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A new photography exhibit at Millenium Park captures the city from ariel shots.
The Exelon Tube is one of the
featured photographs in the
Typhoon Nabi, a Category Five strength storm comparable to Hurrican Katrina,
caused great destruction when
it hit Japan when it forced
thousnds to flee their homes.
The new Apple iPod
Nano, unveiled last Tuesday,
is the same as the iPod mini
and comes in two storage sizes: 2GB and 4GB but is slightly larger than the shuffle.
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IIT Hawkʼs Nest Becomes a Fortress
IITʼs Menʼs Soccer Kicks off to an Optimistic Season as Hawks Soar to 5-0
By Liam Geoghegan
s soccer at IIT begins to
flourish, no one could
have expected the menʼs soccer team to be this successful
so soon.
In the early stages of the
IIT menʼs soccer season, the
team sits at an unprecedented
5-0, already surpassing last
years win record of four. The
IIT team has used youth and
exuberance to physically outlast opposition, with natural
talent taking care of the rest.
The Hawks attack and
defense has simply been far
too superior for its opposition,
with the Hawks currently having scored 17 goals and have
only conceded four against.
On the basis of this bright
start to the season, the Hawks
can expect to be highly competitive this season, as they
play-offs for the first time.
Other teams are starting to
take note of our actions on
and off the field as well, as the
scouts and opposition coaches
have already been at the games
researching the teamʼs style of
play and tactics. The NAIA
currently has the team placed
3rd in the region, and the team
is insisting to only keep improving on this ranking.
The first two home games
of the season were a treat to all
fans that attended the games.
The first game against William Penn University has been
IITʼs tightest encounter yet.
Despite creating numerous opportunities, the Hawks surprisingly lacked the killer instinct
in front of goal. Finally, after
70 minutes of play, senior Victor Pano again put the ball in
the “olʼ onion bag,” giving
the Hawks a hard fought 1-0
Photo by Michael Merkley
The men’s soccer team has had plans for a successful season early on and they rose to all expectations by establishing an astounding 5-0
record so early in the season. The IIT community can only hope that this momentum will carry on throughout the season.
However, some complacency in defense
sounded warning
bells throughout
the team, showing the team
needs to play
each game on its
merits and maintain composure
for the entire 90
However, a
magnificent hattrick from mercurial midfielder
Steven Booher,
braces from local
Photo by Liam Geoghegan
Coach Hitchen’s great planning and motivation has helped him earn the respect Pedro Lima, and
and ensure the success of his young team.
a stunning goal
aim to make the conference result. The result flattered the Okeiyi pushed the Hawks to
opposition, victory. The match ended 8as IIT was 3, giving the Hawks a boost
domi- of confidence and a dose of
team humility at the same time, as
t h r o u g h o u t the three goals scored against
the majority them proved to be what trainof the match. ing for the week was to be
T h e geared upon.
What has been the imsecond home
game against provement from the previous
Ashford Uni- years? As the soccer program
versity dem- is still in relative infancy, small
o n s t r a t e d steps were needed to be taken
the attack- at first while the program being potential gan to grow and gain the necTECHNOLOGY
the Hawks essary exposure. It now boasts
had shown an impressive count of nine
in the previ- international players, from
ous matches. corners of the world such as
Spain, Mexico, Trinidad, Brazil, Argentina, and Australia.
With the combination
of some excellent local talent
as well, the new look team
has been able to mould into a
much more talented and effec-
tive team.
The Hawks now have
depth in the squad as well,
with each member able to fill
each position on the field with
ease. The team now has the
talent to reach the top thanks
to such effective recruitment;
it just requires commitment
and application from each
member of the team to combine to keep the momentum
going forward.
As Coach Hitchen re-
See SOCCER, page 12
Sophomore Leadership Retreat
in Focus of Success
By Babajide Oke
These were exciting thoughts that
filled the minds of enthusiastic sophomores
last weekend as we prepared for an exciting
adventure to Wisconsin for the Sophomore
Leadership Retreat, an annual event organized by the Leadership Academy of IIT,
exclusively for the sophomore class.
The intent of this weekend long retreat
is to develop leadership skills amongst participants, encourage teamwork and foster
a community spirit among the sophomore
The group of students left IIT last
Friday on the two-hour bus ride to Wisconson. On arrival at the Outdoor Wisconsin
Leadership School (OWLS), they were
treated to lunch and little time was wasted
in getting together to meet new people and
participating in volleyball tournaments and
other exciting activities. As the evening
wore on, we were divided into our teams
and formally welcomed by Bruce Fisher,
Director of the Leadership Academy, and
Dennis Roberson, Vice Provost and Executive Director of the Institute of Business
and Interprofessional Projects.
The immediate bonding amongst team
members was amazing. We got to know
each other a bit more as we participated in
games as teams. One particularly interesting activity was the ʻsoft dodge ballʼ game.
Teams competed against each other, and
soon learned that it took a coordinated team
to win.
Another highlight of the night was
the campfire where we all gathered around
a fire roasting marshmallows to make
sʼmores. We retired to bed tired, but in
anticipation of what was to come.
The sophomores woke up for an
early breakfast the next morning and then
participated in the Team Olympics event, a
series of captivating events conducted by
OWLS facilitators. Teams had to come up
with team names as well as cheers, some of
which were quite interesting and energetic.
Teams had to strategize, communicate and
support each other to maximize efficiency
and complete assigned tasks to the best of
their ability. The teams had fun, but also
Do you
you think
think IIT
IIT is
is doing
doing as
much as
as itit can
can to
to help
help the
the vicvictims
tims of
of Hurricane
Hurricane Katrina?
“I think IIT is doing everything possible to help
the victims of Hurricane
Katrina. I hope IIT receives support from
everyone on campus,”
said Bobby McQueen.
“I think as a bunch of poor college kids, weʼre doing a considerable amount. Especially
since weʼre one of the smaller
schools in Illinois, the fact that
weʼre taking in their Architecture students is really impressive,” said Agata Ciesielki.
“I donʼt think we are doing very much because
I havenʼt really heard of
anything else being done.
I have seen collection tins
around campus, but thatʼs
about it,” said Liz Young.
“Thatʼs a hard question
to answer. I guess weʼre
fundraising - it wonʼt be
like Wal-Mart raising
$20 billion or anything,
but weʼre doing a lot,”
said Paul March.
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Oil crisis more a matter of pride than politics
By Jonathan Mikesell
ave you ever heard of a monkey
trap? It is a trinket inside a coconut or gourd with a hole large enough
for a primateʼs open hand but too small
to fit out once closed. Monkeys are too
greedy, or perhaps too proud, to let go of
the trinket, so they will not escape. Such
is the case with the current oil crisis: itʼs
making a monkey out of all of us.
We didnʼt know the risks when we
first grasped petroleum. It was only
cheap, clean burning fuel. But just like
the tree-climbing jungle dwellers, we
can hear the footsteps of the hunter coming to finish us off. We know that there
is a limited supply of oil, we know basic
economics, and we know how to reduce
our rate of consumption, but we refuse to
do so. Our pride prevents us from letting
go of the precious oil trinket until it is
too late.
The hunter is drawing nearer. In the
distance, we heard OPEC and Middle
Eastern instability, but paid them no heed.
Now, there is little time left for escape.
War, SUVs and increasing Asian industrialization are all increasing the demand
for oil, but the supply is restricted by the
capacity of refineries and the regulated
production of exporting nations. The final warning comes in the form of soaring
prices at the pump, threatening to end the
existence of our society.
The probable end, if nothing changes, most families will go into debt trying
to maintain the only way of life theyʼve
ever known until financial collapse.
Some say that I am wrong; that technology will save us or that Americans will
drastically reduce their consumption, but
they underestimate the stubbornness of
American people and overestimate the
power of invention.
Americans view their wealth, by and
large, as part of themselves. Thus, the
highest goal of most Americans is to be
rich enough that money is never an object. To give up big cars and amenities
for frugalityʼs sake is at best alien, and
at worst abhorrent to them. Americans
are especially reluctant to give up oil, as
taking it away also takes away so many
of their possessions that depend upon it
as well: cars, electricity, etc.
Technology has, thus far, shown little promise of salvation. Gasoline is still
cheaper than hydrogen, more dependable
than solar power, and much cleaner than
coal. Yes, viable hydrogen car technology exists, but it entails paying even more
at the pump—hardly the solution for which we search.
Electric cars are charged
with energy derived mainly from oil-burning power
plants, making them more
part of the problem than the
solution unless those plants
change their fuel preference.
So how do we monkeys
withdraw our hands from
the metaphorical trap? The
answer is difficult to stomach: humility. Instead of
worrying about increasing
oil production and supply,
we need smaller cars, small-
RHA President Outlines Hopes
and Goals for Upcoming Year
By Waseem Ahmed
f you listen closely you
can hear students around
McCormic Student Village
and State Street Village raving about the Residence Hall
Associationʼs cool new executive board members and
their revolutionary plans for
the upcoming years.
For those of you who
are out of the loop, Residence Hall Association,
RHA, is a student organization that is involved with
the governing, programming, and facilities aspects
of the residence halls (For
more info contact rha@iit.
edu). The new executive
board is composed of: Waseem Ahmed as President,
Sourabh Manjrekar as Vice
President, Kirthi Reddy as
Treasurer and Whitney Butler as Secretary.
One reason that
RHA may not have been as
popular in the past is that
it deals with rather difficult issues that often do not
make it into the limelight
of student activities around
the campus. Examples of
problems dealt with in the
past are of students trying
to fix the constant problems
with the cafeteria food and
the laundry services. Thus,
in the past many students
overlook RHA as an active
organization worthwhile of
Well, everything is
going to change now. RHA is
planning a Hall Council that
is modeled off of successful ones at other campuses
like New York University,
Brigham Young University,
and the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill. In
this Hall Council, one student will be selected from
each floor of the residence
halls to serve.
The Hall Council will
meet every other week and
discuss issues around campus and various programming activities. All members of the residence halls
are by default members of
RHA and accordingly will
still be allowed to go to Hall
Council meetings and voice
their opinions, but any voting to be done or writing of
proposals must be done by
the Hall Council.
“Iʼm excited RHA
is taking a traditional route
by creating a Hall Council.,” commented Director
of Residence Life, Katie
Murphy-Stetz. “In the past,
the activity of RHA only
depended on the executive
board and committees. As
we are evolving forward
there will be much greater
representation throughout
the halls.”
There are many students who complain about
the conditions of the residence halls and their quality of life while at IIT. It
is somewhat frustrating to
administrators that while
students do not quit complaining, they never try to
change anything with their
own hands. Well now RHA
is providing just that: committees for every single student in the Residence Halls
to be able to get involved in
an issue that concerns them
and pursue it.
