UGA Charge to Account Form Instructions

UGA Charge to Account Form Instructions
Use one form per account and per term. Attach additional students on a separate form.
The department information section needs to be completely filled out and include who to contact with
The account number section must have an account number with the 77400 student tuition and fees
object code already setup by the Accounting Department.
For questions concerning this form or the UGA Charge to Account process please contact:
Jennifer Mathews
Shannon Lay
Deidra Jones
Student Accounts
(706) 542-2965
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Print form
Student Accounts
Charge to UGA Account
Date Prepared
Department Information
Contact Person’s EMail:
Contact Person’s Name:
Contact Person’s Phone Number:
Contact Person’s Department Name:
Account Information
Use one account per form. Student fees object code must already be established by the Accounting
Account Name:
Account Number:
Object Code:
Student Name
ID Number
Attach additional students on a seperate sheet.
If a fee can not be paid please indicate below:
For Student Account Office Use Only:
Request Processed
October, 2003
JV Information Mailed