Recruitment Rules 2014 Panhellenic Recruitment

Recruitment Rules 2014
Panhellenic Recruitment
Recruitment is defined as one or more sorority members meeting together with potential new
members to promote the interest of a particular sorority according to the National Panhellenic
Conference Unanimous Agreements.
All recognized Panhellenic chapters must abide by all National Panhellenic Conference
Unanimous Agreements (found on pages 31-40, Manual of Information, 19th Edition 2014).
It is in accord with the dignity and good manners of fraternity women:
a. To avoid disparaging remarks about any fraternity or college woman;
b. To create friendly relations between fraternity and non fraternity women;
c. To avoid negative publicity on Panhellenic matters.
A. Recruitment Dates
1. Recruitment shall be held beginning Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 and concluding
on Bid Day, Sunday, August 31st, 2014.
2. Rules regarding recruitment shall be upheld starting on the first day of Spirit
Week (Monday, August 18th , 2014).
B. Potential New Member (PNM) Guidelines
1. A PNM shall register for Formal Recruitment by completing a Panhellenic
Recruitment Registration Form on the Panhellenic Council webpage and paying a
registration fee of $35.00.
2. Panhellenic Council requires a 2.5 minimum cumulative college credit GPA to
participate in recruitment. This includes first year students who transfer dual
enrollement or other credits, their collegiate GPA will determine their eligibility
to particiapte. First year students who only have a high school GPA (with zero
hours tranfered into TAMUCC) will need to have a minium 2.5 GPA equivalent
to a 4, 5 or 6 point scale their high school chooses to use.
3. A PNM shall not be, or have ever been, an INITIATED member of a National
Panhellenic Conference (NPC) group at TAMUCC or on any other campus.
4. A PNM who has been a new member of an NPC group and dropped before being
inititated, shall not participate in Continuous Open Bidding (COB) or Formal
Recruitment again within the same calendar year.
5. If through the primary membership recruitment process, a PNM recieves a bid
and declines it, then she is ineligible to be pledged to another NPC fraternity on
the same campus until the beginning of the next year’s Formal recruitment period.
6. At a later date but before the next Formal recruitment period, if the PNM who
declined her bid expresses interest in being pledged to the chapter with which
she originally matched, she may do so only if the chapter extends another bid and
has quota or total spaces to fill.
7. If a PNM does not receive a bid at the end of the Formal recruitment period, she is
eligible immediately to participate in COB.
8. If through the Formal recruitment process a PNM accepts a bid and then has her
pledge broken by an NPC fraternity or breaks her pledge, then she is ineligible
to be pledged to another NPC fraternity on the same campus until the beginning
of the next year’s Formal recruitment period.
9. A COB acceptance is a binding agreement. If a potential member accepts a bid,
signs a COB acceptance and then has her pledge broken by an NPC fraternity or
breaks her pledge, then she is ineligible to be pledged to another NPC fraternity
on that campus until the beginning of the next year’s Formal recruitment period.
10. A PNM shall attend the mandatory recruitment orientation meeting on Tuesday,
August 26th, 2014. Failure to do so will result in the PNM being withdrawn from
Recruitment. In the event of an emergency, the PNM shall notify the Greek Life
11. No PNM may accept a personal invitation to a Recruitment function/or nonRecruitment functions from a sorority member. PNMs are required to report any
illegal invitiations (e.g. fraternity parties, lunch or any kind of social event, etc).
12. A PNM will electronically sign a Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding
Agreement (MRABA) immedietly after the last party she attends on Prefrence
Night (this will happen after she has ranked her last two parties on Pref Night).
13. A PNM will consult with her Gamma Chi (Recruitment Counselor) before
withdrawing from Recruitment and must sign an official withdrawl card and
14. No PNM shall give a promise, verbal or written, to join a certain Panhellenic
group before formal bids are extended through Panhellenic.
15. After receiving a bid to a Panhellenic sorority, a PNM is not allowed to be on
fraternity property or consume alcohol for 24 hours.
16. Any PNM who is living with a sorority member is expected to conform to all
rules of Formal Recruitment.
17. If a PNM does not follow these guidelines, she may be withdrawn from
Recrutiment at the descretion of the Panhellenic VP of Membership Recruitment,
Panhellenic President and/or Panhellenic Advisor.
18. No PNM is allowed on fraternity property, have contact with men or consume
alcohol starting from Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 at 8AM and ending on Monday,
September 1st, 2014 at 8AM. This is a NATIONAL rule and will be strictly
C. Sorority Member Guidelines
All members (including alumnae and new members) are responsible for knowing and
observing the Recruitment Rules.
1. No sorority members may visit PNMs in her place of residence from Monday,
August 18th, 2014 until Bid Day activities conclude.
2. A sorority member living with a PNM shall not invite other sorority members to
the PNMs place of residence, nor shall she organize any social meeting between
PNMs and sorority members.
3. No member may issue an ivitation of any sort or make appointments to meet a
PNM anywhere for any reason.
4. No member may arrange a date for a PNM.
5. No member shall give anything to a PNM, or vice versa (e.g. a Dr. Pepper or a
candy bar).
member or alumna of a Panhellenic group.
7. There shall be no “hot boxing” of a PNM, defined as 3 or more sisters from the
same sorority talking to one PNM at the same time.
8. Only Panhellenic representatives, alumane and intitated members of the sorority
may assist with Recruitment during the Formal Recruitment process. National
sorority representatives and alumnae must be identified as so by their nametag
(provided by the sorority).
