Lesson 7 study guide

2nd Grade Weekly Study Guide-- Lesson 7
Gus and Grandpa and the Two-Wheeled Bike
Spelling Words
1. pay
2. mail
3. paint
4. day
5. rain
6. stay
7. sail
8. way
9. train
10. tray
11. mailbox
12. highway
13. daytime
14. raindrop
15. crayon
Reading Skill
To use story details and
prior knowledge to make
Writing Skill
 To read and respond to
directions as a model for
 To develop ideas and topics
for writing.
Story Vocabulary Words and Sentences
Ask your child to read each sentence aloud to you.
The bike path has a curve.
Grandma is coming to dinner tonight.
Legs bend at the knee.
Everyone laughed at it.
I heard the story a million times.
Ice cream is the best idea in the world.
Robust Vocabulary Words and Definitions
Rickety-old and shaky
Rattling-making short knocking sounds
Prying-opening with a crowbar or other tool
Impatiently-upset that you have to wait
Romp-move around playfully
Defeated-fell as if you have lost
Jubilant-feeling joyful and happy
Master-learn to do something well