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Theme Essay on the Mending Wall by Robert Frost
The poem, “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost, is a first person narrative of forty five lines
and lacks stanzas. In the poem, Frost has maintained iambic stresses, though; he has been
flexible to maintain the poem’s conversational feel. Indeed he has managed to convey a strong
message about individuality and divisionto the readers(Frost).
He has created two distinctive characters that possess dissimilar ideas about the qualities
of a good neighbor. The narrator has deplored the preoccupation of his neighbor with reparation
of the wall; he considers it archaic and old-fashioned. After all, he jokes, his apples won’t enter
the property of his neighbor’s pine trees. Besides, within a piece of land of such discovery and
freedom, the narrator wonders if such boundaries are essential to sustain the relationship between
people. Indeed, he is skeptical about the wall.However, the neighbor maintains his apparently
old-fashioned mentality that good fences result in good neighbors(Frost).
According to the narrator, the act of repairing the wall appears to be in disagreement with
nature. He asserts that each year, stones are extricated resulting in gaps and there is no
explanation for this. He adds that two neighbors replace the boulders that have fallen by filling
the gaps every year. However, parts of the wall are dislodged again after some months. Frost
puts forward that nature always attempts to abolish the barricades that have people have created,
even as they continue to repair the barricades, simply out of tradition and habit(Frost).
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Sources: 1
Level: College
Citation Style: MLA
Type: Analyzing Poem
Pages: 4