Voting rises in virtual meetings

Voting rises in virtual meetings
By: Denise Carvalho ([email protected])
For companies listed on BM&FBovespa in Brazil, shareholder voting via virtual
meetings continues to grow. Through the process of a digital certificate, investors can vote
from anywhere in the world, without attending the actual meeting.
Acceptance of this voting format and growth in this segment is confirmed by
Assembleias Online, developed by MZ Group., which experienced considerable growth in its
remote meetings for the quarter ending April 30, 2012.
For the recent meeting season conducted from January through April, MZ Group,
which represents 90% of the market share in this segment, registered 315 votes cast by proxy
at meetings of 19 companies, including Petrobras, BM&FBovespa, Cielo and Lupatech. This
represents a doubling of votes recorded for the same period last year (at 140 votes) and is just
shy of the 384 votes recorded for the entire past year. Petrobras, led by Graca Foster, received
the greatest number of electronic votes with a total of 84 out of the 315.
IMPORTANT: This is a free translation from the article posted at Brasil Econômico on May 18th
– “Cresce votação virtual” – by Denis Carvalho.