Review Question #26 Event #2 Compromise of 1850 Cont. The

Review Question #26
• What was event #1 for causes leading to the
Civil War? Why was this event challenged
after the war with Mexico?
Event #2
• The Compromise of 1850
• The proposed plan had 5 parts to it, Henry
– Urged Congress to let California enter the Union
as a free state
– Called for the rest of the Mexican Session to be
organized as federal territories
• Popular Sovereignty would decide the status of slavery
in these territories
Compromise of 1850 Cont.
– Called for Texas to give up its claim to all the land
east of the upper Rio Grande. In exchange the
federal government would pay Texas’s debt from
their fight for independence
– Called for an end of the slave trade – not slavery –
in the country's capital (Washington, D.C)
– Called for a new, more effective slave law
The Compromise of 1850
The North Gets
The South Gets
California admitted as a
free state
No slavery restrictions in
Utah or New Mexico
Slaveholding permitted in
Washington, D.C
Slave trade prohibited in
Washington, D.C
Texas loses boundary
dispute with New Mexico
Texas gets $10 million
Fugitive Slave Law
The Compromise of 1850
• The compromise was passed into law on
September 1850.
• Like the Missouri Compromise 30 years earlier
it helped cool the fire for the time being.