Last year Syed Zaffer
and Pradeep Shenoy singlehandedly met with various
administrators and initiated open-access between
the MSV and SSV halls,
whereas before SSV residents needed to be signed
in to enter MSV and vice
versa. Students need to realize that the administration
was put in place to see that
the school functions properly and fits the needs of the
Thus, if a student brings
up an issue with them, especially with the backing of
the whole RHA Hall Council (which is, in essence, a
representation of every student in the residence halls),
an administrator is much
more likely to listen and offer solutions.
Hall Council elections
are currently taking place
through the Resident Advisor on each floor. RHA Hall
Council meetings are anticipated to be on Mondays every other week. Make sure
you get involved.
er houses, fewer wars, colder showers,
and less climate control so as to demand
less gas.
Of course, if you really need to
pump the AC so you can wear your
sweet new jacket inside, you can take
your chances with the hunter. As for me,
thermostat off.
U.S. News Breifs
By John Purpura
Daley names new Inspector General
ayor Daley, trying to clean up his
administrationʼs image, named
former federal prosecutor, David Hoffman, as the new Inspector General on
Thursday. Eight members of Daleyʼs
Cabinet have either resigned or been
fired since May as the mayor has worked
to maintain the publicʼs confidence.
Federal investigators have been looking into City Hall for months, first examining bribes traded for jobs in a contract-hauling program and most recently
looking into allegations of fraud in the
cityʼs hiring practices. Hoffman, 38, is
a native of Chicagoʼs north suburbs and
has been an assistant U.S. attorney since
1998. For the past three years, he has
been deputy chief of the narcotics and
gangs section.
Gay Marriage Bill Passed
by California Senate
By Sherine George
News Editor
he California Senate voted on Thursday,
September 1st to allow gay couples to
wed. They have become the first legislative
body in the nation to approve same-sex marriage without a court order.
The stateʼs legal definition of marriage
has been recast as a union between two people
rather than one between a man and a woman.
The Democrat-dominated Senate voted 21-15
in favor of making marriage in California
“gender-neutral,” and thus open to couples of
the same sex. All Senate Republicans and one
Democrat opposed this measure.
The legislation now advances to the
California Assembly, where legislators say the
measure will have a more difficult time gaining
enough votes for passage.
The Assembly killed a gay marriage bill
in June earlier this year. The nationʼs most populous state became a hotbed in the gay marriage debate when San Francisco Mayor Gavin
Newsom allowed more than 4,000 homosexual
couples to wed last year, until that was halted
by court order.
As in many other U.S. states, a legal fight
over same-sex marriage is also underway in
California courts, although experts say a legal
resolution may not come in the near future.
Same-sex marriages are currently legal only in
the state of Massachusetts, under a 2003 court
U.N.: Time is now to end poverty
ime is running out for world leaders
to keep their promises to roll back
poverty. Millions of people will die
needlessly over the next decade without drastic changes, the U.N. warned
in a major report Wednesday. The stark
findings were presented to all 191 U.N.
member nations just one week before
they meet in New York for a summit to
review progress toward the Millennium
Development Goals. The targets, set in
2000, include halving extreme poverty,
reducing child deaths by two-thirds and
achieving universal primary education
by 2015. The goals are “a promissory
note, written by 189 governments to the
worldʼs poor people,” said Kevin Watkins, chief author of the 2005 Human
Development Report. “That note falls
due in less than 10 years time, and without the required investment and political
will, it will come back stamped ʻinsufficient funds.ʼ”
Gas Supply Falls to Lowest Point in
5 Years
uring Hurricane Katrina, the nationʼs gasoline inventories fell to
their lowest levels in almost five years,
the government said Thursday. Up to
10 refineries in the Gulf Coast that account for 10 percent of the nationʼs
capacity were shut down. In addition,
two critical pipelines that bring gasoline
and other fuels to the South, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast were not operating
at full capacity for much of last week.
Six refineries are still shut down and
about half of the gulfʼs oil and natural
gas production are out of service. All
told, gasoline inventories fell to 190.1
million barrels as of Friday, down 8.6
percent from the same period a year earlier. Measured another way; the nation
has gasoline supplies that could last it
20.4 days given normal demand and no
additional production.
Want to write for the Local New section of TechNews? Well too bad! We
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The Editor
News Briefs
By Sherine George
News Editor
raq is in mourning today after word
of a suicide bomber in the midst of
thousands of Iraqi Shia pilgrims caused
a stampede on a Baghdad bridge, leaving hundreds, most of them women and
children, crushed to death in the throng
or drowned after they plunged into the
Tigris River, locaded below the area of
the victims. The death toll had reached
965 by midnight, September 1st although the number of dead was expected to exceed 1,000.
akistan and the US have formally
signed the transfer documents for
eight P-3C Orion long-range maritime
patrol aircrafts, giving a boost to the
Pakistani navy. The US had announced
it would deliver these planes to Pakistan
last November, months after granting it
the status of a major non-Nato ally to
the South Asian nation for its “invaluable contribution in the ongoing war
against terror”. The US navy would
provide the eight planes free of cost and
the expenses for modification and maintenance of the avionics system would
be met mostly from US military aid to
imbabwe announced the payment
to the International Monetary Fund
late Wednesday, August 31st ahead of
an IMF meeting in Washington on September 9th to discuss the possible expulsion of the southern African country for
a total of $295 million in arrears. Central Bank Governor Gideon Gono told
the official Herald newspaper on Thursday, September 1st that Zimbabwe had
raised the funds from foreign exchange
within the country.
Typhoon Nabi in Japan
By V. Muthabathula
yphoon Nabi which hit
Japan coast recently had
caused a lot of destruction.
Nabi- means butterfly in Korean. Typhoon Nabi though
initially thought as powerful
as the one that hit New Orleans recently. But according
to the Web site of the Tropical
Storm Risk group at University College London, www., Nabi
had weakened to Category 3
by Sunday morning as it powered across the open ocean toward Japan and was unlikely
to strengthen again.
On Friday, Typhoon Nabi
had been a Category Five
storm, technically the same
strength as Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New
Orleans. However, luckily it
faded into a tropical storm and
headed into the Sea of Japan
killing at nine people on the
southern Japanese island still
threatening with high winds
and heavy rains. It lashed the
Southern Japan and South Korea injuring dozens and forcing tens of thousands to flee
their homes .An official at Japanʼs Meteorological Agency
said that the storm was heading further north and east than
before, which means it would
pass close to the southernmost
main island of Kyushu and
possibly make landfall there.
He added that it is possible
that it was quite a powerful
storm, but as it gets farther
north, the sea water will grow
cooler, allowing the storm to
The agency warned of
heavy rains, high winds and
possible flooding and landslides across northern Japan.
On Tuesday, a total of about
110,000 residents of Kyushu
and the neighboring main island of Shikoku were told to
evacuate, Kyodo news agency
said, while more than 16,000
left voluntarily... Japan assisted and provided help to
the storm-hit areas and sent
70 soldiers to fortify barriers.
Around 270,000 households
had no electricity, said Kyushu Electric Power Co.
The consequences of this
storm severely affected the
ferry services between South
Korea and Fukuoka (Japanese
city) and between Kyushu and
western Japan. Train services
were also equally affected
by landslides. Japan Airlines
and its affiliates canceled 307
flights and All Nippon Airlines
grounded 374 flights, affecting
more than 60,000 people.
Japanʼs main islands
were hit by a record 10 typhoons in 2004, compared
to three in an average year,
but this year so far has only
been hit by one tropical storm.
The 2004 storms left around
170 people dead or missing
and caused billions of dollarsʼ worth of damage. Nabi
follows the regionʼs previous
typhoon, Talim, which killed
97 in eastern China over the
past few days, with 30 people
still missing, the China Daily
reported on Tuesday. Typhoon
Tokage in October was Japanʼs
deadliest storm in more than a
decade, killing 83.
The typhoon and resulting floods and landslides had
forced more than 1.7 million
Chinese from their homes and
caused a record 12.5 billion
Yuan ($1.55 billion) in direct
losses in eastern provinces,
the state-run newspaper said.
ndia has reported at least 400 people dead due to the sudden spread
of Japanese encephalitis. Encephalitis,
commonly known as brain fever, has
killed many people in the northern state
of Uttar Pradesh over the past month.
The disease is endemic among pigs and
is transmitted to humans by mosquitoes.
Doctors from one of the worst affected
districts said that the main hospital in
the area lacks ventilators, sufficient,
useable vaccines, and a virology laboratory to properly detect the virus so further research may be done.
ussiaʼs stock market marks its 10th
anniversary this month. It was10
years ago when the stock market index
RTS was calculated for the first time.
In 1995 it was also the beginning of a
new school for a handful of traders in
the reforming post-communist country.
Russiaʼs economy in 1995 was in many
respects vastly different from what it
has become today, and part of that was
shaped by the development of the Russian stock market.
hina was recently hit by Typhoon
Talim, which swept into southern
China on Thursday, September 1st after
killing two people in Taiwan and injuring 39 as the island shut businesses,
schools and financial markets due to the
storm. Talim cut power lines, destroyed
homes, toppled billboards and tore up
trees, while heavy rain led to flooding
in some towns in central Taiwan. The
number of households in Taiwan without power was as high as 1.48 million at
one point, but electricity has since been
restored to about half. The average wind
speed had died down to about 78 mph,
once it hit land, with gusts at 100 mph.
A birdʼs eye view of Chicago
By Kevin Henry
n image of an IIT icon is
currently sitting in Millennium Park.
In Millennium Park, until October tenth, a photography exhibit is being shown.
Called “Revealing Chicago:
An Aerial Portrait,” the photographer Terry Evans took
100 photos that “collectively
paint a portrait of the Chicago region at the beginning of
the 21st Century,” according
to the exhibitʼs brochure.
In 18 months of work,
and through all four seasons,
the aerial photographs show
off different parts of Chicagoʼs, from the lakefront to
the suburbs to the steel mills
to city neighborhoods. The
past and present of Chicago
are shown throughout the
pictures. What Chicago has
been, and what it has become.
The potential future of the Chicago area is also shown. A
special section of maps chronicle the growth of the city, from
Fort Dearborn, through the changes and expansions, as well as
a look at the size of the Chicago area in less than 30 years.
Millennium Park can be located by Cloud Gate, or “the
Bean,” as itʼs known by some. Large posters with the photos
and captions at the bottom bring you from the industrial of
Chicago, to the untamed wilderness that still exists.
