English 11 Comp. Vocabulary List WORD DEFINITION 1 ambiguous

English 11 Comp.
Vocabulary List
1 ambiguous
open to or having several meanings or interpretations
2 approving
to speak or think of favorably
3 argumentative
given to dispute so as to influence the mind through logic
4 businesslike
methodical or purposeful
5 callous
unconcerned for the feelings of others
6 cogent
convincing and to the point
7 contemptuous
condemning or despising; treating as worthless
8 critical
inclined to judge with severity
9 didactic
intended for instruction
10 diffident
lacking confidence
11 dismissive
indicating a lack of interest
12 effusive
unduly demonstrative
13 empathetic
showing ready comprehension of others’ feelings or states
14 facetious
not meant to be taken seriously or literally
15 formal
adherence to traditional standards of correctness and usage
16 hopeful
optimistic or confident
17 humorous
funny or comical
18 informal
casual or unconventional
19 macabre
ghastly; connected with death in some way
20 nostalgic
desiring to return, in thought or fact, to a former time
21 obeisant
with reverence or respect
22 objective
not influenced by personal feelings
23 ominous
portending evil or harm
24 ornate
embellished with flowery rhetoric
25 pedantic
overly concerned with minute details and formal rules
26 playful
pleasantly humorous
27 pretentious
characterized by assumption of dignity or importance
28 quixotic
naively idealistic
29 quizzical
suggesting puzzlement or questioning
30 sardonic
disdainfully or ironically humorous
English 11 Comp.
Vocabulary List
31 sentimental
colored by emotion rather than reason or realism
32 serious
of, showing, or characterized by deep thought
33 somber
gloomy or depressing
34 specious
apparently good or right but lacking real merit
35 strident
with a shrill, irritating character or quality
36 subjective
modified by an individual bias
37 sympathetic
characterized by harmony of or agreement in feeling
38 tender
characterized by compassion
39 terse
concise or abrupt
40 whimsical
determined by fancy rather than necessity