Atlas AV1018 Bulk Density Tester

Atlas AV1018 Bulk Density Tester
The Atlas AV1018 Bulk Density tester is a simple apparatus for measuring
the uncompressed bulk density of powders. The unit is manufactured from
stainless steel and glass, has no moving parts and requires no maintenance
other than simple cleaning. With an extremely solid construction, featuring
an innovative powder leveller for high reproducibility, the Atlas Bulk Density
Tester is also available with a 10 mesh sieve size (AV1010) and is an
exceptionally high quality product.
The Tester meets the specification as described in USP Chapter <616>
Method 2 and is also suitable for measuring the bulk density of other
substances such as metal powders and foodstuffs. .
The bulk density of a powder may be described as the density of the powder
‘as poured’ into a measuring vessel. The bulk density of powders can be
extremely difficult to measure since the slightest disturbance may create a
change in the result. This is caused by the relationship between the particles
that constitute the powder bulk. This same relationship affects the ability of
the powder to flow.
A comparison of the bulk and tapped densities of powders can give an indication of the type of interaction present between the various particles making up
the powder mass and hence provide an index of powder flowability (Hausner
Ratio and Compressibility Index).
• The unit is very simple to use.
• Weigh then place the sample receiving cup at the base of the unit.
• Carefully pour the powder into the top of the until the cup overflows.
• Level off the powder using the flat edge.
• Reweigh the cup and calculate the density.
The ATLAS Scott Volumeter (AV-1018/AV-1010) is composed of:
• 18 mesh Sieve (AV-1018) or 10 mesh Sieve (AV-1010)
• Loading Funnel
• Collecting Funnel
• Baffle Assembly
• Receiving cup locator
• Sample Receiving Cups. The Cylindrical cup having a capacity of 25.00 +/- 0.03 cm3,
with an inside diameter of 28.00 +/- 0.50 mm and square cup with a capacity of 16.39
+/- 0.05 cm3
• Complies with U.S. Pharmacopoeia specifications
• Provides simple, repeatable bulk density measurement of powders
• Complies with ASTM B329-06
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