A must see for IIT students is the photograph of the southern part of the tube over the MTCC, and the northern edge of
SSV north.
Take a trip to Millennium Park sometime this month, and
take a stroll through the photos.
Perhaps you can learn a few things about Chicago you
never knew.
Restaurant reviews, great eats in Chicago
By Callie Johnson
New Brandy
5200 S. Cicero Ave.
Hours: 24 hours, seven days a week
t is Chicago. We live in a city full of the
open twenty-four hours a day, seven days
a week diners. We like our food, and we
like it fast. There are plenty of those around
campus, such as New Archview and Huck
Finʼs. However, there is another diner near
Midway Airport that deserves the limelight.
New Brandy is the stereotypical diner.
There is the smoking section separated by
a wall from the smoking section. There
are booths intermingled with free-standing
tables. You come in, you sit down, and your
waitress (most likely, yes, a waitress) asks
you what you want to drink. There are always plenty of people there, so you know
the food has got to be worth it. No, the cof-
fee is not special by any means, and the menu is
not one-of-a-kind. However, the selection, like
most diners, is huge. At any time of the day you
can order pancakes, burgers, shakes, omelets,
etc. (If you like eggs, try the omelets—they are
delicious.) The service can be good, or it can
be not-so-good. Like most diners, it can be a
hit or miss.
Not very accessible by anything but bus or
car, New Brandy is nothing but a diner. With
good food and mostly good service, if you are
the diner type, it is definitely worth trying out.
So if you ever happen to be by Midway and
happen to be hungry, give New Brandy a try.
(Among diners, definitely an A, but since we are
rating every restaurant against each other, New
Brandy gets a B).
Grade: B
166 E. Superior St.
Hours: Lunch 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday
through Saturday; 1-3 p.m. Sunday
Dinner 5-10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 5
-11 p.m. Friday-Saturday; 3-9:30 p.m. Sunday
y goodness—if there has ever been a reason for you to spend almost thirty dollars
an entrée, this is the place to do it. We are all
broke college students, I know. Sometimes you
need to treat yourself, your significant other,
your best friend, or your parents-in-law. If
you ever find yourself in the need for a really
nice restaurant to go to, this is just the place for
Benihana is a hibachi-style restaurant.
Reservations are a great idea, especially on a
Friday or Saturday night. It is located right off
of North Michigan Avenue on East Superior.
When you walk in through the door, you are
greeted right away. You are promptly seated at
your table, where you are asked your drink order and your appetizer order. If you like sushi
at all, there is a sushi menu that you can order
from when you order your appetizer. Seating is like that at any hibachi-style restaurant,
with seven seats around the grill. You will be
sitting in close proximity to other people, so
if getting close to strangers is not your thing,
do not eat here. The menu is fantastic. Every
entrée comes with Japanese Onion Soup,
Benihana Salad, Shrimp Appetizer, Hibachi Vegetables, Steamed Rice, and Japanese
Hot Green Tea. The chef is always fantastic,
with the egg roll and the steaming mountain
of onion tricks. The fried rice is, of course,
separate, but if you are here, go ahead and
get it. As far as the entrees go, the Seafood
Combination is awesome (lobster, scallops,
and shrimp). If you like steak, the Land nʼ
Sea (tenderloin and scallops) is also fantastic. There really is no entrée item you could
go wrong with here.
Yes, the average entrée item is anywhere between fifteen and twenty-five
dollars. Yes, reservations are a great idea.
There is no dress code, except for shirt and
shoes, and the service and food are nothing
short of amazing. There are plenty of restaurants in the Chicago area that you can spend
quite a bit of money at, however, if you are
looking for something close and something
that is sure to be a great time, Benihana is
the place to go.
Grade: A+
WENESDAY, SEPT. 14, 2005
Make your own tinymixtapes
By Casey Franklin
here are many music focused websites available on the internet, and many of them suck; however, there is one website in my mind, that stands far above all others towering over
them with its sheer awesomeness. offers up
the usual music website categories: music and concert reviews,
interviews, tour information, and release dates. These are nice,
good, pleasing...but they are nothing compared to the real gold
here. Undoubtedly, the real reason people return to this website
time after time is to experience the beauty and hilarity that can
only happen through the automatic mix tapes generator. Oh mix
tapes generator, how I love you so.
How does this brilliant device work? Well, you simply submit your request, wait, basically forever -the website has a disclaimer saying “Our robots are on call, well, pretty much never,
so please have patience and try not to be disappointed if your
request doesnʼt show up!”- and then experience a fit of joy when
your request finally does show up. The thing that makes these
mixes unique, though, is their names. For example, some track
lists (no actually mix tapes
are made, only the lists) currently compiled are:
•My friend at camp thought
he had herpes, but it turns
it they were just bedbugs. A
mix to send him to help him
sleep easier at night while the
bugs attack his crotch
•Please donʼt move to Turkey,
I think you are my prototype.
•Second week at uni and all
Iʼve been living off is baby
food and tins of tuna.
•Bill Nye the Science Guy
has a new TV show. When I
found out, I was so overjoyed I clicked my heels. I need a mix to
fill in the interim with geeky-goodness.
•All Iʼve ever wanted was bunk beds. My parents have always
said no because they think they are dangerous. I want a mixtape
that will convince them to loosen their death grip on my life and
let me make some choices for myself.
•Songs that sound dirty even though they arenʼt. heh heh heh....
•Songs to whistle while youʼre being mugged.
•You donʼt realize youʼre a bitch until someone drinks all of your
milk without asking and you flip out.
•I need a mixtape for people to leave my party.
•bop ching bop boing bing bing bop bop bing bop bang bing
bang song
•I lied to a priest yesterday, several times. Make me a mix tape to
accompany me during my time in hell.
•How the hell do you not want me?
•The clap just keeps coming back.
•Songs for my friend who is obsessed with zombies.
•Songs to describe the agony when you keep re-stubbing your
toes on various metal objects and all you want to do is scream,
but you donʼt make a peep.
Okay, I think you get the idea. There are many, many more on
the website that are just as hilarious/hot/philosophical/ridiculous.
Now, how does this magic happen? I was just lucky enough to
actually talk with Ian Hrabe, one of the robots that generates this
hot mixes.
Me: So, as a mix tape robot, what inspires you when youʼre constructing various mix tapes?”
Ian: Well, the theme obviously. Thatʼs why I really wanted to be
a robot, so that
could get this great big list of themes that I could make mixtapes
out of since I was doing it anyway. The playlists in my itunes are
like “Songs about Robots”, “songs about moustaches,” etc, Iʼm
always prepared.
Me: What would you say is your favorite mix tape you have ever
Ian: Oh itʼs a tie between my “Essential Hip-Hop of the 21st
century” mix and my “RIP P.O.P.E: A Tribute to the Pope” which
opened with “Death of a Ladies Man”, by Leonard Cohen. I was
really proud of that one.
Me: Are you paid for your efforts, or just rewarded with happiness?
Ian: Ha ha, “paid.” What does that word mean again?
Me: Yeah, that is what I thought, mixtapes for charity.
Ian: In a sense, but I mostly just
do it to improve my mixtape
making skills. I consider myself to be a professional mixtaper, and seeing people make
improper mixtapes makes me
sick to my stomach.
Me: How long do you generally spend on a mix?
Ian: Anywhere from 15 minutes to a week. Sometimes
itʼs a process. Sometimes the
theme is something that Iʼve
either been working on or
something where I know exactly what I want to put on it.
Me: Do you really stick to the theme hardcore, or do you find
yourself trying to incorporate your new favorite songs, or expose
others to new music?
Ian: Well, all of my mixes have a Magnetic Fields song on them,
usually. Not only because I love the Magnetic Fields, and I think
that everyone should listen to them, but they just have such a
tremendous catalog that thereʼs usually a song that pertains to the
theme. The mountain goats, too.
Me: What would you say is the turn out time for a mix?
Ian: The system is really whack. It all depends. If your theme is
good enough and it shows up, it usually isnʼt too long a wait.
Me: Okay, anything else you want to say?
Ian: Mixtaping is an art that is not to be f**ked around with. If
youʼre going to make a mixtape, make it right. Follow the rules.
1.) Never ever put two songs by the same artist side by side : 2.)
If at all possible, donʼt even put two songs by the same artist on
the mix unless that is one of the themes, use sparingly 3.) Do
NOT put the songs in alphabetical order (by artist or title). If
you do, you are a scumbag idiot and shouldnʼt be making mixes,
Word. If you or any of your friends are interested in becoming a mix tape robot, there are instructions on how to do this on
the website. Thanks to Ian Hrabe for the rockinʼ interview. Now
go make some mixes kids!
“Please donʼt
move to Turkey,
I think you are
my prototype.”
Thunderbirds are Now!
By Casey Franklin
have a new love, and his
name is Thunderbirds
are Now! Seriously kids, as
soon as you are done reading of their complete and
overwhelming ability to
rock your body to the core,
you must check out this
band. Itʼs funny how different things can draw you in
to deep obsession bordering on restraint orders. In
this case I immediately got
a warm fuzzy feeling upon
seeing the track titles. There
is no possible way that miracles couldnʼt happen when
a band is writing songs with
names such as “Kitchen
Orgy”, “Babygirl I Got
Ten Kids (lets not make it
eleven)”, “Enough About
Me, Lets Talk About Me”,
and for all you science lovers, “When it Comes to Elements, Hydrogen is Titz”. I
most definitely liked where
this was going, but how
could I be sure they were, as
I assumed they might be, the
win? I investigated. Intense
listening perused, some
reading also took place, and
then I passed the rest of my
days in rocking out glory.
Now! have a keen combination of screechy guitar licks,
catchy keyboard melodies,
frantic electronic beeps,
and bucket loads of intensity that makes you want
to get up and dance! Their
description of themselves,
found on their website
com/, tells of their start with
them “Bursting out of Detroitʼs pollution-and-crimeridden streets like Robocop
after one too many Yellow
Jackets.” Believe it or not,
they actually started out as
a Tool tribute band, but later
evolved to develop a sound
more akin to that of the Pixies saying that “We like to
let our hot licks and bomb
a** beats do the talking for
us.” If you couldnʼt already
tell from the track titles or
from their description, this
band clearly has one of the
greatest senses of humor
ever. Not convinced? Well,
you can go read random
stuff on their site, such as
their answer to what wish
they drove; ”Our dream
tour vehicle would be a
van with an airbrushed bald
eagle holding the body of a
wolf in its talons. It would
be sponsored by Taco Bell
and contain a stereo that
had Boyz II Menʼs ʻMotownphillyʼ cassingle permanently stuck in the tape
player. The van itself would
talk to us, aka K.I.T. from
ʻKnightrider.ʼ It would use
only beer as fuel and occasionally dispense gold from
the air-conditioning unit.”
