AP Language December 2014 Timeline Project To create your

AP Language
Timeline Project
December 2014
To create your timeline of touchstone events, both print and online sources will be useful.
Print Sources: Use Reference and Non-Fiction Sections of the library
Many books have a chronology of timelines included in them; these are usually located in either
the front of the book near the Table of Contents or in the back near the Index.
We have pulled many books for you; however, there is an entire row devoted to American
History and there are several rows of shelves with books about the United Kingdom. You can
search the online catalog to locate books, or you can use the following call numbers to help you
browse the shelves:
800s - Literature
809 – American Literature, history,
810 – American Literature
811 – American Poetry
812 – American Drama
813 – American Fiction
814 -- American Essays
815 – American Speeches
821 – English (British) Literature
822 – English Poetry
823 – English Fiction
824 – English Essays
825 – English Speeches
940s – European History
940.3 World War I
940.5 World War II
941 – History of Britain & British Isles
942 – England and Wales
973s – U.S. History
973.3 – Revolutionary War
973.5 – 1801 – 1845
973.7 – Civil War 1861- 1865
973.9 – 20th Century
These call numbers are the same for regular non-fiction and for reference. We have many sets of
specialty volumes in the reference section that are perfect for your task. Two sets in reference
literature are Scribner’s American Writers (REF 810.9 AME) and British Writers (REF 820.9
BRI) series. Each set has multiple volumes so use the indexes to quickly locate your topics. For
your events and inventions, The American Decades series (REF 973.92 AME) is also good and
contains timelines in the front of each book.
For your Author touchstones, your English textbooks will be helpful as they have representative
authors for the different time periods in American history and British history. The 10th grade
literature book (purple) has British authors, and the 11th grade literature book (yellow) has
American works.
Other textbooks that will be useful (organized by chronology – use the Table of Contents and the
Index) are the U.S. History textbooks and the Government textbooks; the library has copies of
these for you to use at school.
Online Sources: Use databases and the following approved websites.
At home, access the databases with these credentials: Username: LCPSH Password: high
ABC-CLIO – There are three databases in this series that will help with this project: American
History, World History: The Modern Era, and Pop Culture Universe. You can move
between databases using the dropdown menu on the Database tab at the top of the page. Search
under Topics to see history organized by time periods.
US History in Context – use the “Browse Topics” tab to see information organized by
World History in Context – search for “Great Britain” in “Browse Topics” or use a key term
Britannica Academic - Good online encyclopedia. It has a timeline, though it is a bit clunky to
use. Another tool that might be helpful is the “This Day in History” tab.
History Reference Center – Browse subjects or use the search box and keywords.
Literary Reference Center – Can search by period/movement
Official Website of British Monarchy