1. Sodium acetate (CH 3COONa) has applications in photographic

Chem 116 PSV Set 13: pH of Salt Solutions
1. Sodium acetate (CH3COONa) has applications in photographic development and textile dyeing.
What is the pH of 0.25 M sodium acetate? KA of CH3COOH is 1.8×10−5
2. AlCl3 is an acidic salt since Al3+(aq) froms a complex that acts as an acid in solution. Calculate the
pH of a 0.10 M AlCl3; solution. Hint: KA of Al(H2O)63+ = 1.4×10−5
3. Predict whether the following salt solutions are neutral, acidic, or basic, and calculate the pH of
each. Hint: Write the equation for dissociation of the salt and any equilibrium established.
0.25 M NH4Br; KB of NH3 = 1.8×10−5
0.10 M NaCN;
KA of HCN = 4.9×10−10
0.20 M NaNO2; KA of HNO2 = 4.6×10−4
1. pH = 9.07
2. pH=2.93
3. pH=4.93, pH=11.15, pH= 8.32
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