This finely honed
sense of sarcasm and wit
carries over into their lyrics with memorable verses
that will haunt you all day
long at your day job as you
look at people and think,
“Youʼve got a big mouth,
with big words spillinʼ out.”
Everything is sung with the
intensity of an A.D.H.D.
12 year old junkie creating 10 tracks of songs you
feel good about calling “da
bomb”. Their spring 2005
release album “Justamoustache” will deliver the beats
you need to make your
booty shake and heart ache.
You can listen to a preview
on their website, and download a free track from http://
downloads/. In my opinion
the album peaks at “Better
Safe than Safari” but Iʼm
also a big fan of “Eat this
city” (the download) and
of “Enough About Me, Lets
Talk About Me” has some
groovy guitar going on. So
check ʻem out, adore them,
rock with them...but donʼt
be foolinʼ round with my
new babyʼs daddy.
Great concerts around Chicago during September
Chicago House of
Blues (http://www.hob.
9/07 Therion $25
9/08 Robert Earl Keen w/
Hello Dave $19
9/09 Mushroomhead with
Dope & Nocturne $17.50
9/10 Blues Brothers and
Friends on sale 09/08
9/14 Gaelic Storm $21.50
9/16 Diplomats of Solid
Sound - Back Porch Stage
9/16 North Mississippi
Allstar $19
9/17 Burning Spear $23.50
9/17 The dBʼs – Back Porch
Stage $20
9/19 Dashboard Confessional on sale 09/09
9/20 From Autmn to
Ashes w/ Armor for Sleep,
Emanuel & Biology $12
9/25 Social Distortion w/
Mest, Bullets & Octane $25
9/26 George Clinton & Parliament $ 40
9/28 Stratovarius $30
9/30 Taj Mahal Trio w/ Grace
Potter & The Nocturnals $22.50
Eagles Ballroom
9/21 My Chemical Romance
with special guests Alkaline
Trio and Reggie & The Full
Effect $18.99
The Double Door (http://
php note:all shows 21+)
9/10 Sunhead King, Pomeroy,
NYCO, Otter Petter $7
9/13 Dead Meadow, Russian
Circles, Unfortunaut $10
9/14 Citizen Cope $15adv
$17.50 day of
9/15 DJ Trancid, Rachaelʼs
Surrender, Comasoft, Echonine $3
9/16 Moistboyz, Minibosses
9/17 Bob Schnider, Backyard
Tire Fire $16
9/20 Outlaw Family Band,
Robbie Fulks, TBA *Benefit
for Huricane Katrina Relief*
9/21 Athlete, The Working
Title $12
9/22 Greenwheel, Relapse,
Via, Hallelujah $8
9/23 Sour Deluxe, Ladies &
Gentlemen, The Melismatics,
The Year After $7
9/24 Brother Lowdown(cd
release), Doge City Getouts,
Penthouse Sweets $7
9/26 The Exploited $15
9/27 Arks, Airiel, Hartfield,
Only Lovers Left Alive $3
9/28 Cats and Jammers, Lil
Issac and The Dirty, Stank
Sopen Four, Indignant $5
9/30 Howling Hex & Special
Guests $10
The Metro (
9/13 Stellastarr, Magneta
Lane, The Changes $14 adv
$16 day of
9/14 Brian Jonestown Massacre $13 adv $15 day of
9/15 Brendan Benson, Robbers on High Street $16
9/16 Sufjan Stevens, Laura
Veirs $16
9/18 Apocalyptic $16
9/19 Royksopp, Annie $19
9/20 Black Rebel Motorcycle
Club, Mark Gardener $16
9/22 Idlewild, Inara George $16
9/23 early: Madina Lake, The
Waiting Game, Ryanʼs Hope
Late: The Hot Love, The
Firebird Band, DJ Matty with
Hawk, DJ Lego, DJ Jesse
De la Pena $5
9/24 Brazilian Girls, Scream
Club, Anna Oxygen, Breakbone Dance Co. $16
9/25 Archer Prewitt, Scotland
Yard Gospel Choir, Watchers
9/27 Against Me!, The
Epoxies, Smoke or Fire, The
Soviettes $13.50
9/28 M.I.A. $19.50
9/29 Bob Mould Band, Uncut
9/30 Bob Mould Band, Uncut
Soldier Field
9/16 American Idol Auditions,
Parking $13 www.idolonfox.
com for more info
Allstate Arena (http://
9/30 System of a Down,
The Mars Volta $Good
Riviera Theatre (http://
9/24 Disturbed $32.50
9/27 Doves $21
Aragon Ballroom (http://
9/20 Franz Ferdinand
9/24 Rata Blanca, Sur 16,
Rebelʼd Punk, Leprosy,
Flota Azteca, El Jet Set
and Sonido Montano Rock
& Roll
Toulouse-Lautrec wows
all at the Art Institute
By Alice Wong
e Moulin Rouge, Le Chat
Noir, The Can-Can, Wine,
Women and Song. ToulouseLautrecʼs Montmartre comes
alive at the Art Institute of Chicago this year. This provocative exhibition tells the lively
story of bohemian Paris at the
end of the 19th century – with
its artists, cafes, dancehalls,
and underworld denizens.
Through October 15, 2005,
visitors to the Art Institute of
Chicago will have the enticing
opportunity to stroll the streets
of Paris and experience life on
the “wild side”. The exhibition
will look at the magnificently
seamy world of the vibrantly
M o n t m a rtre district
through the
To u l o u s e Lautrec and
his contemporaries,
from Edgar
Degas, to
Vincent van
Pablo Picasso.
Toulouse-Lautrec (864-1901) is one of
more fascinating figures in the
history of art. Known today
as chronicler of the late 19th
century Parisian demi-monde,
his famous paintings and posters embody our picture of that
dynamic, creative era. The ambivalent glamour and creative
decadence of Toulouse-Lautrecʼs Montmartre is the subject of this major exhibition of
250 works of art that have been
brought together from public
and private collections worldwide. These works comprise of
an extraordinary range of media, representing both high and
low culture: paintings, drawings, posters and caricatures of
contemporary stars
like Jane Avril the
famed dancer, Aristide Bruant the singer
and songwriter, and
the infamous Loïe
Fuller; prints, sculptures,
topographical canvases, zinc
silhouettes from the
Chat Noir cabaret
shadow plays, and
such fascinating cultural relics
as illustrated invitations, song
sheets, advertisements, and admission tickets.
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was born in the southern
town of Albi. He was a descendant of the counts of Toulouse,
who had once ruled over the
Languedoc region. Though he
was economically privileged,
he suffered from numerous
health ailments – likely resulting from the intermarriage
of his parents, who were first
cousins. Lautrecʼs abnormally
weak bones led to multiple
leg fractures that stunted his
growth and made walking a
lifelong difficulty for him. In
1872, he moved to Paris with
his mother, where a decade later he began formal art studies.
He immersed himself in Montmartre, painting and drawing
day after day and dwelling
in the cafes and cabarets by
night. He frequently visited
the Moulin Rouge, a famous
Parisian nightclub named for
the red windmill on its roof.
He soon gained recognition
in Montmartre, and once his
first poster, Moulin Rouge: La
Goulue was pasted on walls all
over Paris in 1891, he quickly
became as famous as the celebrities his art promoted.
However, he seemed driven to
squander his glory by drinking
himself to death. Toward the
end, hallucinations and paranoia, induced by a combination of alcoholism and syphilis, overwhelmed him. He died
at the age of 36.
Seeing Toulouse-Lautrec
in this wider context allows
viewers to not only experience a magnificent selection of
great works of art, but to also
appreciate the worldview of
fin-de-siecle Paris, markedly
different from that of the ear-
lier Impressionist generation.
His Post-Impressionist style is
a highly personal combination
of the Impressionistʼ interest
in contemporary subject matter and his own expressionistic
color and line. The eerie green
light on the interior evokes and
unhealthy atmosphere. Lautrec
then adds to the visual drama
by utilizing different lines to
contrast with the strong diagonals of the banister and
floorboards, which creates a
rushed feeling coming toward
the viewer, thus enhancing the
lively mood of the particularly
sophisticated setting.
There are 14 main galleries in this exhibition. Visitors
will first come upon the gallery that documents ToulouseLautrecʼs life, then continue
to Montmartre, Montmartre
Places and People, Montmartre
People and Places, Advertising Montmartre, Dance Halls,
The Chat Noir, The Chat Noir
and Aristide Bruant, CaféConcerts, Stars of the CaféConcerts – Jane Avril, Stars
of the Café-Concerts – Yvette
Guilbert, Loïe Fuller, Maisons
Closes (French for brothels),
Marcelle Lender, The Circus, a
and finally The End of an Era.
O n e
of the most
fascinating images
in this exhibition is
the dotted
of Montmartre on
as declared
by one of
the knowledgeable
at the Art
Set upon a
hill overlooking Paris, Montmartre had the air of a small
village with an identity distinct
from the city. Its steep and narrow winding roads contrasted
with the grands boulevards of
Paris, while its hillside, speckled with windmills, gave it a
semi rural quality. The culture
of Montmartre fell into two
camps: that of the daytime inhabitants – the working classes
and the poor, who were attracted by the neighborhoodʼs
inexpensive rents – and that
of the night visitors, made
up of more affluent Parisians
and tourists who indulged in
the cheap pleasures
of the cafes, dance
halls, cabarets, and
aspect of the exhibition is the Printers
in Residence – Artist
which takes place
until October 6,
2005. A team of artists from Anchor
Graphics work with
a Lautrec-inspired
picture of performer Jane Avril
as they demonstrate the process used by Lautrecʼs printers to bring his poster images
to life. The friendly instructor
will teach you about drawings,
elements, impression, lithography, matrix, overprinting, paper, proofs, serial publication,
spatter, states, tusche, ukiyo-e,
woodcut, and zincographs.
There are also many other
related programs at the Art
Institute fit for everyone to
Current nd
a Upcoming
Arts Events
Butoh: Ko & Edge Co.
Handsome Blue Sky
Monday, October 10, at 7:00pm
Rubloff Auditorium
(Award-winning Butoh choreographer
and performer Ko Murobushi reclaims the
origins of Tatsumi Hijikataʼs innovative
post-World War II dance form in his new
piece, Handsome Blue Sky. Four male
dancers, using brass boards, work through
the violence of seeking true liberation.
