Renaissance and Humanism PowerPoint

A new way of looking at the world!
ž  Learning
Objective: Students will be able to
explain what the Renaissance is and how
Humanism changed Europe s way of thinking.
ž  Activating
prior knowledge...
ž  refers
to the cultures of Ancient Greece and
ž  Period
between the Roman Empire and the
Re-Birth of Europe.
ž  Not very many new ideas about art or
ž  People did NOT think for themselves, and
followed strict social structures and beliefs.
ž  French
for Re-birth . This is the re-birth of
classical culture and art in Europe after the
Dark Ages. Centered in Italy.
ž  Embraces a new way of thinking called
ž  The
word renaissance means re-birth .
What was reborn during the Renaissance?
ž  A. Interest in Christianity
ž  B. The Byzantine Empire
ž  C. Interest in classical culture
ž  D. The Islamic religion
ž  The
word renaissance means re-birth .
What was reborn during the Renaissance?
ž  C.
Interest in classical culture
ž  Where
ž  A.
did the Renaissance take place?
ž  B. Italy
ž  C. Byzantine Empire
ž  D. Greece
ž  Where
ž  B.
did the Renaissance take place?
ž  The
new way of thinking during the
Renaissance was called_______________.
ž  Humanism
ž  Humanists
formed a belief in the importance
of the individual .
ž  Humanism also valued classical culture.
ž  Name
of a poet who was one of the first
ž  Loved books. Believed people could learn by
reading on their own.
ž  Studied classical literature.
Make an inference:
ž  If Petrarch studied classical literature, what
kinds of books would he have read?
ž  Classical
ž  (Recall
books from Greece or Rome.
from what you learned about Ancient
Greece: These may have included the works
of philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, or
ž  Humanists
that people have the
ability to think for
themselves and
create their own
lives. People can do
this apart from social
class or family.
Nobles. lords
ž  Why
were humanist beliefs so different from
medieval thinking and feudalism?
ž  A
s tell B s
ž  B s tell A s
ž  Now
I will select someone to explain to the
ž  Humanists
focused on the present. The
Church focused on the afterlife.
ž  Humanists believed people should use their
own minds and question everything. The
Church believed people should follow its
teachings without question in order to save
their souls.
ž  Do
you think Humanist ideas might have
caused a conflict with the Church? Why?
ž  Predict:
What might the Church s reaction
be to these new ideas?
ž  In
order to further study the potential of
human beings, people can study the
ž  areas of study that focuses on human life
and culture, such as: history, literature,
and ethics.
ž  (Artists in the Renaissance will also
encourage the study of the human body as
well as the mind.)
ž  In
what way do your studies at school
embrace humanist ideas?
ž  A
s tell B s
ž  B s tell A s
ž  I
will now choose someone to share with the
ž  How
was Europe s thinking re-born (changed)
from Medieval Times to the Renaissance?
ž  A s tell B s
ž  B s tell A s
ž  I will now choose people to share with the
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