World History- 2nd Sem. FINAL Review Sheet For the final exam

World History- 2nd Sem. FINAL Review Sheet
For the final exam, you are to know the basic
information (Who, What, When, Where, Why)
for the following items and specific examples
to support a written response.
70 points total:
35 multiple choice @ 1 pt. ea. = 35 pts.
7 short answer @ 5pts. ea. = 35 pts.
• Definition of
• Began in what country?
• 3 major characteristics
• Famous ruling family- Medici in Florence
• Machiavelli- The Prince- what was that
book about? Said people need to
understand human nature
• Characteristics of nobles
• What was unique about marriages?
• Roles of the father, mother, and children
• Fresco- what is this?
• Used perspective- realistic portrayal of
• Famous artists (think Ninja Turtles)
• Sistine Chapel
Scientific Revolution
• 3 major things it did
• Copernicus- Heliocentric Theory
• Kepler- Laws of Planetary Motion
• Galileo- improved telescope, Galilean
Moons- Jupiter
• Bacon- Scientific Method
• Descartes- Cartesian Coordinates
• Newton- 3 Laws of Motion
• Martin Luther- why was he upset with the
Catholic church?
• 95 Theses- what are they? What purpose
did they serve?
• Edict of Worms
• Peace of Augsburg
• Calvinism- John Calvin
• Predestination- what is this?
• Henry VIII and his wives- most famous?
• 3 G’s- what are they?
• Magellan
Sailing technologies
Henry the Navigator
Da Gama
African Slave Trade
• Why did it began?
• Between which 3 areas was it most
popular? Triangular Trade, Middle
• Where did most of the slaves come from?
Which part of Africa?
• Slave ship conditions
• Effects of the Slave Trade
Enlightenment Thinkers/French Revolution
• Hobbes
• Locke
• Voltaire
• Danton, Robespierre, Radicalism
• Reign of Terror
• Napoleon
• Coup de’etat
• New government system- 2 chambers
• King Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette
Industrial Revolution
• Industrialization- what is it?
• Where did it begin?
• Why did it spread?
• Agricultural changes
• Transportation changes
• Communication changes
• New labor- women, children
• Working conditions
• World impact
• Know major people and inventions
European Political & Social Changes
• New rulers- Bismarck, Nicholas II
• Universal male suffrage/ democracy
• Women’s rights/feminism
• New societal rules
• Impressionism
• Which areas of the world were impacted?
• What were the main motives?
• How is imperialism still evident today?