Slow, controlled movement reveals an
intense emotional journey. At last, they are
freed to the vast open sky.)
Billy Collins, U.S. Poet Laureate 20012003
Monday, October 17, at 6:00pm
Fullerton Hall
(Americaʼs most popular poet Billy Collins
introduces his new book, The Trouble with
Poetry and Other Poems, as he comments
on art and life. No poet since Robert Frost
has managed to earn such high critical acclaim while retaining broad popular appeal.
His poetry has appeared in the New Yorker,
Poetry, Paris Review, and American
Scholar. A book signing follows.)
Laurie Anderson
The End of the Moon
Sunday and Monday, November 20 and 21,
at 7:00pm
Fullerton Hall
(As NASAʼs first artist-in-residence, Laurie
Anderson draws on her recent research
and travels. Part travelogue, part personal
theories, history, and dreams, The End of
the Moon, conceived and performed by
Anderson, looks at the relationships among
war, esthetics, the space race, spirituality,
and consumerism. Anderson, on violin and
keyboard, explores the possibilities of time
and space just beyond our reach.)
Art Institute/Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Chamber Music
Sundays, October 23, December 11, February 12, and April 30, at 2:00pm
Fullerton Hall
The Fisk Jubilee Singers
In Bright Mansions
Friday, January 27, at 7:00pm
Rubloff Auditorium
(The Fisk Jubilee Singers present highlights
from their recent award-winning album In
Bright Mansions. These talented performers have represented Fisk University of
Nashville, Tennessee, to audiences all over
the world for over a century. This concert
continues their musical tradition of keeping
belief, aspiration, and affirmation alive.)
enjoy. There are daytime programs and evening programs;
for example the performance
programs Dancer Loïe Fuller
in the Time of Lautrec will
be performed in the Fullerton Hall until September 29
at 6:00pm while Voices: Toulouse-Lautrecʼs Montmartre
will perform until September
15 at noon.
Visitors interested in
seeing Toulouse-Lautrec and
Montmartre are strongly urged
to obtain tickets in advance because special dated and timed
tickets are required for admission into this amazing exhibition. So head over to the Art
Institute to explore Paris before this spectacular exhibition
leaves Chicago on October
Composer John Adams
Nixon in China – The Composerʼs Reflections
Thursday, May 18, at 6:00pm
Rubloff Auditorium
(Composer John Adams, General Director of
Chicago Opera Theater Brian Dickie, and Art
Institute President and Director James Cuno
uses slides and video clips to discuss past
productions of Adamʼs groundbreaking opera
Nixon in China.)
Dancer Loie Fuller in the Time of Lautrec
Thursday, September 29, at 6:00pm
Fullerton Hall
(Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was fascinated
by Loie Fullerʼs unique method of bringing
light, color, and movement to the stage. This
program tells the story of Chicago area born
Fuller, her impact on the world of dance,
and the arduous studies that have allowed
a reconstruction of her magnificent performances.)
American Life 1945-1955
Thursday, December 1, at 6:00pm
Fullerton Hall
(Swing dancers kick out the truly American
original Lindy Hop as we review art, photography, and architecture of American life in
the postwar decade.)
The Maxwell Street Band
Chagallʼs Fiddler and Friends
Thursday, May 4, at 6:00pm
Fullerton Hall
(Marc Chagallʼs fiddler on the roof has
opened vistas of imagery and has delighted
thousands. Klezmerʼs music will carry you
through the night with its contagious joys
and sorrows.)
Damine Kabuki Troupe
Sanbasou and Kurumabiki
Saturday, January 7, at 1:00 and 3:00pm
Rubloff Auditorium
(The Kabuki kids of Damine return for a
third visit to the Art Institute as they maintain
a 300-year-old pledge that all children in
their village learn and perform Kabuki.
Eleven costumed actors, ages 8 to 12, are
joined by narrator Shozo Sato.)
Out of India: Ganesha and Avatars of Vishnu
Saturday, April 8, at 11:00am
Fullerton Hall
(Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity, is honored, and the exciting episodes of the avatars
of Vishnu unfold to inform and delight. A
slide review of great artworks complements
traditional movements and poetry presented
by the beautiful dancers of the Natya Dance
A lesson in irony
By Chris D. Jones
The Pain in Not Feeling
[Aug. 7th, 2005|1:22 am]
I have no feeling,
To any of my appendages,
To the legs that used to
Ill never forget the way
you moved me.
To the arms that used to
control the hands that used
to hold.
What hands will you hold
To the heart that used to
Will you ever pump the
blood that I used to need?
To the eyes that my soul
used to see.
Did you know you have
blinded me?
To the soul that used to
To whom will you belong?
And in emptiness I lay
And in blind reckless action I live.
It’s your future. It’s a tool of the past.
It’s competition.
It’s stress management. It’s knowledge.
It’s an art. It’s a reproduction.
What do you see? Every day, The New York Times helps you see the world around you in
whole new ways. Pick up your copy of The Times today. And to subscribe at a very special
student rate of more than 50% off, call 1-888-NYT-COLL. Or visit
The new look of the iPod family GADGETS,
the new wave
By Kevin Henry
he best selling and most hip MP3 player just got smaller,
but still packs a wallop of cool.
Last Tuesday, Apple unleashed the new member of the
iPod family, the iPod nano. Replacing the stylish and colorful
iPod mini, this flash memory based player still has the same
stuff of the iPod mini, just smaller the size of
the iPod nano is astounding. At only
three and half inches tall, about one
and a half inches wide and almost a
quarter of an inch thick and weighing
only 1.5 ounces, the features packed
in the iPod nano will amaze you. It
contains a miniaturized version of the
now popular and famous Apple Click
Wheel, first introduced on the original
iPod minis, then in the 4th generation
of iPods and iPod photos. Containing a
color screen and an amazing 14 hours
of battery life while playing music, or
up to 4 hours of slideshows, the iPod
nano is a product of the future. The
iPod nano comes in two sizes, 2GB
and 4GB, and two colors, black and
Apple includes all of the great
features of the iPods these days in
the iPod nano. With On-the-Go play
lists, song or artist shuffle, customizable main menu, games and also now
a world clock and stopwatch. There
is even an option for the new “Screen
Lock,” which allows you to set a fourdigit code to protect your iPod nano from other people. The
iPod nano starts at $199 for the 2GB version, or $249 for the
4GB version. (Note: IIT students and faculty can also get a
discount through the Apple Store, and get the iPod nano for
$179 and $229 respectively.) The option of laser engraving is
free through the Apple Store website.
The iPod nano works with both Macs and PCʼs, and con-
nects at high speeds through USB 2.0, though is compatible
with USB 1.1.
With the introduction of the iPod nano, Apple also introduced several other products. The new iTunes 5.0, streamlined
and improved, for both Mac and PCʼs, now features a cleaner
interface, new search bar, options for parental controls and the
new Smart Shuffle.
In addition to iTunes, Apple, along with Motorola, released the Motorola ROKR; a cell phone with an iPod-like
the ability to buy
songs from a special music store
for the ROKR.
You can play the
music on stereo
headphones, or on
the speakers built
into the ROKR.
The ROKR has
a capacity of 100
songs, and is already available
from Cingular.
up all these new
products, Apple
also showed off
their special Harry Potter iPod. A
collectorʼs iPod,
a 20B iPod, with
color screen, and
logo laser engraved on the back. The iPod is preloaded with
the complete collection of Harry Potter audio books, from the
Sorcererʼs Stone to the Half-Blood Prince. The Harry Potter
iPod is available for $548 from the Apple Store.
Even with the disappearance of the much loved iPod mini,
the future still looks bright for Apple with their new iPod nano
and ROKR.
University Technology Park, for
the Research of the Future, Today
By Kevin Henry
hough some may not venture further south than
34th street, exciting changes
are already taking place to
put IIT one more step into the
technology world.
IIT has high hopes for
its new facilities being created on the south-side of
campus, the University Technology Park with “state-ofthe-art facilities designed to
help propel a broad spectrum
of technological and scien-
tific innovations capable of
changing the world.”
Stretching from Federal
Street to the edge of the parking lots east of State Street,
spaces for the new facility
are already being built. The
first phase of the project is
being housed in the buildings west of the IIT Research
Institute Tower, or IITRIT.
The Incubator, IITRI Center
and Technology Business
Center 1, are being renovated to house laboratories,
and office space, in specially
designed setups, that can be
modified for the complex
needs of companies in science and engineering.
Other phases that will come
in the future will be spaces
in 3424 South State Street
and the IITRIT, as well as 5
new research buildings and
a 1500 car parking ramp.
All this space will be for
rent to new and small companies in science in technology. A total of 1.5 million
square feet of space, in nine
lab and office buildings, as
well as support services for
business and development
will be available.
With $6 million in state
grants, $25 million from IIT
and $75 million in private
and public funding, the University Technology Park will
create about 2500 jobs in the
next decade.
The University Technology Park has hopes of
helping successfully launch
many companies into the
world of science and technology, and could ensure a
bright future for research,
business and learning here
at IIT.
By Kevin Henry
Clean yourself with ʻdirtyʼ water?
UK student, Peter Brewin, has designed a shower
system that recycles and cleans used water. An ecofriendly system that uses a system resembling a Dyson
vacuum cleaner, with filters and hydro cyclones, installed
behind the shower can clean and reheat the used water
and has the potential to save users about £170 ($310) a
year in London.
Cool computing crystals
esearchers at Georgia Institute of Technology are
starting research into developing cheap methods of
producing 3D photonic and phononic crystals (light and
acoustic). Photonic and phononic crystals have the ability
to revolutionize technology from computing to communications.
Get your hands on
A team of scientists at the University of Southampton have developed a prototype of an artificial hand. Using a system of motors and gears, each finger can move
independently of the other fingers. With current prosthetic
hands having little or no movement, this could have hope
for those in need of prosthetic limbs.
Feel safer on your bike Honda recently released the
Honda 1800 Gold Wing motorcycle, which among the
new features is a first for motorcycles. A “fully integrated” airbag for the rider. Although it is unknown how well
it will work, it could still save lives.
Take a hike, geek!
cientists at the University of Pennsylvania have created a backpack that generates electricity. Using the
up and down movements of walking, up to seven watts of
power can be generated for use with electronics and other
gear. Though perfect for applications in the military, if
produced this could soon allow geeks all around to take
all their gadgets hiking with them.
A mouse that can think?
ogitech has released a new batch of cordless mice.
Among these is the Logitech MX 610, which is being
called the “worldʼs first smart mouse.” It uses laser tracking and 2.4 GHz wireless technology. Inside is a microprocessor that allows two-way communication between
the computer, turning itself on and off, and even notifying
of new IMs or emails with lights. Other mice include a
durable notebook mouse, an ambidextrous mouse, and a
mouse for full use with a Bluetooth computer.
