Checklist: Matter, Energy, and Change

Use this checklist to help organize your work for each unit and ensure that you don’t forget any
important assignments or activities. Graded assignments are noted in BOLD print. Keep it in
your notebook or computer and mark off the items as you complete them.
Checklist: Matter, Energy, and Change
Section A: The Properties of Matter
Self-Check: The States of Matter
Self-Check: Density Equations
Animation: Density Demonstration
Tutorial: Applying Thermal Conductivity
Discussion: Characteristic Properties, 20 points
The Properties of Matter Quiz, 27 points
Section B: Changes in Matter
Kinetic Theory of Matter Game
Physical and Chemical Changes Game
Journal: Simulating Acid Rain (graded later)
Writing Assignment: Cooking and Eating, 30 points
Changes in Matter Quiz, 32 points
Section C: What is Energy?
Self-Check: Kinetic and Potential Energy
The Types of Energy Game
Lab: Exploring Glow Sticks, 40 points
Journal: Solutions to the Energy Crisis (graded later)
What Is Energy Quiz?, 32 points
Section D: Energy Transformations and Conservation
Self-Check: The law of conservation of energy
Tutorial: Electricity Generation
Self-Check: A Closer Look at Energy Efficiency
Research: Improving Residential Energy Efficiency, 30 points
Unit Journal: Matter, Energy, and Change, 20 points
Energy Transformations and Conservation Quiz, 28 points
Matter, Energy, and Change Unit Exam, 100 points