Be Well Program – Massage Therapy

Be Well Program –
Massage Therapy
IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Services is now offering Therapeutic Massage
in Muncie. Therapeutic Massage offers a natural approach to deal with pain and enhance the
body’s own restorative powers. Whether you are a busy mother of four, an athlete looking to
improve performance or a person working to rehabilitate an injury, therapeutic massage can
benefit you.
Our certified massage therapist can offer precise treatments for anyone affected by arthritis,
chronic pain, stress, fibromyalgia, headaches or muscle strain. The benefits of massage therapy
include improved joint mobility and flexibility, decreased pain and anxiety, enhanced immune
system, increased circulation and more.
Your therapeutic massage session can be scheduled at one of the following locations:
• IU Health Ball Memorial Rehabilitation Center, 3300 W. Community Drive, Muncie, IN 765.751.2555
• IU Health Ball Memorial Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery, 200 N. Tillotson Ave., Suite 200, Muncie, IN 765.751.1700
Prices for a therapeutic massage:
• 30 min massage: Employees $30, non-employees $35
• 60 min massage: Employees $50, non-employees $55
• 90 min massage: Employees $70, non-employees $75
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