ET listen in
lienware is now entering the digital audio player
ring. Their new CE-IV player will have up to 1GB
of built-in memory and “dock” with a special Alienware
speaker device.
The screen is there Although it may not look like it
at first glance, Sonyʼs new MP3 players do have a screen.
Using an invisible OLED screen in their larger hard drive
and smaller flash versions, the seamless display is enough
to “wow” anyone.
Hybrids Vehicles, a look into the future of automobles
By Srinivas Gundugurti
ow, look at the sky kissing gas prices,
amazing isnʼt it? Itʼs very fortunate for
the people who donʼt have cars. They are saving a fortune, who knows; maybe they can save
enough money now [during high gas prices] to
buy a car! Seriously talking, the magnitude of
how high the gas prices are right now is just
very thought provoking [and debatable].
A few set of facts that are to be noticed,
America imports roughly 11 million barrels of
oil every day! Todayʼs price of oil per barrel:
$65. Doing the math, the amount equals seven
hundred and fifteen million. A large percentage of this import is used for automobiles. That
means, not to scare you or anything, if you have
a car and a big number of people continue to
use cars and trucks as a form of transportation,
and going by the numbers, the oil usage per day
and then per month and then per year (yes that is
of exponential values), there might be one day
where they would be a scarcity for oil in this
world. This is in no way trying to scare you, just
think about it. ʻWhat ifʼ this happens one day?
You might have a warning a few days ahead of
time, but what then, would you do? What would
your car run on? Would you use other sources of
ʻfuelʼ? Would you still have to burn something
in your car to run it?
To the point now, what was just stated
above was asked by many people before, many
insightful and thoughtful people. How would
the world run without gasoline? The answer is
Hybrid Vehicles. For a start, Hybrid vehicles
are the way of the present. Yes, you read right,
the way of the present. The future is here now.
Be aware of it, the future becomes the present.
What exactly are hybrid vehicles?
To start of, a Hybrid vehicle is a combination of two power sources which are generally
diesel-electric or petrol-electric or LPG-electric
etc. Each hybrid vehicle is designed so that two
systems can work either in parallel or in a series.
This means, in a simple way, the two systems
are placed in the car such that when one power
source is working, the other is conserving its energy or charging for later use. Right now, both
kinds of automobiles do exist in the market.
The hybrid cars which are listed on Yahoo
Autos are Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Accord
Hybrid, Toyota Prius, Ford Escape Hybrid,
Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra Hybrid, Honda Insight and the Lexus RX 400h. The list is
concise in a way, but the cars are very much selling and are in demand. For example, the Toyota
Prius touched the sales mark of 100,000 units in
2004. Also, Toyota has made an announcement
that they have sold a quarter of a million Hybrid
cars from 1997. These are not facts from a bogus
website, there are very true facts!
What are the advantages of Hybrid cars?
They save you money on gas because they give
you a better mileage. A quick comparison, a
normal road car has a mileage of 24 miles per
gallon in the city and a hybrid car has 60 miles
per gallon in the city. The other fact is that they
are more eco-friendly that a complete gas car.
They are quieter than the others. They have
better higher reliability ratings and mechanical
quality ratings (from J D Power).
In short, what the fact of the matter is, that
Hybrid cars would soon have to be used in a
larger proportion. Not because you have to save
the environment, its because you have to make
a start by switching slowly to other means of
fuel or else, the scary prospect of draining our
oil reserves in this world will threaten to become a reality.
Leadership Camp Teaches Life-Long Skills with Fun
continuted from front page
had to demonstrate how factors such as
planning, feedback, support, strategy, communication affected their performance. It was a
good learning experience for many of us. After
lunch, various teams went ahead to take part in
the events that they signed up for earlier that
day. As some teams were exercising upper body
strength in wall climbing and swinging through
high ropes, others were engaging in water sports
such as canoeing, kayaking and sailing.
Another interesting activity was the use of
the Segway. An award ceremony was held later
in the evening and we were thrilled to listen
to Robert Growney, IIT alum and retired vice
chair of Motorola Incorporated, as he told us
about his college experiences and his business
ventures at Motorola.
An adventure through the woods to the
Yerkes Observatory proved exciting as well as
informative because we learned about constellations as we viewed the sky through enormous
On our final day at the retreat, we participated in one more activity and then attended an
insightful inspirational seminar led by Mr. Fisher. We learned much about self-development
and even created a life map reflecting themes
of our goals in life. Everyone created a personal
mission statement for himself or herself. This
session provided one with the opportunity to
discover things that were relevant to our personal development. The Associate Director of
OWLS, Gary Cwidak, popularly known as “Big
Dog,” gave a powerful closing statement on the
importance of honoring our contracts and sup-
porting each other.
In a recent interview with Jaime Kuo, the
Graduate Associate at the Leadership Academy,
she commented on how happy she was with the
level of participation from this yearʼs sophomore class; the number of students involved
this year was the highest since its pilot program
five years ago. She hoped that participants were
able to challenge themselves by taking part in
activities that might not necessarily be in their
comfort zones, explore themselves by discovering who they really are, and develop leadership
and team skills in the process.
On talking with Ryan Tanner, a senior and
a leadership academy scholar who was attending for the first time, he had this to say: “The
experience was more than I expected. I had an
awesome opportunity to meet many people and
learn more about myself in a team setting. I had
so much fun with the activities and I was challenged in various ways. The staff was very sup-
portive in helping us improve ourselves for the
future. I canʼt believe people donʼt go for this!”
Students were also as enthusiastic, as
sophomore Yagna Pathak reflected, “It was
amazing because I figured out how to come out
of my comfort zone by challenging myself to do
things I have never done before, like kayaking
and high ropes. I made a lot of new friends from
diverse cultures and academic fields. I think we
bonded pretty well as a sophomore class.”
This retreat was indeed a once in a lifetime experience. We were able to learn skills
required for growth in the real world, bring the
effects of tackling challenges back to our real
lives and reflect upon the experience to realize
what areas we need to work on.
To the freshman class: You do not want to
miss this awesome opportunity. Itʼs probably
one of the most important and exciting things
you would do here at IIT so do make sure to get
involved in this retreat your sophomore year.
SGA Pledges Unified Student Response to
Hurricane Katrina
Student Government Association creates Hurricane Relief
and Support Committee, commits to year-long relief effort
Freshmen ROTC class
largest in recent years
By Kerry Armes
n August 13th, sixteen
freshmen men and women began a week long orientation program to prepare them
for the path they chose to follow as officers in the United
States Navy or Marine Corps.
The week began at IITʼs campus, where they took the Oath
of Enlistment.
From IIT, the freshmen
were taken to Great Lakes
Naval Station with a staff of
upper-classmen along with
enlisted personnel and officers
from the Naval ROTC unit
here at IIT.
This staff was responsible for all of the training
the incoming class received
throughout the week. The
week was very chaotic for the
new freshmen, many of whom
have never been in a military
environment before.
At Great Lakes they received training in general military disciple, order, and structure. Freshmen were taught
how to march in ordered drill,
as well as earning their “skipper B” sailing qualifications.
The week included many
long days that challenged the
incoming class both physically and mentally, but most
importantly the new class
was taught about the sense of
pride and responsibility that
comes along with serving your
country. The core values of the
Navy – Honor, Courage, and
Commitment – were heavily emphasized throughout the
week to motivate and educate
the freshmen about what they
were becoming a part of.
Even though it was only
one week long, you can see the
transformation already beginning in the new class from the
first day they arrived.
This new class was the
biggest class to join the program in many years, showing
improvements in recruiting efforts by our unit. Being part of
the orientation week staff and
seeing this new class grow has
been a motivating experience
for me as well. I look forward
to the coming years here and
expect to see great things from
this new class.
eptember 6, 2004: In a strong response by its voting body, the Student Government
Association passed a resolution that allows SGA to be the central point of communication, collaboration, and coordination for long-term Hurricane Katrina relief efforts among
students. The resolution also provides for the creation of the Hurricane Relief and Support
Committee, which will see that those objectives are met. Additionally, SGA granted power
to Finance Board to allow organizations to donate admission revenue from events sponsored by the Student Activities Fund (SAF) for the current academic year.
Finance Board is a branch of SGA that receives proposals from student organizations
for funding of operational needs, programs, conferences, competitions, and capital purchases from the Student Activities Fund, a $60 fee that is charged to students each semester.
This fee amounts to approximately $400,000 in funding that is available to students each
year. When asked what impact the donations would have on the SAF, Finance Board Chair
Tim Schug projected that admission revenue could reach $40,000.
The effort is in response to Hurricane Katrina, which has left much of the Gulf Coast
region of the United States in dismay after striking land Monday, August 29. Since then,
there has been outpour of national and international support to help the victims of what
could be one of the worst natural disasters to strike the United States. The university released a statement on their response to the disaster on the Friday following the hurricane,
prompting great interest by students of the IIT community to reach out to those affected by
the tragedy.
At the general meeting, SGA President Jason Tenenbaum explained that the resolution
was necessary in order to work with the university to create a unified and coordinated longterm response by students. The committee will last through the entire academic year and
will be chaired by second year undergraduate Alex Beckwith. Any students or organizations
currently planning hurricane outreach events or fundraisers or students interested in volunteering time are urged to contact as soon as possible.
Much anticipated U-Club Live Rocks IIT Campus
By Pavan Rao
ast Thursday, Dan Wido,
a third year Biomedical
Engineering student, brought
three up-and-coming bands
to perform outdoors on IITʼs
campus as part of his position
on Union Board as the U-Club
Live programmer.
The three bands entertained IIT students on the
MTCC Front lawn from 6:30
P.M. till 9:30 P.M. The event
started on time, with Donʼt
Call it a Comeback performing first.
A local band from the
suburbs, Donʼt Call it a Comeback consisted of three members, with Brad on the drums,
Joe on the guitar/vox, and Kent
on the bass. In the beginning,
the crowd was light, but as the
pop punk bandʼs music echoed
around IITʼs campus, more and
more students arrived. Within
half an hour, about 70 students
were standing in front of the
stage enjoying the music.
Many students came and
went throughout the evening,
some on their way to and from
class. All the while, RHA fed
the students with hundreds of
complimentary popsicles and
fudge bars. The occasional
train was as loud as usual, but
didnʼt seem to bother the students very much.
After Donʼt Call it a
Comeback finished, they left
free CDʼs behind for IIT student fans. The next group, The
World Famous, started performing at 7:30 P.M.
