The study of cultural variation among humans and the impact of global economic and political processes. ○ Linguistic Anthropology (ANT 103): The study of variation in languages and how language influences social life. ○ Archaeology (ANT 104): The study of human history and prehistory through material remains. ■ Prehistory refers to any time or place before a complex written system was introduced. ■ History is any time or region after a complex written system has been introduced. ● ANT 104 Material ○ Heidelbergensis ○ Neanderthals ○ Denisovans ○ Human Evolution ○ Old World Diaspora (Anything except the Americas) ○ Lithics (stone) ○ Osteology ○ Geology ○ Flora (plants) ○ Fauna (animals) ○ Climate ○ Neolithic Revolution