Friday 5th February 2016 Weekly News Celebrations of the Chinese

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Friday 5th February 2016
Weekly News
Celebrations of the Chinese New Year have
started early at Kellington School. The week
began with a special assembly led by Jean
Wilson, our Chair of Governors, who shared her
photos and knowledge of China before visiting
all the classes, answering the children’s
questions and building their enthusiasm for the
subsequent activities.
yourself at picking up a spherical bead with
chopsticks and you’ll appreciate the challenge!
The adults were all surprised to learn of the
existence of red pandas, which actually look
nothing like pandas at all! Some of the children
were, however, much more knowledgeable,
having encountered red pandas either in the
Barbie movie or Flamingo Land zoo! Diamonds
class welcomed a second special visitor, Mrs
Middleton, who brought along her special
chopsticks to show the class and told them
about the special red envelopes that children
receive money in. Lots of activities have been
going on in the classrooms all week and Rubies
have even been trying to use chopsticks to
improve their fine motor skills – have a go
Gold: Lucie Middleton, Arseniy Arlausks,
Bronwen Mitchell, Finlay Hoaksey, Luke
Asquith, Zara Copeland, Isobel Chadwick &
Oliver Wright.
Attendance: The school target is 97%.
Last week’s percentages were: Rubies –91.8%,
Diamonds –99.3%, Emeralds –95.8% &
Sapphires –93.1%.
This week’s winners: Rubies Class and Elliot
report this to their owners wherever possible.
Valentines Disco
Half Term Holiday
We break up next Friday 12th February and
return to school on Monday 22nd February.
All that remains is to say:
The PTA are organising a Valentine Disco to be
held in school on Thursday 11th February. The
disco for Rubies and Diamonds will run from
3:45pm to 4:30 pm and all children in Rubies
class MUST be accompanied by an adult.
The disco for Emeralds and Sapphires will run
from 4:45pm – 5:45 pm. Entry costs £1 per
child (payable at the door) and will include a
hot dog, crisps and a drink.
Parents’ Evenings
The dates for this term are Thursday 17th
March and Tuesday 22nd March from 3:30 6:00pm. Appointment letters will follow after
the half term holiday.
A Plea from our Eco Council
As part of our ongoing Green Flag project the
Eco Council have asked that we remind the
local community about the importance of
producing less waste and increasing the amount
of rubbish that we recycle. As a school, we
either re-use or recycle all paper and card.
They would like to remind residents that there
is a clothes and shoe bank in the Red Lion car
park. The school have also arranged for the
annual “Bags2School” collection to take place
on Monday 25th April.
Strictly No Dogs Allowed!
Dog mess has been found on the field on a
number of occasions in recent weeks. Please
be reminded that dogs are not allowed on
school grounds under any circumstances and if
you see any dogs on the school field, please
Happy New Year!
Kind Regards
Diane Parker & the School Team