The World Famous,
known for its hip-hop, rap, and
soul music, has the following
group members: Young Cy,
Chris, Geno, Natural, and
Bless. They started in high
school as a group of friends
who enjoyed performing in
front of their peers.
After seeing a positive
reaction from their peers, they
decided to become more seriously dedicated and came out
with a 35 song catalog within
four months.
Luck, though, did not
turn their way, and they were
not able to get any labels to
sign them. As an alternative,
they decided to take some of
their best material and make
a mixed tape. Then they uploaded some of their songs
onto and within
3 months they had over four
thousand fans. Now they are
busy making their first album
called “Take ʻem to Church.”
Rumor had it that they even
got the opportunity to open for
Kanye West.
View down Chappie James of damage done by flood waters caused by Hurricane Katrina
IITʼs student body seemed
to enjoy the music, as they
started swaying to the beat. At
8:15 P.M., the Worlds Famous
finished up, and the final band,
Junior Varsity, began performing. Junior Varsity, an indie
rock band, consists of members Andrew Paul Wildrick,
Asa Steven Dawson, Chris
Truffelruffel Birch, Nicholas
Adam Dodson, and Sergio Armando Coronado.
Of the three, Junior Varsity is definitely the most successful. Their brand new album
produced by Victory Records
is titled “Wide Eyed.” It can
be found at all major record
stores, including Walmart,
Best Buy, Media Play, FYE,
and Borders.
The Junior Varsityʼs performance was going great until
there was a technical difficulty:
the drummers kick pedal had
broken. Luckily, a member of
Donʼt Call it a Comeback was
still around, and lent a replacement. Throughout their performance, the Junior Varsity was
selling band paraphernalia
such as t-shirts for $10-$15
and various belts. A number
of t-shirt designs were already
sold out.
In the past, U-Club Live
has been held indoors and has
had a relatively low turnout.
Compared to the past, this
event was a huge success.
Though unfortunately, the
event will have to be moved
indoors back to the U-Club as
the weather gets colder.
The enthusiastic Dan
Wido, unfortunately was not
happy with the turnout, and
would love to see more of his
fellow students come out to
enjoy the concerts in the future.
Student union.
College students and faculty, buy a
qualifying Mac and get a free iPod mini
after mail-in rebate.*
Buy a Mac. Get a free iPod mini. And with your everyday education discount save up to $479.** But act now.
The o∂er is only good from June 28 through September 24, 2005. Take advantage of this o∂er at an Apple Store
near you or online at
*O∂er is for qualified Apple Education Individual end-user purchasers only. Excludes 12-inch iBook with CD-ROM drive, eMac, and Mac mini models. Rebate is for up to $179 o∂ of an iPod, iPod mini, or iPod photo (excludes iPod shuπe). Additional terms apply. See O∑cial O∂er Coupon
or visit **$479 savings based on $300 education discount on purchase of a 17-inch PowerBook and $179 rebate on a qualifying iPod. TM and © 2005 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.
SGAʼs 10 amendments and
what they mean to Students
By Kevin Arnold
Big freshman event! After two weeks of
work, itʼs time for some awesome fun!!!”
This was the advertisement posted around
residence halls during the week leading up
to Labor Day. The flyers, posted by residence
advisors on freshmen floors, were aimed at
bringing together freshmen from MSV and
SSV. The students were promised an exciting
scavenger hunt through Chicago. Many students had their eyes on the prize offered to the
winning team.
Early in the afternoon on September 5,
RAs on each floor gathered as many freshmen
as they could to join in the scavenger hunt.
The State Street Village Middle Fourth had
the most participants, with a team of five students. Adam Nizich said he decided to join in
because he “wanted to get out and see Chicago.” Other students said they were happy to
have a break from their rooms.
Once the teams were assembled, they met
at the McCormick Tribune Campus Center to
go over the rules, and start the race. The rules
were easy. Each team would be given a list of
clues. The clues would lead them to six places
in Chicago. At each location, each team had
to have their photo taken by an RA. The first
team to the location of the last clue would be
the winner of the 2005 Freshman Event.
The first challenge for the teams of students was to find their clue sheets. They had
been placed around the campus, and each team
was given a clue to a different location. Clue
sheets and “L” maps were found at Perlstein
Hall, Stuart Building, and various other locations. Once they found their clue sheets, the
teams were off to the “L” stop. Participants in
the event could not get rides, so they made use
of the Chicago Transit System. Most teams
took the green or red lines downtown to find
their first landmark.
The first clue led teams to the Chicago
Public Library, where an RA was waiting to
take a group photo. After the picture, it was a
race back to the “L”. The next clue included
references to Jim Belushi and Dan Akroyd, and
a place they called home. It took some teams
a while to figure out what the clue meant, but
eventually it led all of the teams to the House
of Blues.
At the House of Blues, the teams crowded together for a quick group shot before
heading off to the ESPN Zone to find their
next photo opportunity. The third stop was the
elegant Grand Lux Café above Ann Taylorʼs.
Before rushing off to their final clue location
downtown, a few teams stopped to watch the
talented magician on Michigan Avenue.
The final clue in downtown Chicago led
teams to the towering John Hancock Center.
After arriving first at the building and having their picture taken, the members of the
SSV Middle Fourth team opted to visit the
Signature Lounge on the ninety-sixth floor of
John Hancock Center. Nor Tanapura, an international student, joined in the event to learn
his way around downtown Chicago. He said,
“Visiting the Signature Lounge was the best
part of the entire scavenger hunt.”
After all of the teams visited Chicagoʼs
third tallest building, they made their way to
the final stop, Chinatown, where, “Buddha
and paper dragons were waiting.”
Once all of the teams arrived, the residence hall advisors escorted the freshman
back to the McCormick Student Village lawn.
Freshmen who participated in the “Big Freshman Event” were rewarded with pizza, chips,
and soda. The winning teams were given prizes, and everyone was congratulated for having
fun, and enjoying a beautiful Labor Day while
SGAʼs 10 amendments and what
they mean to Student Organizations
By Kevin Arnold
or everyone who was in the last weekʼs
SGA meeting, you were aware of the 10
amendments receiving approval during the
I am sure most of you have looked over the
amendment(s) and understood how it works
and what changes it will bring about in the
SGA + FB connection. For those of you who
werenʼt at the meeting, or who didnʼt understand, here is an abridged version of the
Starting off on who the author of the
Amendment is, it is the Future Policy committee and the chair of SGA Advancement
committee, Brandon Lloyd. The title of the
amendment read ʻMaking Student Activities
Fund Allocation More Effectiveʼ. The amendment was basically about giving the right to
Finance Board to allocate the SAF to student
organizations who propose for their operating
budget. In the past, each proposal that Finance
Board looked at was passed on to SGA for
approval, but now, Finance Board has the authority to approve and allocate the operating
proposals for student organizations. If all the
guidelines are followed in the proposal and
touring downtown Chicago. After the scavenger hunt, many of the participants brought
out soccer balls, Frisbees, and volleyballs,
and spent the afternoon playing in the sun. It
seemed from the enthusiasm at the end of the
event that, the freshman had fun. Eric Hiller
said, “I didnʼt know what to expect from the
event, but it was more fun than sitting in my
room all day.” RA Shivam Srivastava commented, “It was a great bonding experience
for all of the freshmen. They went to some re-
if Finance Board votes for an approval of an
operating budget, it will be instantly approved
by FB and it will not be presented to the SGA
voting body. This was done to improve the
efficiency of the SGA meetings every other
week. This will speed up the meetings so they
will be more productive and end sooner.
Then what were the other nine proposals?
This one amendment was in the FB Guidelines. Changing this one Article had a dominos effect and thus, the other 8 articles had to
be changed in order to accommodate the first
amendment. The other amendment was about
the appeal-time for any Finance Board decisions which are addressed to the SGA Executive Board. It was amended so that it would
give flexibility to the SGA Executive Board
so that they can set up an appeal time which
is good for the entire board. If this amendment
was not made, it would have made it difficult
for the board to set up a fixed time around
classes and other obligations, as stated in the
If you are interested in participating in
SGA, come to the general meetings that occur
biweekly on Tuesday nights at 9:15pm in the
Perlstien Hall Auditorium. The next meeting
is September 20th 2005. Email if
you have any questions.
ally cool places because it was a well planned
scavenger hunt.”
This event helped the freshman get
to know the people who live with them on
their floor. It was an opportunity for freshman to make friends, and more importantly
have fun. Each year, the event takes place,
and each year, it is different. This yearʼs event
was unique, because students gained a valuable tool, finding their way through downtown
Chicago on the busy “L”.
continued from front page
peatedly states, “We have
won nothing at the moment;
we have to apply ourselves to
every game and
play with 100%
for that 90 minutes.”
The majority of the starting team will
be returning in
the seasons to
come, building
on the experience they have
gained from this season. Win
or lose, the future of
menʼs soccer at IIT
looks brighter than
ever before.
There has also
been an improvement in the intensity of play during
the games. As IIT
now has a group of
seniors that form a
strong nucleus of the
team, the Hawks are
much more experienced and
have the necessary leadership
required for a team to be successful.
Captains Zach Hartnett
and Peter Schillinger stated
how they “are excited about the
youth and exuberance about the
team,” which has
showed in the
speed of play in the
early stages of the
Looking forward to the 11th,
the team faces
what could be the
toughest prospect of the year
and one of the most important games in the
programs history.
The Hawks face
Rio Grande “Redmen,” previous
winners of the
national tournament, and currently ranked 4th in
the nation. Also
boasting a swag of
international play-
ers, this leaves the IIT team as
the underdogs.
However, this
places all
the pressure
and combined with
information within our own
program and a Hawks team in
excellent condition, the game
is definitely there to be won.
This could potentially put the
menʼs soccer program in the
headlines and will be a fair indication of how we are really
The Hawks will then
hope to carry their momentum
forward into their first conference match next Saturday
against Olivet Nazarene, followed by
the proceeding
the team
to show
the dedication
they have
shown in
the early
the team
will have unprecedented success.
