Is Computer Based Training Right for You and Your Organization?

Is Computer Based Training Right for You and Your Organization?
Over the past year, we've seen many customers asking for a computer based training
option. Clients clearly understand the benefits of trained employees but they struggle to
schedule training into their employees' full day. One option to sending someone to a
classroom is to purchase a computer based training course on CD. According to a
report by the Learning Resources Network, Computer-based training with no live
instructor accounts for 13 percent of training and is expected to grow.
Benefits of computer based training include:
The per employee cost is usually less than attending a class with an instructor
Travel time and costs are eliminated
The employee can review the material at his or her own pace and time
It allows the employee to repeat and review the course material as needed
Challenges and downsides include:
The office is not an ideal learning environment since there are many ways to be
There is no instructor to ask questions
There aren't any peers to learn from or converse with
Not all employees have easy access to a computer
Although there are challenges, companies are expanding the use of computer or web
based learning. It shouldn't replace all classroom training but it provides a viable option
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