Quiz for Nutrition Module 3 – Nutrition Label

Quiz for Nutrition Module 3 – Nutrition Label
1. True or False: The only way to tell if a food is nutrient-rich is by reading the
Nutrition Facts label.
2. When reading the Nutrition Facts label, the most important thing to look at first is:
(Choose one.)
a. Fat content
b. Calories
c. Serving size
d. Protein
3. True or False: Information on the Nutrition Facts label is for the whole package.
4. True or False: Calories are a measure of the amount of energy we get from a
certain amount of food.
5. Nutrients that we should limit or avoid are: (Choose one.)
a. Sodium
b. Trans fats
c. Vitamin C
d. Saturated fats
e. All of the above
f. A, B, and D only
6. True or False: Fiber is a nutrient we should eat more of to prevent constipation.
7. True or False: When using the % Daily Value, 20% or more of a nutrient is high
and 5% or less is low.
8. True or False: Information on a Nutrition Facts label is not helpful when an
individual is on a special diet such as a diabetic or low-sodium diet.
9. True or False: Food labels list food ingredients from most to least healthy.
10. True or False: The healthiest foods have the longest ingredient lists.