24 Hour Clock (Military Time)

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24 Hour Clock (Military Time)
On a 24 Hour Clock the hours from 12:00 midnight to 12:00 noon remain the same. We
start adding one hour for every hour after 12:00 noon.
For example, 1:00 PM is one hour after 12:00 noon so that is 12+1=13 or 1300 Hours.
For example, 7:00 PM is seven hours after 12:00 noon so that is 12+7=19 or 1900 Hours.
For example, 9:30 PM is nine hours and thirty minutes after 12:00 noon so that is 12+9.5 =
2130 Hours.
For example, 3:00 AM is before 12:00 noon so the time is simply written as 0300 Hours.
How would you write the time shown on the clock for 10:10 AM and for 10:10 PM?