Social Media Strategy Checklist

Social Media Strategy Checklist
Use this checklist to ensure your social media
strategy is grounded in new media marketing techniques.
1. Niche Audiences: List and define them in the context of your cause
and how they relate to it.
2. Research: What did you learn through your research about the
problems your niche audiences face which prevent or create
challenges for them in supporting your cause?
3. Mission Statement: What can you provide to help solve their
4. Goals: What actions would you like your niche audiences to take?
(Sign up for email, donate, etc.)
5. Social Proof: Why are you the right person to solve this problem?
What makes you different from the rest?
6. Platforms: Which platforms will you use to reach your niche
7. Brand Personality: What kind of brand or organization are you?
8. Tone of Voice: Are you serious and educated? A little sarcastic?
Edgy and funny?
9. Keyword Phrases: These were collected during your research
phase. Take some time to flesh out as many around your topic as
possible and list them in your strategy.
10. Content Strategy: What kind of content will you create for each of
your chosen platforms. Brainstorm ideas and list the ones you will
use for this campaign. Create content for your niche audiences.
11. Hashtags: Research hashtags related to your cause and coin some
of your own.
12. Implementation Plan: Set goals for creating content and sharing it
for the coming weeks and set deadlines to complete them.
13. Evaluate and Modify: List how you will evaluate your campaign.
Make modifications to your campaign as needed and keep records of
any changes in your evaluation measurements for future reference.