Week 3 Assignments

Week 3 Assignments
Minor Writing Assignment 1 - Exploring Topics
Explore the Internet by doing a keyword search on your project topic using a Web search engine (see
pages 212-213 of your Goshgarian text). Write a minimum of a half page as you describe the results of
your search:
How many different sites devoted to your topic did you locate?
What did you find surprising about the comments and opinions expressed by the participants on
the sites?
Do the same search in the ITT Tech Virtual Library. Describe the results of your search by answering the
same questions listed above. Write a minimum of a half page as you describe the results of each search.
Submit your descriptions as a Word document.
Minor Writing Assignment – Dialogues
Engage in a dialogue (a one-on-one conversation) with another student, family member, friend, or
someone in the community who might have some interest and opinions on your topic. Summarize at
least three of the conversations. After each summary, write a minimum of a half page personal response
to the ideas and opinions of the other person.
Project Part A - Finding Arguments
This part of your project is to help you get started on your project. You will write a minimum of a onepage paper on "Getting Started." You will be formulating the arguments for the debate, but you will not
actually be debating. Most people know how to informally debate, but the important thing is to know
how to dialogue.
1. Determine at least two of the five suggested methods for ‘Getting Started’ from your
Goshgarian textbook (pp. 65-70) and develop your arguments for your topic.
2. Consult your Prentice Hall Reference Guide, page 3 (hint box: Starting Questions) and pp. 4-11
for extra information.
3. Write an essay (one-page minimum) describing the methods you are using and how you are
using them.
Deliverables and format:
Submit your essay ‘Getting Started’ in a Microsoft Word document in a minimum of one page.
Font: Arial; 10. Line Spacing: Double.