AP Statistics Final Project

AP Statistics
Mrs. LaPlaca
Final Project
AP Statistics Final Project
Final Project:
Work with a Partner (two people)
One project and One presentation will be done by you and your partner.
Final Exam Grade (10% of overall grade)
o Half – Final Exam (Tuesday, May 20)
o Half – Final Project/Presentation
• Project must reflect material we have studied in Chapters 1 through 14
covered during the school year.
• The exploratory data analysis and inference procedures discussed in
class must be included in the project
Final Project components: (all must be typed)
1. Written proposal (due Thursday, May 22)
a. Tells me who is working on the project together.
b. Explains the objective of the project (some examples of things to
i. What are the data set(s)
ii. What are you trying to gather evidence, estimate, or
iii. What inference procedure you plan to use
iv. Why did you pick this topic?
c. No longer than a paragraph
d. Include the link to your data.
2. Project Write-up (using formal language and statistics vocabulary)
a. Introduction to the project
b. Background information on the topic or data topic.
c. Data set selection (source for the data)
d. Exploratory analysis of the data (this includes)
i. A few sentences to describe the graphs
ii. Numerical summary/calculations of the data
iii. Graphs
e. Calculations (show the inference procedure formula)
f. Inference Procedure(s) - FULL inference toolbox
g. Conclusions
i. Few sentences that pull the whole project together.
ii. Link to statistical concepts
iii. Use context of the project
h. Relevant images and information (pictures and graphs that relate to
the topic of interest)
3. Power Point/Presi Presentation
a. Abbreviated write up (think bullet points)
b. Important data, calculations and procedures
c. Conclusions
d. Relevant images, graphs, charts.
4. At least 5 minute partner presentation (in class) (please no longer than 15
Collecting the Data
There are two ways:
1. Use the following links to choose your topic (these data sets
are random samples)
2. Choose a topic and find data provided online (example
a. If this is your choice, you MUST describe how you will be
taking a random sample from this data.
b. Thoroughly design your sampling selection
c. EX: Use a tactile, random digit table, random digit
d. This will require bullet points that describe your process
and is an added part to the project write – up.