Chemist _________________________ Date _____________ Smells Homework: Lesson 6 Title: Where’s the Fun? Subtitle: Lesson Question: _________________________________________________________________________ Key Topic: __________________________________________________________ Important Details: Key Topic: __________________________________________________________ Important Details: Key Topic: __________________________________________________________ Important Details: DO NOT RE‐COPY FUNCTIONAL GROUP NAMES/PICTURES/SMELLS. 1 Homework Questions 1. S6 – 1: What is a functional group? 2. S6 – 3: Explain why C2H4 has fewer hydrogen atoms than C2H6. 3. S6 – 4: Create a four‐carbon molecule that is a/an: Alkane Carboxylic acid
4. S6 – 10 & 11 Problem Functional Group Molecular Formula A B C D E F 2 Part II: Vocabulary BACK FRONT Please make flashcards for all of the important functional groups covered in class today. Please design them as follows: Functional Group Name Initials Suffix Smell Molecular Formula Functional Group Name ALL STUDENTS must make flashcards for the following functional groups: ‐ Amine ‐ Alcohol ‐ Ketone ‐ Carboxylic acid ‐ Ester ‐ Alkane STUDENTS COMPLETING HONORS must make flashcards for these additional functional groups: ‐ Alkene ‐ Ether ‐ Alkyne ‐ Thiol ‐ Aldehyde FUNCTIONAL GROUP FLASHCARDS: Run through your functional group flashcards THREE times. Write the vocabulary terms you get wrong from each round in the table below. Round 1 3 Round 2
Round 3