Academic Expectation 1.11
Students write using appropriate forms, conventions, and styles to
communicate ideas and information to different audiences for different
High School Demonstrators
Expand and refine ideas that stimulate language, expression, and
Exhibit fluency, organization, and correctness.
Internalize the use of a process approach to writing.
Write for a variety of purposes (e.g., expressive, transactive,
imaginative) and forms (e.g., journal entry, letter, poem/story) to a
variety of audiences.
Internalize writing as a learning tool.
Establish and use criteria for effective writing to evaluate own and
others' writing.
Sample High School Activities
Create an informative portfolio representing yourself. P
Write a song (e.g., rap, opera, rock, country) about one of your
teachers. OE
Prepare a resume and letter of application for an actual job
advertisement. OE
Write a handbook, survival manual, or books of tips for high school
students to sell to middle school students. PE, OE
Construct an operations manual for a piece of equipment (e.g., lawn
mower, blender, wheel chair). OE
Write slogans to encourage classmates to follow school safety rules.
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