Dr. Xiujin Li

Dr. Xiujin Li
Mr. Name: Dr.Xiujin Li
Titel: Professor , Chairman
Address: No.15 Beisanhuan East Road, Chaoyang
District, Beijing, 100029,China
P.O.Box 107, Beijing University of Chemical
Phone: +86-10-64432281
Fax: +86-10-64432281
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: http//www.buct.edu.cn
Co-operations / Projects
Participant in joint Sino-Germany biogas workshop in Beijing in 2009
Exchange of know-how and technology transfer with German Biomass
Research Centre – DBFZ
Joint studies on biogas technology with Aachen University.
Principal investigator for China High-tech. R&D project “Anaerobic digestion
technology for municipal biomass wastes for vehicle fuel” , “Biogas production
from crop stalks for rural area energy supply”, both of which were funded by
MOST, China
Teaching lecture “Solid Waste Treatemnt and Reutilization” in university.
Special area of interest in potential biogas projects
Novel Anaerobic digestion technology & equipment for energy crop, crop
stalks, and municipals orgnic wastes.
Biogas upgrading for vehicle fuel, natural gas, and bio-based chemicals
Dry fermentation technolgoy
Participation in project proposal
Help to prepare joint R&D proposal for future cooperation.
Knowledge transfer in biogas technology, especially, in biogasification
technology of crop stalks, energy crop, and municipal organic wastes
Task/Responsibility in project proposal
Help Chinese group prepare joint R&D proposal for Sino-German biogas