Uninvited Dinner Guest

(5 minutes)
1. Help your kids learn the order of the
books in the Bible by playing Ball Toss.
Use the first 18 books of the New Testament for this lesson.
2. Students discover today’s Bible verse as
they complete “Take Heart” puzzle.
CD-ROM Lesson Extras!
Distribute Lesson 9 Family Fridge Fun papers
as students leave.
Invite volunteers to tell prayer requests as
you write them on the whiteboard. Then pray
with students about the needs and concerns
they mention.
Spring • Lesson 9
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Take H
Ask students to think of
a person they think God
wants them to accept and
be kind to. Pray together,
asking God to give
students opportunities
to love and care for the
people they thought of.
Prayer Tip
We can show our love for
God by accepting others.
Big Idea
Identify people
we need to accept
because God accepts
Action Plan
We can show our love for
God by accepting others.
Big Idea
“The Lord does not look at
the things man looks at. Man
looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at
the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7
Bible Verse
When Jesus forgave the sinful woman who poured perfume on His feet, He
showed that He is truly God, since only God Himself can forgive sins. The religious leaders considered Jesus’ actions blasphemous. But Jesus did not try to
prove anything to the religious leaders. He steadily carried on as “a friend of tax
collectors and ‘sinners’” (Luke 7:34), loving people in need and proclaiming the
good news of God’s salvation.
Connecting You to Jesus
Becky English
Once we receive God’s love, He wants us to pass
it on! If God has accepted us, shouldn’t we share
His love with others who have doubts and fears
and needs? Since Jesus has loved me, I pray that
I will notice people’s HEARTS and will extend
God’s love and acceptance toward them.
I finally broke out of this mind-set when I got
to know some Christians who were full of freedom and joy. They laughed a lot and genuinely
enjoyed serving and worshiping the Lord. And I
discovered Romans 2:4, which says that “God’s
kindness leads [us] toward repentance.” I started to realize that God was kind and gentle and
that He accepted me! I just needed to believe
it—and be glad!
When I was younger, I had a hard time receiving God’s forgiveness. I knew that God had forgiven my sins, but I was hesitant to fully rejoice
in God’s forgiveness and grace.
Dear Teacher,
Luke 7:36-50
Younger Elementary Small Group Guide
Uninvited Dinner Guest
Spring • Lesson 9
Big Idea
Action Plan
Spring • Lesson 9
We can show our love for
God by accepting others.
Identify people
we need to accept
because God accepts
(5 minutes)
Welcome your group and ask the following questions to review large-group activities.
As your students arrive for large-group
time, greet them and
ask, What is a rule
your family has when
you eat?
What are some things that kids notice about
other kids at school?
When have you seen kids your age picked on
because of what they wear or what they look
(10 minutes)
In middle of whiteboard, draw an outline of a person. When we look at people, what are some things we often notice about them? (Clothes, skin color,
height, etc.) Write students’ answers around outline of person. Good answers!
Now what are things that GOD notices about people? (Attitudes, feelings,
needs, problems, etc.) Write students’ answers inside outline of person. That’s
right! Our verse today, 1 Samuel 16:7, tells us that when God looks at people, He notices what’s inside a person, not just what’s on the outside.
Whiteboard Time
There is so much more to everyone than what we
see on the outside. Sometimes it can be hard to
accept others. Let’s try to be more like Jesus and
show His love by accepting everyone.
Kid Talk Cards
(5 minutes)
Distribute Lesson 9 Kid Talk Cards and read Bible
verse on Side 1 aloud. Students use the grid to find
out how Jesus loved the woman in today’s Bible
story and how the woman felt about Jesus.
How were Simon and the woman different?
What did Jesus want Simon to learn from
His story? (That God loves and accepts anyone
who comes to Him and is sorry for his or her
sins. That we should look at people’s hearts—
the part of them that thinks and feels.) Talk with
interested students about becoming members
of God’s family (see “Connecting Kids to Jesus”
article on CD-ROM).
Spring • Lesson 9
Students look at Side 2 of Kid Talk Cards. Students complete the word search to
discover different kinds of people they can accept and share God’s love with.
Point to photo of pizza box. Sometimes, when people get together to have
fun, they order pizza! A pizza box can make us think of fun times with
family or friends when we feel accepted and included.
Who are some people that you might need God’s help to accept? (Someone who has hurt me. A new kid in class. Someone who is different from me.
Someone who has done something wrong.)
Why do you think it is easy for us to accept some people but not others?
What are some good ways to show love and acceptance to others? (Be
kind to someone who is different from me. Say “Hi!” to a new kid.)
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