Analyze the user-interface of a mobile phone, in the following way:

DT228-3 HCI Labs
Lab 6
Exercise 1 – Using SALT to speech enable web pages:
In order for your Internet Explorer browser to run web pages that contain SALT
tags, a SALT add-in for Internet Explorer must be installed on your
machine. Install to the C: drive.
Once installed, locate the Microsoft Add-in start page from the Start menu. Use
this to test whether the Text to Speech (TTS) and Speech recognition is working.
We’ll only require TTS for the lab.
Page creation
Part 1
To enable your web page to "speak out" text, you need to use the SALT prompt
tag e.g.
<salt:prompt id="yourprompt">
This text will be spoken out
To call this prompt, use the javascript Start() method. e.g. yourprompt.start()
Create a web page that displays and speaks out a welcome message when the
page is loaded.
Note: in order to get your HTML page to recognise SALT tags, it must contain
the following code:
<object id="k-tags"
DT228-3 HCI Labs
<?import namespace="salt"
The SALT specification is at
SALT Forum is at
Part 2
Once you have the basic page working, create a form that accepts a name via an
input box. Once entered, the page should repeat back the name entered.