9. Panhellenic women participating in any aspect of Recruitment are not allowed to
have any contact with the Gamma Chis (Recruitment Councelors) from Monday,
August 18th, 2014 until the time bids are extended. This includes visiting,
hanging out and or contacting a Gamma Chi. Notify the Panhellenic VP of
Membership Recruitment, Panhellenic President and/or Panhellenic Advisor for
extenuating circumstance.
10. Sorority Recruitment Chairs shall abide by the times agreed upon for turning in
party lists and ending parties.
a. There shall be a fine of $3.00 per minute for the first hour and $4.00 per
minute after that for late party lists.
b. There shall be a fine of $30.00 for any party that last more than the
designated time (starting early or ending late).
11. No food or drink shall be purchased and given to PNMs during parties. Food and
drink will only be purchased for active chapter members and to be eaten during
periods of time parties are not taking place.
12. Chapters that do not pledge quota may offer bids to women who have participated
in the Recruitment process through “snap bidding.”
13. Chapters that do not pledge quota or pledged quota but did not reach total, may
take additional new members through Continuous Open Bidding (COB). COB
may begin as soon as bids have been extended. The purpose of COB is to provide
maximum opportunities for membership to the greatest number possible and is
encouraged to all sororities on campus below chapter total. Any matriculated,
unaffiliated female student is eligible for COB.
14. The Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s Panhellenic Council prohibits the
participation of men and alcohol in membership recruitment and Bid Day
15. No sorority women are allowed on fraternity property, have contact with men or
consume alcohol starting Monday, August 18th, 2014 and ending Monday,
September 1st, 2014 at 8AM (the day after Bid Day). This is a UNIVERSITY and
NATIONAL rule and will be strictly enforced.
16. There shall be no hazing during formal recruitment or any other time thereafter.
The University defines haszing as: “Hazing that causes or permits an individual,
with or without consent, to engage in activities that subject that individual or
others to risks of physical injury, in connection with recruitment, initiation, or
continued membership of a society, fraternity or sorority, club, or similar
organized group whether or not recognized by the University.”
17. No sorority member is allowed to discriminate against a PNM on the basis of
race, religion, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation.
18. No sorority will bring balloons or glitter into the University Center.
19. Sorority women must use Positive Panhellenic promotion towards their own
chapter and other groups on campus (this includes lyrics in songs, chants or skits).
Pledge Period
Pledge Mom
New Members
New Member Period
New Member Educator
Greek System
Potential New Member
Single Intentional Preference
Greek Community
Social Function
D. Panhellenic Spirit Contact Guidelines
1. Normal Contact is defined as normal day-to-day contact with potential new
members. This may include, but is not limited to, working with a PNM during
class, saying hello on campus and encouraging involvment in Panhellenic. No
member of a Panhellenic group shall promote their chapter in any way outside of
the designated Recruitment parties. There will be NO phone calls to PNMs; NO
initiation of unnatural forms of communication (NO letters, e-mails, IMs sent to
PMNs, no facebook communication or other social media); NO talking about
sororities or individual members of sorority; NO eating meals with PNMs.
2. Strict Silence Period is designated as the period of time from the end of the
PNM’s last party during Preference Round until bids have been extended by
Panhellenic. During this period, there shall be no conversation or contact with
PNMs by active chapter members, new members or alumnae.
E. Gamma Chi Guidelines
1. Gamma Chis shall not wear or carry identifying insignia during the Formal
Recruitment period. This includes car decals.
2. Gamma Chis shall not participate in chapter Spirit Week/Recruitment practice.
3. All Gamma Chis shall attend educational sessions in the Spring and Fall unless
special permission has been granted by the Panhellenic VP of Membership
4. Gamma Chis shall not have any contact whatsoever with sorority members as
outlined in Part C, #9.
5. Gamma Chis must have their facebooks and other social media set to protected
and remove any sorority affiliation by May 17th, 2014.
6. Gamma Chis shall abide by all NPC rules and shall perform their duties as
unbiased counselors, acting always in the spirit of Panhellenic.
F. Jurisdiction of the Recruitment Rules
1. Recruitment rules are in effect from Monday, August 18th, 2014 until Monday,
September 1st, 2014 at 8AM, and are binding OUT OF TOWN AS WELL AS IN
II. Recruitment Infractions
A. Handling Infractions of the Recruitment Rules
1. The following people are allowed to submit a College Panhellenic Violation
Report (Manual of Information, 19th Edition 2014); Chapter President, Vice
President of Membership Recruitment, Gamma Chi, PNM or Chapter Advisor.
2. When a member group of Panhellenic believes there had been an infraction, a
written report, signed by the accusing sorority President (or appropriate person,
see #1) and those who witnessed the alleged infraction.
3. Reports must be turned into the Panhellenic President within thirty (30) calendar
days of the occurrence of the alleged infraction.
4. The Panhellenic President has the responsibility of notifying the accused sorority
and NPC Area Advisor, and delivering a copy of the infraction report within one
week of receiving it.
5. A mediation between the representatives of the groups involved shall be called by
the Panhellenic President within the next seven days after the accused sorority has
received a copy of the accusation. All possible atempts to reach an amicable
solution within 60 minutes must be made.
6. If the representatives of the groups involved cannot reach an amicable solution,
the case must be referred within 24 hours to the Panhellenic VP of Judicial for a
B. Fines associated with Infractions of the Recruitment Rules
1. Turning in budgets late: $50.00/day
2. Not following budget: case by case basis, beginning at $50
3. Using incorrect recruitment terms: $10
4. Bid Day Infractions: case by case, beginning at $25
5. Late party lists: $3/minute for the first hour, $4/minute after that
6. Party Extension Infractions: $30