[ CS-7637-O01 - Announcement ] Start of Week 2 Announcements

[ CS-7637-O01 - Announcement ] Start of Week 2 Announcements
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Jan 12
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Subject: Start of Week 2 Announcements
Group: Site
Hey everyone! Welcome to the start of the second week. Here are your announcements to start the week off:
It's recommended that by the end of this week, you complete the lessons on Semantic Networks and Generate & Test.
Remember, the first assignment is due this week on Sunday night. It's a 1000-word essay, so we recommend getting
started on it sooner rather than later!
The recommended reading for the week is "Understanding the Natural and Artificial Worlds" by Herbert Simon, and it can be
found here. We'll post a discussion topic for it later today. We'll also post a discussion for the video of the week.
This week, we'll be posting a poll about programming languages for the class project. The project only supports three
languages (Java, Python 2, and Python 3), but we'd like to structure our grading resources in advance to allow each grader
to only have to worry about grading one language. So, please watch for that poll (which will be posted as an announcement
on Piazza).
This week, you'll also receive your invitations to sign up for Peer Feedback. We'll post a topic when the invites start going
out, and you'll receive the invitation in your Georgia Tech email inbox. When you create your account, it's crucial that you
use the email address that is prepopulated in the form – this email address is what tells the system you're in the roster for
this class, so please don't change it even if you use another email address more commonly. Please make sure to respond to
the invite by Friday so we can get everything set up in the system in preparation for Peer Feedback next week.
This week, we'll also post some final submission instructions for Project 1 so that you know what constraints you're working
under -- keep an eye for that. We recommend starting Project 1 early as well (optimally, this week) as it can be quite time
That's all I've got this morning – have a great week!
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