Menʼs Soccer Team Roster
Nathan Woods
Andrew Lichaj
Armando Limon
Nathan Waisath
Jason Howard
Kyle Koning
Sean Christopherson
Alex Colvin
Benson Okeiyi
Jared Sampson
Pedro Lima
Jaime Banuelos
Mario Marquez
Liam Geoghegan
David Garcia
Zach Hartnett
Emiliano Giana
Bill Pajak
Todd Maki
Ryan Yarzak
Jon Sibley
Steve Smurzynski
Steven Booher
Victor Pano
Peter Schillinger
Juan Casiraghi
Mike Lennertz
Jesse Hollingsworth
Mike Morley
Robert Zaprzal
James Williams
Centerville, VA
Downers Grove, IL
Queretaro, Mexico
Aurora, IL
Peachtree City, GA
Homer Glen, IL
Grand Blanc, MI
Mesquite, TX
Chapel Hill, NC
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Guadalajara, Mexico
Tuscon, AZ
Manly, Australia
Monterrey, Mexico
San Diego, CA
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Palos Heights, IL
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Freeport, IL
Elmhurst, IL
Tinley Park, IL
Anchorage, AK
Madrid, Spain
Woodridge, IL
Azul, Argenina
Orland Park, IL
Stillwater, OK
Naperville, IL
Addison, IL
Hope Mills, NC
This Week
Olivet Nazarene
7:00 pm
Men’s Soccer
Women’s Soccer
Women’s Volleyball
at Hasting Tourney
vs. St. Xavier
7:00 pm
at Midwest Coll.
Open 12:00 pm
Cross Country
Last Week
Men’s Soccer
Won, 8-3
vs The Franciscan
Women’s Soccer
Won, 7-0
vs. The Franciscan
Women’s Volleyball
Cross Country
at Hastings Tourney
Won, 3-0
at Robert Morris
vs. Rio Grande
2:00 pm
vs Robert Morris
3:00 pm
at St. Xavier Tourny
2:00, 6:00
at Spartan Classic
Men 4 of 12
Women 4 of 14
at St. Xavier Tourny
10:00, 2:00
vs. Olivet Nazarene
7:00 pm
Cross Country Gallops Across Mount Mercy
By Bryan Bridgeman whose kick in the last 400 meTECHNEWS WRITER
magine, if you will, that you
are standing at the bottom
of a rolling hill in the Great
Plains. You feel a mystic aura
about this place; a sort of precognition of greatness. You see
a wild and pristine sight charge
suddenly into your unhindered
view: a herd of wild mustangs.
This rare and beautiful
collection of untamed creatures
turns and gallops straight towards you, causing your pulse
to quicken. This, my friends,
is exactly the feeling I experienced as I waited at the finishing chute of the Ladiesʼ 5 K
race at Mount Mercy (the aptly
named Mustang Gallop), Iowa
on September 3. Watching
these ladies give their utmost
for the last few meters of the
race is an awe-inspiring thing.
The results for the ladies were fairly awe-inspiring
as well. Leading the Scarlet
Hawks was sophomore Christie Ferraro with a Fourth place
finish and a time of 20:14, a
mere 58 seconds behind the
first-place finisher. Following
closely with a time of 20:21
was junior Amara Ogbonnaya,
ters left the competition in the
Securing a third position in
the overall top ten was Melissa
Lemons, with a respectable
Shan Colletti rocketed
past two Mount Mercy Ladies
(take that, Iowa!) with a time
of 23:10, showing significant
improvement in both strength
and speed. And with stoic re-
the Lady Hawks received an
overall first place, proving that
these women are not only intelligent and good-looking, but
crazy fast as well. Winning this
Menʼs Overall Results:
Womenʼs Overall Results:
1 Northern Iowa C.C. 47 1 2 10 14 20 34 39
Total Time: 2:25:04.00
Average: 29:00.80
2 Grand View College 54 4 7 9 16 18 19 23
Total Time: 2:26:21.00
Average: 29:16.20
3 Robert Morris College 71 3 6 12 21 29 36 47
Total Time: 2:28:01.00
Average: 29:36.20
4 Illinois Tech 94 5 17 22 24 26 28 32
Total Time: 2:30:15.00
Average: 30:03.00
5 Mount Mercy College 124 11 15 27 31 40 41
43 Total Time: 2:34:25.00
Average: 30:53.00
1 Illinois Tech 34 3 4 8 9 10 17 23
Total Time: 1:49:37.00
Average: 21:55.40
2 Mount Mercy College 58 2 6 13 18 19
Total Time: 1:53:34.00
Average: 22:42.80
3 Grand View College 68 7 12 14 15 20 27
Total Time: 1:54:54.00
Average: 22:58.80
4 Northern Iowa C.C. 74 1 11 16 22 24
Total Time: 1:55:39.00
Average: 23:07.80
5 Robert Morris College 105 5 21 25 26 28 29
Total Time: 2:04:02.00
Average: 24:48.40
time of 22:14. The eleventh
and twelfth places were also
secured by IIT ladies Natalia
Ervin (looking strong at 22:20)
and Liz Bilitz (maintaining tenacity at 22:28).
solve, Kaitlin Streyle, Ioana
Nicolaescu, and Thom (Pui)
Santisalkultarm finished with
respective times of 24:40,
25:57, and 27:20.
With the combined scores,
What to watch for: NFL week 2
By Matt Helland
Detroit 17 Chicago 24
The Bears will treat their home fans to a victory
in week two. Kyle Orton will feel more comfortable playing at home and the Bears will find
plenty of room to run against the Lions.
Minnesota 27 Cincinnati 21
This will be one of the best games of the week.
Both teams have excellent passing games, so
whoever can run the ball better will win this one.
Look for both Bennett and Moore to score, leading to a Viking win.
Baltimore 13 Tennessee 10
Both teams will scrap to the end, and with neither
team having much talent on offense, this will be
a game of field position. Late in the game, Baltimoreʼs special teams will be the difference.
Jacksonville 17 Indianapolis 35
The Colts just have too much offensive firepower
for the Jaguars. Manning, Harrison, and Wayne
will all but up big numbers through the air, leading to a lopsided victory.
San Francisco 7 Philadelphia 42
The 49ers are by far the worst team in the NFC.
They will definitely get a win some time this
year, but this definitely wonʼt be their week.
Buffalo 14 Tampa Bay 17
A slight upset here, as many will expect Buffalo
to go to Tampa and earn a win. However, the
Bucs have the talent on offense to play with the
Bills, and will pull out a victory in the closing
New England 20 Carolina 21
This has to be the game of the week. Last yearʼs
Super Bowl Champs against a tough Carolina
team who many experts have picked to reach
super bowl XL this year. Look for the Panthers
to use their home-field advantage to pull-off the
Pittsburgh 20 Houston 13
The Steeler defense will shut down Domanick
Davis, forcing QB David Carr to make some big
plays. Carrʼs an above average QB, but wonʼt
be able to find enough open receivers against the
stingy Pittsburgh secondary.
St. Louis 28 Arizona 24
The Cardinals are on the rise, and will prove to
the Rams that they arenʼt the pushover that they
were in previous years. The game will be close,
but the St. Louis passing game will prove to be
too much down the stretch.
Atlanta 21 Seattle 28
A great offensive match up in Seattle, as two of
the best running games will go head-to-head.
Look for Vick and Dunn to score early for Atlanta, but Alexander and the big Seattle offensive
line wear down the Falconʼs defense.
San Diego 31 Denver 21
Denver always play well at home, but with Antonio Gates back from his suspension, the Chargers
will have a balanced offensive attack, proving
too be to much for the Bronco defense.
Cleveland 17 Green Bay 28
The Packers are week on defense, but wonʼt have
trouble with the Cleveland offense. Look for Favre to light-up the Cleveland secondary, throwing three touchdown passes.
Miami 17 N.Y. Jets 13
The Dolphin offense will have trouble scoring,
forcing their defense to carry the load. Look for
Jason Taylor and the defensive line to force a
handful of turnovers, upsetting the heavily favored Jets.
Kansas City 35 Oakland 28
Trent Green and Kerry Collins will lead both
teams up and down the field, tossing pass after
pass. However, the Chiefs have a more balanced
offense than the Raiders, which is why K.C. is
the pick.
N.Y. Giants 24 New Orleans 17
With the Saints unable to play home games, they
are forced to play this game at New York. New
Orleans will battle all year, but will find playing
16 road games too much to handle.
Washington 10 Dallas 14
Both defenses will make this Monday night game
a low-scoring affair. Look for Dallas to protect
the ball on offensive, and use Julius Jones too
wear down the Redskins in the 4th quarter.
with an overall place of fourth.
Here is the break down for
the Menʼs 8 k results: Dan
Oh launched himself into fifth
place with a time of 28:24. Big
meet was no small task, considering that this course was mostly hills (which are in short supply along the lake front path).
My hat is off to you, girls.
The men also did well,
Ed Aramayo ripped the course
to shreds with a blistering time
of 29:51.
With shoes that are still
smoking, Nate Gates came in at
30:22. Following by a 24-sec-
ond interval was Jared Gardner, who slightly resembled
an Alaskan version of Speedy
Gonzalez. The beardly Doug
Meyer was next with a smoking 30:52, followed by Tom
Francescangeli (30:59), and
the ambiguous Alek Babel
Thomas Montgomery
finished at 32:11. Holding
decent paces, Chris Chackakis and Matt Priebe showed
their stuff with 32:59 and
33:07. Oh yes, and big
John McCluskey came in
with a hellacious kick and
a notable time of 33:43 with
Bryan Bridgeman trailing
him by 25 seconds. Kevin
Krupp, Rich Stefanski, and
Blake Hellmann all finished
within a minute of each other, showing exciting promise for future races. And
finally, Angad Ngwan and
Greg Deresinski finished
within 5 seconds of each
other, exerting the power of
Both teams were aided by
the brothers of the Pi Kapps before the race. Their snacks and
banners greatly encouraged me
personally. Thanks fellas. We
are much obliged.
Womenʼs volleyball continues to set up for victories
By Sarah Ocwieja
he IIT Hawks started off their conference
play with a win against Robert Morris on
Tuesday September 6th.
The Hawks beat Robert Morris in three
straight games, 30-14, 30-25, and 30-23.
Lauren Joyce led the team with 22 assists.
Amanda Bieberich and Sarah Olson led the
team in kills with 9 and 7 respectively. Raisa
Pelae had the best serving night with 5 aces.
The whole team worked together to garner
this win.
The season continued for the Hawks this
weekend at a tournament at St. Xavier Uni-
versity. IIT went 2 and 2 for the weekend,
splitting both days. The weekend started
off well with a win in 4 games against Tiffin
University. Then the Hawks had three excited
matches that went to 5 games. However, the
Hawks only managed to win one of those
five-game matches.
IIT lost to St. Joseph and St. Francis but
won the third one against St. Xavier. In each
of these matches IIT struggle with serve receiving and keeping the momentum. There
was times when the play seemed to be really flat. This is something IIT will work on
throughout the season. St. Xavier is the team
IIT will be hosting on Tuesday, at 7:00 for the
first home conference game of the season.