Assignment #1 -

Environmental Ethics
Spring 2016
Reading Response Assignment #1
Due Wednesday, February 3
Write a 3-4 page response to one of the following readings. Your response should briefly
summarize the main points of the reading and then provide some of your thoughts abouit
the reading. To What extent would you agree or disagree with the author?
The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis, Lynn White Jr.
The Land Ethic, Aldo Leopold
Discordant Harmonies, Daniel Botkin
Staying Alive, Women, Ecology and Development, Vandana Shiva
Being Prey, Val Plumwood
The Basics of Deep Ecology, Arne Naess
Maximum Points
1) Writing
Grammar and spelling, composition and style. Your essay should
be well organized. There should be an introduction, development
of a theme, and a conclusion.
20 _______
2) Exposition
The essay should reflect an adequate understanding of the texts.
Your exposition of the texts should include some citations from
the primary text material.
50 _______
3) Reflection
Your own thoughtful reflections on the topic.
30 _______