Male Reproduction Crossword

Male Reproduction Crossword
1. A normal, involuntary ejaculation of semen while a male is sleeping.
3. The surgical removal of the flap of skin that covers the top of the
4. This gland secretes an alkaline fluid that neutralizes the acid
found in the male urethra and the female reproductive tract so the
sperm do not die.
7. Tubes the serve as a passageway for sperm and a place for sperm
9. The organ for sexual intercourse, reproduction, and urination.
10. Both semen and urine pass through it to leave the body, although
never at the same time.
13. The male hormone.
14. Two small glands that secrete a fluid that nourishes and enables
the sperm to move.
2. The passage of sperm from the penis.
5. A sac-like pouch located behind the penis that holds each testes and
helps regulate temperature for sperm production.
6. The failure to get or maintain an erection.
7. The surgical procedure where the vas deferens cut to prevent sperm
from entering the semen so that the male is sterile.
8. The microscopic cells produced in the testicles which can fertilize
the female's ovum.
11. A combination of fluid that is produced in the seminal vesicles,
prostate gland, and Cowper's gland that nourishes and helps sperm move
through the urethra.
12. Two organs that lie in the scrotum and produce sperm and
15. The structure that forms a mass over the back and upper part of
each testes. Sperm are help here while they ripen to maturity.
16. Two glands beneath the prostate gland that secrete a clear, sticky
fluid that is alkaline to help neutralize the acidity of the urethra.
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