TWM Synthesis Exercise

APUSH, Mr. Kujawa
Unit 2 Synthesis Exercise
LEQ: To what extent had the colonists developed a sense of identity and
unity as Americans by 1763?
Process: Follow the directions as stated in the “Synthesis Exercise” handout.
List Of Information:
“blue laws”
West Indies trade
Mayflower Compact
writs of assistance
Tidewater vs. Piedmont
New England Confederation
“city upon a hill”
contradictions in social status of women
Fundamental Orders Of Connecticut
Paxton Boys uprising
Anglican Church
Old Lights vs. New Lights
town meetings
Roger Williams
King Philip’s War
Leisler’s Rebellion
“holy experiment”
Anne Hutchinson
“starving time”
Iroquois Confederation
Stono Rebellion
contradictions of slavery
Half-Way Covenant
House of Burgesses
cash crop agriculture
headright system
Culpepper’s Rebellion
indentured servants
Zenger decision
Albany Plan Of Union
Maryland “Act of Toleration”(1649)
Puritan Work Ethic