Wag the Dog

CGW4U Wag the Dog Media Analysis Activity
Directed by Barry Levinson (1997) Over the past few weeks, we have been examining the various ways in which media report on world issues. We have identified the strategies and techniques used to inform, educate and persuade the public and concluded that there is a clear need to be critical when analyzing media sources. As you watch the film, consider what we have learned thus far in the course and answer the questions below: 1. Who is Conrad Brean and what role does he play in manipulating the public? 2. Who is Stanley Motss? Identify what role he plays in manipulating the public. 3. Suggest reasons why the country of Albania was chosen for the project. 4. Create a list of examples of how propaganda is used throughout the film to influence public opinion. 5. What is the role of media in the film? 6. Identify the methods used in the film to influence public opinion (use appropriate terminology you have learned in class). 7. What is the likelihood that similar strategies are used in the real world? Identify examples to support your opinion. 8. How does this film connect to the concepts of setting the agenda and manufacturing consent? 9. Discuss the meaning of the title Wag the Dog and evaluate whether or not you think it is an appropriate title for the film. 1 of 1