Creative Writing Conflict Powerpoint

By the end of this lesson, you will be
able to:
Identify Conflict as it appears in literature.
Distinguish between Internal and External
conflict, and their sub categories.
Types of Conflict
Internal Conflict -Man vs. Self
External Conflict– Man vs. Man
– Man vs. Environment or Nature
– Man vs. Society
Internal Conflict
A struggle that takes place in a character's mind is
called internal conflict.
Internal Conflict is …
NOT a visual or tangible
A character dealing with his
or her own mixed feelings or
Example of Internal Conflict
A character may have to decide between right
and wrong or between two solutions to a
Ex: The Loisel’s in “The Necklace” try to decide
what to do; they wrestled with the decision to
replace the necklace.
Internal Conflict
Man vs. Self
Internal conflict is
often referred to as
man vs. self because
the struggle is inside
one’s head.
Internal Conflict Self-Check
Question 1:
Internal conflict is NOT:
a. visible
b. difficult
c. serious
Internal Conflict Self-Check
Question 2:
Internal conflict is often referred to as:
a. man vs. man
b. man vs. himself
c. man vs. external forces
External Conflict
A struggle between a character and an
outside force is an external conflict.
Example of External Conflict
Characters may face several types of outside
The outside force may be another character. It
may be the character and/or his or her
community (society).
The outside force may also be forces of nature
or environment. For example, a story might be
the main character struggling against the arctic
External Conflict
Man vs. Man
Man vs. Environment or Nature
Man vs. Society
Man vs. Man
This is mostly seen in the form of two
characters against each other.
It does not have to be a physical
confrontation; it can be a battle between
two ideas.
Man vs. Man Examples
Rainsford vs. Zaroff
Fortunato vs. Montresor
Harry Potter vs. Lord Voldemort
Man vs. Environment or Nature
Environment is defined as anything
surrounding a person.
This can include weather, objects,
Basically anything external EXCEPT
Man vs. Community or Society
In societies and communities there are a
set of laws and rules that man must abide
Some of these rules are enforced by laws
and some are social rules that are a code
of behavior.
Man must follow these rules and laws in
order to avoid conflict within his or her own
External Conflict Self-Check
Question 1:
Which is NOT an example of external
a. other characters
b. forces of nature
c. decisions
External Conflict Self-Check
Question 2:
One subcategory of external conflict is:
a. man vs. man
b. man vs. himself
c. man vs. literature
External Conflict Self-Check
Question 3:
Rainsford being stuck in quicksand is an
example of:
a. man vs. mud
b. man vs. environment
c. man vs. supernatural
External Conflict Self-Check
Question 4:
A conflict cannot be categorized as man
vs. man when:
a. the struggle is with more than 1
b. there is a physical confrontation.
c. the opposition is not human.
Quick Review
•Internal Conflict
*not tangible
*in the mind
*decisions, feelings, emotions, thoughts
Quick Review
External Conflicts
*other characters
*not just physical confrontation
*opposing ideas
*any outside force
*anything in surroundings
*weather, objects, activities
*rules/codes of conduct that man must follow/obey
*includes laws and social expectations within community
Quiz Time
1. Jim and Mac
disagreed about
where they should
take the dog they
A.) internal
B.) external
C.) both
2. Carley struggled
to walk through
the hot, blowing
A.) internal
B.) external
C.) both
Quiz Time
3. Sarah couldn't
4. In the high winds,
decide what to do
that night. Should
she study or
should she go out?
A.) internal
B.) external
C.) both
the crew was
barely able to keep
the ship from tilting
A.) internal
B.) external
C.) both
Quiz Time
5. Hector thought,
"Why did I ever
agree to be in this
play? I'll never
have the nerve to
act in front of an
A.) internal
B.) external
C.) both
6. After Mary's brother
teased her about
being afraid, she
decided to climb the
cliff. Now she stood at
the foot of the cliff,
wishing she could
figure out a way to
back out.
A.) internal
B.) external
C.) both
7. Kim knew that the
whole class was
angry with her for
reminding the
teacher about the
assignment. At the
time, she knew she
was doing the right
thing. Now she’s
not sure.
A. internal
B.) external
C.) both
8. The snarling dog
placed himself
between his
master and the
angry stranger.
A.) internal
B.) external
c.) both
9. All the way
10. Violet wanted her
home, Jeffrey felt
friends to let the new
angry with himself.
girl join the club, but no
"Why couldn't he
one else agreed. Violet
open his mouth at
felt badly for the new
a party? Why was
girl, but she didn't
he always so shy?"
know what to do about
A.) internal
the problem.
B.) external
A.) internal
C.) both
B.) external
C.) both