Internet Literacy

Internet Literacy
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your ability to find links to
appropriate and credible health websites, select an article or study, and
critique or assess that article. Our library has ongoing workshops in internet
literacy to assist you.
The paper should be one page, single spaced. Grammar and spelling are
1) Is this a credible and appropriate website? Where does the information
come from?
2) Choose an article or study. In a few sentences, briefly describe, in your
own words, what your article is about. Do not do a summary. Is the source
3) Comment on the “subjects” – randomly chosen?, number?, control
4) Who is conducting the study?
5) What are they looking for?
6) Who is funding (paying for) the study?
7) Comment on outcomes (results), and whether they are significant and/or
valid. What implications do they have for the future?
8) Analyze the content of the article.
9) Conclude with your opinion of the value of the study.
10) Attach a copy of the article (if very long, the abstract will be sufficient).
Sample websites:
HealthSquare, HealthLink/Medical College of Wisconsin,, Proquest
(log in – htfmpnkxtf, password – welcome), Medscape, NIH (National
Institutes of Health), CDC. Our book lists several good website sources.