A Lesson Before Dying is

A Lesson Before Dying
Pre-reading Research
Activity: A Lesson Before Dying is a historical novel set in 1948. It will be helpful to learn more about
or review the events that shaped the racial climate of the era – and of the events that were soon to
come – before reading the novel. Find a credible source and read about ONE of the events below.
Take notes and write down the name of at least one credible source of information (not Wikipedia).
Notes should include:
1. A summary of the incident
2. Why it was significant to the time period
3. Main people involved
Be careful to put quotation marks around works that come directly from a source. Notes should be a
combination of your words and the source’s words.
Choose one topic:
1896 – Plessy v. Ferguson
1896-1954 – Jim Crow laws
1931 – The Trial of the “Scottsboro Boys”
1937 – Joe Louis became Heavyweight Champion of the World
1939 – Singer Marian Anderson refused right to sing at Constitutional Hall by the DAR
1941 – Tuskegee Airman formed
1942 – Congress of Racial Equality in Chicago
1944 – United Negro College Fund founded
1947 – Jackie Robinson is the first African-American to play in MLB
1954 – Brown v. Board of Education
Be prepared to discuss your topic in class; take notes in class for a quiz following the presentations.