Don Jones Nomination Essay

Nominee Name: Don Jones
Nomination Essay: My husband, Don Jones, has been a Kansas City
Chiefs Fan since he was very young. I would like to tell you how this
has impacted our lives and let you decide if he truly deserves to be
the Fan of the Year!
When I first met Don back when we were young, he was a typical 29
year old man, slightly immature and very adamant about never
missing “the game”. Even at that time, he would randomly spout out
bits of trivia about the Chiefs, that meant little to me at the time, but
it let me know that he knew the team and everything about them. It
quickly became a part of our lives. In the early years of our marriage,
on game night, all the guys would come over and as you can
imagine, emotions ran deep…I have seen Raiders fans get kicked out
of our house, more than once. However, the next day would provide
a new morning where friends were friends and the battle of the
gridiron would be set aside until their next meeting.
As the years went on and we became more like adults and had
children running amuck, Chiefs Game-Time has always been set
aside as more of a celebration event. It has been common to see some
sort of homage staged around the TV as prayers were said, jerseys
were worn, and friends and family arrive in anticipation of kick-off.
I have watched him with smiles, over the years, as he cheered with
support and cursed with aggravation at the TV on game-days. I
watched him with tears as he took his favorite Chiefs jersey for his
brother to be laid to rest in, as a representation of something they had
shared, loved, and honored together. The Chiefs had long since
become as much a part of his life as breathing, only taking a second
seat to family.
In the last five years we have had the opportunity for Don and
different family members to get to attend a several games. Last year
for Christmas I purchased two season tickets for him and I really
understood on Christmas morning, after 21 years together, how
much “His Team” means to him. I watched the expression on his face
as he opened the card and pulled out the confirmation letter. I saw
the tears well up in his eyes as he realized what he was looking at. I
witnessed this 6’, 220lb, bearded, deer hunting, road working, beer
drinking, tough guy melt right before me. He literally grabbed me
and sobbed tears of joy.
Enthusiasm: He has actually full on screamed at the TV in excitement
at touchdowns with a sleeping baby in the room…and quickly
afterward, one crying baby and less than happy momma.
Team Loyalty: We always have next year attitude no matter how the
season ends.
Personality: I think this story says it all