Confucianism Legalism Taoism •Founded by Kung Fu Tzu (Confucius)

•Founded by Kung Fu Tzu (Confucius)
•Believed if a ruler set a good example
the people will follow
•Three main ideas: Xiao, Ren, and Li
•Xiao: respect of or devotion to parents (filial piety)
•Ren: Humaneness or human-heartedness
•Li: ritual or the way people should act in certain situations
•Believed in 5 relationships: father & son, elder brother &
younger brother, husband & wife, older friend & younger
friend, ruler & subject
•For society to be orderly, people need to know their role and
act their part
•Founded in the
6th century BCE
•Concerned with government Legalism
•Founded in
•All 3
philosopher was
3rd century
are Chinese
Lao Tzu
•Has distrust for
•Founded by Han
human language and
Fei Tzu (Master Han)
•Believe humans are, by
•Believes humans are just
nature, evil
a small part of nature
•Believe humans must be
controlled by laws & punishments
•Rejects desire because it will cause
government over individuals
harm to self and others
•All living things share the same life •Reject Confucianism •Rulers should make use of good speakers
•Believe in practicing •Appoint ministers to do the work of
•Tao means "the way" or "the path," Wu-wei or non-action government
•Rulers should give rewards to win the
but cannot be described in words
loyalty of subjects
•The Great Separation was when
•Rulers should use harsh punishments
humans began separating themselves
people do wrong
from and dominating nature
•Have distrust for government and
think government should be very