MEXICO 1920-1940

1926- “Calles Law” is passed, (“The
Law for Reforming the Penal Code”)
Priests fined 500 pesos for wearing
clerical garb and imprisoned for 5
years for criticizing the government
1927-1929 Cristero War – a
series of skirmishes fought
between the Mexican
government and the persecuted
1924- League for the
Defense of Religious Liberty
(LNDLR) is formed.
July 1926 – Ruling of the
Mexican Episcopate to
suspend all public
worship in Mexico.
1927- A la Nación – Manifesto
issued by René Garza that
officially sparked the Cristero
1929- The PNR (National
Revolutionary Party (later the PRI
or Institutional Revolutionary
Party) is formed by Plutarco Calles
who instilled socialist overtones.
1938- President Lazaro Cardenas
expropriates foreign oil companies
and nationalizes oil in Mexico
1930’s – Mexican Muralist Era – The
revival of large-scale mural paintings
in Mexico: (Jose Orozco, Diego Rivera,
etc) Social Realism
1930’s – Anti-Immigration
Movement in America forces
thousands of Mexicans and
Mexican –Americans out of the US
during the Great Depression
1940- Leon Trotsky is murdered in his
home in Mexico City